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  1. Once the first truly next gen killer title is released Like for me, Oblivion was when current gen (PS2 Xbox) became last gen. Though in this case, it looks like it will start from launch with Killzone.
  2. Greatness Awaits! That blue glowing line on the PS4, is that the power light? MAKE IT SO!
  3. Is it better than the 360 pad? Do you feel that the left stick is in the wrong place (does it feel more strained than with the 360 pad)?
  4. You know what made the Sony conference stand out (of course console and the like)? The actual setup. Multiple screens, one large panoramic main screen curved round the arena. So cool!
  5. Watch this interview before the briefing 1:15 - "20 games on stage?" "Well, er...." What was the number of games they showed on stage, about 8? 2:20 "If I'm on a sub, I empathise!"
  6. Yes, but we have a choice. If you only play single player, don't pay for it, enjoy your games and never connect online ever. With MS, even if you never play online, you still must sign in every day.
  7. Well the plus side is that they've opened up comments again on the Xbox youtube channel (they closed it since the Xbone reveal), bad news is that they're being boned hard.... Titanfall: "Can I buy this game used?" MGS5: "I'll be buying this with my PS4 that I got for $399." "BRAND NEW MINECRAFT FOR XBOX ONE!!! Buy now on PC."
  8. They're about to clap... oh no they're not.
  9. I really need to sleep, but I just feel so good. Just watch this dood and and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkMJpMk62DU What wonderful beautiful moments.
  10. even then the goodwill has been gone and reputation damaged. Sony listened from the start, MS thought they could piss on their customers and took it all the way until it was staring at them in the face
  11. Hey guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkMJpMk62DU
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkMJpMk62DU Listen to that. Glorious
  13. relive the moment, over and over oops wrong thread
  14. You know what also is going to happen? Game retailers that will make a ton from selling used games (indeed use it to keep afloat) will dedicate more and more space to PS4, knowing Xbone cannot give them the profits.
  15. That sharing video is so fucking cool. MS must be shitting their pants so bad.
  16. Xbone got boned. The most telling thing is that the games weren't exactly that great... they were mostly trailers rather than in game footage. But no online checkins and trading used games is all they had to do. And they did. They rocked it. they even mentioned Cloud in a positive way - backwards compatibility (I was expecting more woohoos from that, no-one said anything)
  17. I don't want to listen to this bald old man any more
  18. isn't that guy from 1up? And that girl from youtube??? And that glasses guy from revision 3?
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