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  1. The upcoming AEW game is going to basically be this, they got the original bloke in and during the announcement they were literally waving a no mercy cartridge around talking about how ace it is and how they want another game like it
  2. It's fairly impressive how Geoff has basically privatised and monopolised videogame news, and moreso how he's using it to get himself put in games. I mean, what the fuck does he do other than have the cold dead eyes of a killer? What next, the regional manager from his favourite Subway in Smash? The fucker is the antithesis of fun.
  3. As I remember, this whole concept is just the final bit of the first Life is Strange stretched into a full game. But not as good.
  4. They get em off some of the many cameras once they're into the network. Another plus one for the awesome soundtrack. I often wonder if the Shinra theme from FFVII was inspired by this.
  5. Are there any decent modern slashers doing the rounds? Most popular horror films these days tend to go all disturbing and psychological. I don't want to have to book a therapy session.
  6. I just want the game remastered so I can play ooooooon!
  7. I really want to see the two chaps on the right play young Liu Kang and Shang Tsung.
  8. I totally expected some debris to fall from the sky and splat 'em, so that was a nice surprise.
  9. It's a weird thing this, I liked it in parts but I'm so tired of the "Whedon approach" (to stories, not how he physically approaches women according to reports). Not every emotional scene needs a daft "witty" buffy-esque exchange shoehorned into it. There are other tropes too, like that one in particular irking me. Not 'cause I gave a shit about the character, but just because it's the kind of thing I've seen so many times before. That stuff also clashed pretty badly with the too, which felt like it was written by someone else entirely. Oh and also, yeah, okay, like it was clearly leading up to? Anyway, yes, I'm not tearing it apart, I did enjoy it. The rat was best character though. Idris won me over after three years of Sky Go adverts being shoved through my brain whenever visiting family, and Cena was surprisingly good in both comedy and serious parts. Harley as always is great but I think it's time to make her less ditzy now. Said it before, I'll say it again: Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman is retroactively the best Harley adaptation. BTW what's the point of Verhoevenning all the gore if you're just gonna CGI it?
  10. Yeah he should probably have made a joke about that.
  11. I need to start Chrono Cross now I have a basic half-grasp of its battle system.
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