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  1. Only here could people think a Judge Dredd movie in the style of Die Hard is shite.
  2. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/blankos-block-party-09fc55 It's... on their store though?
  3. Wasn't a fan to be honest. Played it for a couple of hours. It felt sort of like Returnal in that I got the impression it was originally a smaller, more obviously indie game that had had its scope unnecessarily increased. The weirdest thing though is that, aside from the intro, being a cat had very little bearing on things. I was still talking to people, taking on missions, looking through my inventory etc. I had expected the game to be more like, for example, me hanging around on rooftops watching a story unfolding below, and helping to move it along in catty ways (knocking something over that distracts a baddie or something).
  4. If you want the classics first, Ys I&II on Turbografx. Or the Chronicles version if that's a bit too archaic these days. If you just want an ace Ys game, VIII. Many say it's the best in the series. All this Ys talk has me ready for X. Here's hoping for news soon.
  5. I do apologise! Black & White has aged dreadfully in as much as you can't fkin play it anywhere without the discs.
  6. Dragon's Trap is wonderful. Monster World IV is a bigger game and charming to boot. I just think that, aside from its relatively short runtime, Wonder Boy in Monster World nails it.
  7. Why doesn't Blood Dragon have an NG+ mode that lets you skip the intro and start when the world opens up!? Always puts me off starting it again.
  8. I playing Jumping Flash for the first time recently and found the platforming to be surprisingly responsive and well-done.
  9. Looks like it might be, at worst, on par with Tormented Souls. This is a good thing.
  10. I'll go full digital when they finally fucking port Outrun 2006.
  11. I've not seen another game that has so much obvious love and respect for the source material as Terminator Resistance. The fact that it plays well is a bonus.
  12. "I'm a cunt isn't that funny!!!!!" Yes actually!
  13. On the topic of awesome logos being turned into minimalist dogshit:
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