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  1. How she handles pressure is sensational. She is learning so much in this match alone, and now playing like a champion. And now some Blondie
  2. Doesn't care about superstition either... takes the fault ball, I've never seen a tennis player do that!
  3. What a comeback by Layla in that game
  4. She's the first ever qualifer in Grand Slam history to reach the final too. She's played 3 matches more than everyone
  5. CMON!!!! Belter of a match
  6. This is the best start period to any tennis game I've seen
  7. This is crazy awesome tennis
  8. they should have started this at 9
  9. Watching my first ever Prime video live event (I know its on 4 as well)!
  10. I'm kinda annoyed - I paid £9 for Hitman 1 at the Humble Store just 3 days previously. But even for another £8 getting Hitman 2 is still a good deal, just not as good as paying £8 for it all.
  11. The Dutch wore orange, including their faces!
  12. Was that the Final Fantasy fanfare!
  13. This drama is awesome for F1. I hope Lewis-Max becomes another Senna-Prost
  14. Toto talking with David about hamburgers
  15. Hah Gethin is proeprly pushing Horner, love it
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