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  1. Happiest I've ever seen Toto and Lewis with third
  2. Very happy with the Top 10!
  3. What a great finish for so many also FUCK YOU HORNER
  4. Zhou in the points! Great debut!!
  6. Lets be honest, before this sprint restart, the race was pretty boring. Which is worrying for the rest of the season
  7. Never realised vaping kits made so much money.... enough to be on a front spot on McLaren, next to Google!
  8. There's a trophy for positions gained... who's going to sandbag qualifying to get it!
  9. I can't get over Alonso in a pink car
  10. Placing bets on Max making contact with Charles now
  11. Neon City with that Ferrari cockpit cam
  12. Blue on Black is the best VS Code theme. Looks like AWS got thrown the Pit Stop timing scraps
  13. Many of the teams have made huge shifts in the order (race craft notwithstanding). Haas and Alfa Romeo have jumped 10 places, Williams a bunch, but the biggest one is McLaren, who have gone from High Top 10s to dead last.
  14. Neither are the feint italicised timings. They did not go through accessibility tests with this UI refresh!
  15. Oh dear Alfa Romeos K MAG tho!
  16. is there a reason why Rolex have replaced AWS for the telemetry stuff?
  17. These mugshots are just brilliant
  18. Mazepin must be so pissed off.... "my daddys money made this car, I get kicked out the moment its quick?!"
  19. First race on the job and Naomi is up there with F1 royalty!
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