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  1. I do feel sorry for EA somewhat, trying to resell the same games year after year. Even their marketing department must be bored.
  2. So now EA have a car in their conference. Ubisoft will come out with a Renault, Sony with a Honda.
  3. Is the backstage audio there for everyone? I'm using gametrailers.com
  4. yeah looks like they spent all the budget on the graphics.
  5. Quantum Break is the only game that seems worth playing, and only because of the freaky Uncanny Valley faces.
  6. They just had a trailer of Zoo Tycoon for the 360 and Bone, why didn't they show that? Way more fun than shooty war shooty.
  7. GameTrailers showing the demo of Thief 4 on PS4.... they've won it already
  8. Just "in danger"? They've well and truly priced themselves with an always checking in, not exactly amazing console. The two free games a month are great, but it's for the 360. And I'm guessing they're only going to start with the "headliners" (though AC2 and Halo 3 are old, everyone'e bought them type games), before moving onto free Arcade games which are nice to have but no-one really wants.
  9. Who cares about the launch date, you have to pay £429 in the UK to be treated like a criminal with 24 hour check ins. Sony didn't need to sabotage the conference with audio drop outs, they committed gaming world suicide.
  10. so what is the time then, 4 or 5.30 (as listed in the conference times thread)?
  11. If you look at 50 seconds into the water level, the fish do NOT get out of the way.
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