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  1. I imagine the Euro press for Hamilton will be *very* different from the British press tomorrow!
  2. Anyone remember the Merc radio to Bottas "Hamilton is going to catch Charles before the end, try and keep up"
  3. LeClerc was scared of doing a Verstappen
  4. Ugh, that dirty air ruins it again. Roll on 2022
  5. AWS says the overtaking difficulty is easy!!! I can picture those EC2s analysing Hamilton breathing patterns
  6. As Legard would say, Hamilton is ON A CHARGE
  7. But what if Plan B is really Plan A?!?
  8. but considering Red Bull now have the superior car, thats more on him than Lewis
  9. Re: Vettel spinning "Is that the wake of the car?" Webber: "nope, its the guy in the cockpit"
  10. A good powerpoint email makes all the difference
  11. Vettel Alonso, just like the good ol days
  12. British F1 supports Dogecoin confirmed
  13. They're going to see how well Hamilton progresses
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