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  1. I think that would be a last minute decision. If MS don't announce the price/release date, Sony will also leave it out.
  2. http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/connected Very kind of MS to allow us to do things we've been able to do for years with existing equipment if we don't check in with them.But is this practice even legal? Surely it falls foul of the Trade Description Act, you would expect a games console to allow you to play games, or more accurately allow you to play offline games offline!
  3. also if we use Diablo and Sim City as examples, there will inevitably be launch day troubles like server overload. I imagine everyone logging in to register their Collar Duty to the license database would cause a Sim City style meltdown
  4. What on earth which comes from that "well trusted source" from NeoGAF (the one that hasn't told a single lie)
  5. that was exciting! Well done Botty!
  6. FIFA 14 Madden 14 Maybe NBA 14, I dunno
  7. Until Tuesday morning, this thread should be used for Kaz gifs
  8. Make a surprise appearance and announcement at E3 for the NES 2.
  9. It was never about "sticking it" to MS, but of not supporting their anti consumer policies and monitoring as is the case with the Xbone. The PC is an open platform, they can make games and accessories all they want and if they are good I'm sure people will buy them, because they can refuse to share personal details, not plug in a camera or internet connection, and because PCs are not a closed system that restricts your purchase to merely operating a license rather than owning a product.
  10. That would make it the best E3 and turnaround of all time.
  11. There are millions of PSN users, and a 486 wouldn't be able to handle modern encrypted databases at all.
  12. It look worse than Xbox quality, I'd say early PS2/Dreamcast graphics.
  13. If Xbone bought all the third party games as exclusives for its entire lifespan, I can finally make a dent on the games backlog I have this generation. About 10 360 games, 20 PS3 (and buying the PS3 itself) and a few Wii games. Not to mention all those PC games.
  14. Bottas ran it in Monaco too. Hopefully as the resolutions improve it can be an official cam, like with the T cam and rear wing.
  15. yeah but amateurs don't have supercomputer cities analysing your private data.
  16. I must admit the Kinect 2 is VERY impressive. I watched the Wired video demonstration, not just the creepy heartbeat stuff but measuring the pressure of body parts (standing on one leg means your foot displays red, jumping means all your body is green); force, facial expressions - all cool - if used in a transparent manner. So not on the Bone then. I would happily buy it for the PC, the sort of software possible could revolutionise the way we use it.
  17. Sony 2005: Giant Enemy Crab 599 Microsoft 2013: Can't play games unless you check in every day. You know what sort of person has to check in daily? Criminals on curfew. End of preowned. Compulsory Kinect. Targeted ads. I just want to play games. And know this PRISM privacy rubbish in which Microsoft was the first company to willingly sign up to. With Kinect. I'd say it's a far bit worse.
  18. Even if Sony had tougher DRM than this generation, I'd still go with them, primarily because they are Japanese and therefore not subject to PRISM. I hate this invasion of privacy stuff, especially when the company willingly signs up to it (unlike when Sony was hacked over a year ago)
  19. Someone got the times wrong, it's already finished.
  20. No PS4, I'm jumping ship to the Bone
  21. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure I will play it now and again. I just don't want the platform to be bombarded with them. It's not launch yet and we've already heard a bunch of them will be out for the PS4.
  22. I'm not really a fan of these PC free to plays or massive multiplayer shooters. I hope the PS4 won't be littered with these simply because a console now has the specs to match.
  23. There's an odd psychological effect when you play pirated games, I had a chipped Xbox back in the day and played a bunch of quality games, but felt nothing for them. I got at best 2 hours into the game then deleted it, like it wasn't worth anything to me simply because I didn't play it.
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