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  1. Max is so fucking dirty, for so many races now. That FIA Superlicence points thing is a farce - Max would have been banned by now if properly enforced. Great for the views though of course, neck and neck in the final race, you couldn't write the script any better
  2. Guy got punished 25 places this weekend and still beat Max with his dirty tactics. Now that's class.
  3. Just cancelled my reservation. Had a proper think and realised the only things I do mobile these days is check the news and read mags on my tablet. Everything else is far more enjoyable on the big screen
  4. Have to wait til July August 2022 for mine then
  5. I just watched episode 6. I need a break
  6. Chris Pratt as Mario. Charles Martinet, the actual Mario, is doing a cameo. Good job Nintendo
  7. All praise the Halo. Max would have crushed Lewis' head yesterday were it not for it.
  8. hahaha the thing that stuck in my head was the "Now someone from JP Morgan, head of asset management, will hand you a cheque".... like, urgh.
  9. Ah yeah I forgot about Lewis. Although even he took a few years of some quite reckless drives when he was young to become super mature like he is today.
  10. exactly! there were so many pressure points and periods where she held her own and came out top. All the time I see Brits - in all sports - break down.
  11. ooh the blood went through the bandage
  12. bit of a shit celebration there
  13. That Sarf London accent though
  14. LOL the entire crowd is N American except for Tim
  15. She went proper Serena there
  17. Emma is so versatile, quick to adapt to awkward shots
  18. What's Layla complaining about? Shes bleeding FFS
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