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  1. Sony don't eat cornflakes, they fry bacon with their PS3.
  2. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-inside-metro-last-light
  3. I'm catching up with the GP2 race last weekend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg08MHOWf0w 23:30
  4. This is now part of the Humble Indie Bundle! http://www.humblebundle.com/
  5. Also someone made a point that if PS4 didn't have the preowned checks and Xbone didm publishers would flock to Xbone because it would make them bigger profit margins, even from smaller sales. But arguably equally as important is the retailer, if one format offers little profit for preowned whilst the other offers a lot more, they will favour their format, translating in more shelf space for the parents and children to browse, whilst Xbone has the top 10 shelf. Hardcore with life commitments! There are probably loads of children, housewives and tweenies who spend hours on Dance Central and Skylanders and so on.
  6. That "good news" doesn't change anything. Even with no off switch we always knew you could just pull the plug. But if it compulsory whenever the Xbone is on, the problem remains.
  7. "Let's start moving those insensitive loads off to my arse"
  8. I've just taken Digital Foundry's article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-in-theory-can-xbox-one-cloud-transform-gaming and replaced every instance of the cloud with "my arse" Fantastic reading.
  9. A tech programmer on Metro Last Light said that it wasn't that hard to code for the PS3 http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-inside-metro-last-light
  10. I don't know why you all hate the clouds, they give us water to fill our reservoirs.
  11. One thing I don't like about the new controller is that got rid of the bumpers for bigger LB and RB, like Dualshock. I liked the bumpers!
  12. Compulsory Kinect Less dedicated RAM for games, as it's used for the OS powering useless function I won't need (and slower RAM) 24 hour check £35 flat rate for preowned games. It's not the fact that publishers get a slice back for second hand sales, I am definitely in favour of that but they should have made deals with the retailers rather than force it in this authotarian way. Plus why would anyone pay £35 for a used game? Part of the fun is scouring the dirty smelly aisles of GAME and CEX for a bargain, or to try something not on my wishlist becuase it was cheap. I used to get excited for Halo Gears and so on, but of late it's just petered out. Even if all things were equal I probably would have switched this gen also. The only major draw is that I still believe the Xbox has the best controller, but I have no doubt it will be released for the PC which I will use for gaming there.
  13. If that is the case then I will be going PC only. I also have yet to buy a PS3 (I know!), so the Uncharted triology, Killzones and Resistance awaits me. Also fancy some Ratchet and clank.
  14. I used to obsess over JRPGs as a teen, I thought it was to do with Final Fantasy not having any good stories but I realised I just grew out of that style.
  15. So glad for Kimi, not for the championship of course but I thought Perez wrecked his record of most consecutive race finishes, and only 2 away from beating Schumacher for consecutive points finishes. He pitted from 13th so to make it to 10th in a few laps is just classic Kimi Other than his stupid punt up Kimi when he was clearly closing the door, I thought Perez along with Sutil made the race what it was today. And what's up with Grosjean and Chilton (and Perez to some extent), both clearly need to be punished severely for smashing and swiping into other cars, they lack basic spatial awareness to be in F1! And very happy for Nicccoooo! Also how terrible have Sauber become? I think what with Honda making a return in 2015 we could see Kobayashi rejoining Sauber as they desperately try to get back to their competitive 2012 streak.
  16. Full Time Score in the Champions League Final
  17. Quite possible that this is how they advertise the always on connection later in the console lifecycle. They can split the tech so that in order to play the game on "ultra" settings, you need cloud power, whereas those without have to settle with the equivalent medium or high settings.
  18. An overlooked factor is that MS are very clever with the 500GB HD, obviously too small for the long term, but certainly enough for a while. Suck em in at the cheapest possible price before forcing them to buy external HDs, killing the purpose of the Xbone design in the first place but not before you're committed
  19. None of you like dogs? Look at the cute tongue
  20. Is there a low res version of the episodes?
  21. Maybe a few years down the line MS can release stat reports on how many of its users masturbated to Daenerys whilst watching Game of Thrones. They can do a breakdown of how long they lasted and what their BPM was as they were wanking and at point of ejaculation. Maybe they can also release facial expressions to the cloud for others to enjoy.
  22. seems like most of the drivers changed their helmet this weekend for Monaco. My favourite: The front looks good though, as does Alonsos No points, No Party
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