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  1. Tbh there will probably be a safety car before race's end, which would have put the two next to each other anyway. I think Ham was looking after the tyres for the long run
  2. OMG AWS have as overtaking difficulty, Bezos knows all
  3. Those medium tyres are epic. Considering Verstappen was 0.4 seconds a lap faster than Lewis on the softs, now Ham pulling away
  4. What changes did they make to this track? It all feels very samey
  5. Safety car will make a completely new race out of this. Happened several times in the past
  6. Hill, Rosberg and Button speaking at the same time
  7. How are the mediums faster than the softs?
  8. Unless there's a safety car (likely), Lewis will win
  9. I thought the first 2 laps were not looked at?
  10. Who's going to buy a PS5 or XSX for this
  11. Absolutely insane graphics and physics. Proper next gen!
  12. Fantastic last episode. GamesMaster had the best lines, and it was the first one not to have streamer/"content creators"! Also mention of niche hardware and mods - just downloaded and briefly tried out Thatcher's Techbase - you can tell the creator REALLY hated her
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