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  1. The slowdown on the Vita is a deal breaker for me.
  2. I loved his 'I'm going to have sex' face at the cabin scene. The girl used to appear in lingerie ads, and I'm sure she's had a breast reduction, or has an eating disorder. It was okay apart from ending, which sent my brain spiralling. None of it made any sense. More important updates as they appear.
  3. My top ten PC games list changes about as often as I have sex. Which is not enough.
  4. I love the story of Dyatlov is based on, however this looks like a film made for predominantly thick and ugly people, probably builders and blacks as well.
  5. The last RE has one of the best openings of any film new or old.
  6. I tried the Edge 4 free'ish issues trial on ipad for whatever cost it was.
  7. I read somewhere that Wan would only do Fast 7 if he got to work with Jason Statham.
  8. Rattner is the sensible choice. He commands his shots and directorship like he does his flaggons of beautiful girlfriends.
  9. Fool. Banshee has way less episodes, so you could have more time to just enjoy each others company.
  10. Not that one ofc. But interestingly enough paedophiles and Estate Agents share similar quirks.
  11. I like the fact that you still can't buy consoles and games in Waitrose, it helps me spend more on food, and also feels more important shopping there. Most people pretend they're rich when shopping in Waitrose. It's a bit like browsing the Savilles website.
  12. Words, steeped in wisdom. Sorrows echo diminishes with each passing day, so lets give them a chance.
  13. 'I think that when Apple release their controller things will happen.' N'Gai Croal or another guy said this, and it's probably true.
  14. I'd recommend Banshee, it has great things.
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