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  1. not black though. My point is colour choice comes a year plus into the console life.
  2. It was the same with current gen, just got to wait a while. There's a white PS3 on sale, don't you know.
  3. I actually understand the stance MS did with used games, and of course the 24 hour check in is the only way at present to make sure the same physical copy isn't used for 2+ users. Currently, someone spends £40 on release, plays it for a couple of weeks, completes it then trades it in for £20-£25. They have effectively rented a game at launch for £15-£20, which is costly. Then, a second hand gamer who doesn't mind waiting a while and buying used games can later pick up the same game for £20-30. A bargain considering it's only been out a few weeks, and they are intending to keep it for the long term. With MS's system, by forcing 2nd hand prices to stay high, the person who buys the game at launch, finishes it quickly then trades it in can recuperate maybe £30-£35 of the sale. their "rental" fee has gone down, proportionately to how long they've spent on it. Meanwhile, the 2nd hand gamer who doesn't mind waiting but keeps his game pays a lower price (but higher than the first scenario), but as he keeps it he therefore gets more use of his game than the first person. It's a shame there is no other way to check who owns the game at present (maybe Sony's disc to console tagging system, or a method of having to connect to the internet ONLY when you first install a game, of course they would have to find a way of knowing when a trade has happened and the game no longer belongs to the first user), because I think that would have fared better. Also MS did not make any effort to explain the reasoning, and how the new model will affect gamers and developers positively as described above.
  4. If next gen Destruction Derby ever gets announced I will blow my load.
  5. Oh right. Just Quantum Break then.
  6. This is great for the console gaming industry. If MS had continued everyone, including retailers, would only support PS4, meaning it would lead to the arrogance that they had after PS2 and Microsoft did just before this. With 24 hour checks and preowned restrictions gone, the comparison is a lot more equal. well not really. PS4 - self publishing and greater support for Indie devs - higher graphics bandwidth - GDDR5 RAM - more RAM for games - less American and TV centric, look at 3 things at once whilst playing a game shit - cheaper - not signed up to PRISM - no compulsory Kinect Xbone - better controller - Quantum Break
  7. Does Chrome still thrash the hard disk for no reason?
  8. From the majornelson.com blog comments "I think I am most excited for Halo 5. The teaser made me squeal with joy. And what better game to pair with Dew and Doritos and some double xp!" Are they for real! Still less GDDR5 RAM than the PS4!
  9. They said they were upping it to 300,000 servers or something ridiculous.... and in ongoing maintenance, that will cost them quite a bit I imagine. I suppose ultimately they could blend it in with Azure (their cloud business computing service) if demand isn't there.
  10. Yeah I agree. But, as we are seeing with Microsoft now and the push to THE CLOUD, every business with the money behind them has a "vision" - with Sony in 2005 it was seeing a Blu Ray in every media device and CELL processors in every appliance, ranging from washing machines to supercomputers. They invested heavily to expand, but failed and as a result you still see the repercussions today - Sony making losses in all their hardware businesses, TV etc. The only profit making division are ironically, their media services.
  11. It was wanted though. Maybe not at the time, but it was obvious it was a long term thing, in fact its still going on as including the Blu Ray was one of the main factors in winning the disc war against HD-DVD. It is the reason you will see a Sony Blu Ray drive in the Xbone. CELL in hindsight was a mistake, but I can imagine as CEO of Sony after investing billions in design and production only to have to sell them with huge losses must have been horrific to watch. Remember CELL was also positioned as the next gen processor not just for gaming but servers, professional data processing as well. If successful they would be competing with IBM, ARM and Intel for that market.
  12. They're both right though. When the PS3 is ridiculed for selling at a price point that makes them a huge loss, whilst iPad sells at a similar price point but gives them a 50% profit margin and are praised, something is wrong with the consumer.
  13. The infinte power of my arse sounds right though.
  14. If Kinect was styled in the way of the voice command in Star Trek, I'm sure more people would be happy with it.
  15. I saw the trailer for Mario Kart and it looks gorgeous, but of course we tend to put those games in a different generation because they're not realistic.
  16. I won't take it for a PS4 and 50 bags of Haribo
  17. Would love that desk. Sunshine buddy on bottom left! Looking forward to this on PS4, I've always watched MMOs but ever had the time/money/energy to invest properly in them.
  18. jonnycash, you don't put a space after a word before punctuation.
  19. It will be called Xbox 181, because they did a complete U turn on the One's policies.
  20. First break in the so far perfect roll Sony have been on - I can't sign up to the PSN (or SEN whatever). I fill in all my details, but when it comes to choosing a handle, it keeps returning a "must be between 3-16 characters, can contain alphanumeric blah blah". I've done that, tried different ones. Still same message. Don't do this to me Sony.
  21. The decision makers at Sony must be look at this, at how Microsoft are self combusting, and wondering "Were we ever as bad as this?" Before frantically looking back at E3 and PR coverage of the PS3 and then deciding "Nope, not in the same league" before loading up a few more Kaz gifs.
  22. Workplace conditions, employees doing more for less when comparing countries. I'm guessing game devs in Poland see overtime as part of the norm, even without pay, whereas elsewhere there are regulations for that.
  23. Get the Xbone, be sure to record your walkthroughs of all the console exclusives onto Youtube as well. If that is the case then why hasn't anyone created an emulator to run the modern AmigaOS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AmigaOS4
  24. I think they're both worth a rent.
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