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  1. 37 year old Modric putting in a solid performance for 120 minutes + epic penality against world class guys almost 20 years younger. Yep
  2. I love this. Croatia well deserved. BOOHOO NEYMAR
  3. Hate these dirty dives. It's been around for decades now, FIFA need to bring in harsh punishments to stop them
  4. Did anyone here win a Steam Deck? I fell asleep and forgot to open Steam 🥹
  5. You're in a for a treat! And that is one mega mega bump...
  6. As the saying goes, go woke, go 71 on Metacritic
  7. Still not as bad as Brazil vs Germany 8 years ago
  8. OMG that was epic The ball is actually stuck in the net!
  9. For a glorious 9 minutes, all the planets aligned
  10. Penalties in the first game. 4-1 in the second. Just like yesterday 🤔
  11. Glad I was proven so so wrong. What a Beautiful Day.
  12. That was Morocco's first ever penalty shoot out in the World Cup, and they nailed it
  13. ahahahahaha Spain just passing like they've done all match
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