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  1. If it was normal it would have a bit of consistency to it. Like how it never happens to Webber when he's not racing with Vettel. Like how it never happens with Vettel, period. Or how it happened to both Williams today with their wheel nut issue. This has occured too often now to Mark, and only at times when he's racing Vettel.
  2. although it's worth pointing out and it's been looked over because of the cameraman injury, is that Webber was about to leapfrog Vettel after coming into the pits. Then a mysterious wheel problem happened again. To Webber. But never Vettel. There's a thing such as luck but with Red Bull, it's always happening to one. Maybe they wanted to avoid Multi 21 incidents again, poor Mark
  3. brilliant win for British Tennis, shame about the victory speech, which should have been memorable for another 77 years. Instead it sounded like a bored man being interviewed for watching paint dry.
  4. Wouldn't say that was easy for Vettel, for a change. Exciting finish to the race, and Grosjean did good too. He looked a bit alone on the podium though, I notice the Red Bull guy who congratulated vettel in the waiting room didn't even recognise him whilst talking to the others. Don't think he has made friends in the paddock.
  5. Grosjean is on a recurring 3 race contract isn't he? If he continues this lack of form he maybe replaced a lot sooner before season end! I think Lotus will have an all new driver lineup next year. kimi vs Vettel at Red Bull! If that doesn't happen then we know Vettel couldn't take the heat and begged Red Bull man to not sign him.
  6. John Inverdale did it as well... live on the BBC in front of millions http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23214821
  7. Yes. If the games came out on superfast data cards. A return of the days to minimal loading.
  8. What a shame for her. Crazy comments from social networks as always.
  9. Wowowowow! Take your finger and put it in your arse. On his home turf too!
  10. Come on Lisicki! She's so smiley!
  11. Is there anywhere that still sells the Pikachu 3DS XL at RRP price? I know its limited, and the ebay and amazon marketplaces reflect that by bumping up the premium by quite a bit.
  12. A freeze on development? For new engines? This is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport.
  13. giantbomb did a video of it, no more composite RCA cable thing.
  14. That is creepy. Here's the accompanying video 1:07 Turns out he's just a showman though, one of those dicks who presses people to get their reaction. http://zeldawiki.org/Community:Haunted_Majora%27s_Mask_Cartridge_Hoax
  15. In 10 years time we will hear stories of Kinect 2 playing chess wih a Xbone user and then he asks something and Kinect replies, "I can't let you do that Dave" I want to believe.
  16. Correct, although I feel for those having to report to him, and especially those who have to argue against when he wants his way. They must need counselling for life!
  17. If I were Pirelli I'd bring supersofts that last on race pace for 100 laps for a few races, just to prove to the world they don't make shoddy tyres, as this has been a PR disaster for them
  18. That game was so good. Brings back great memories. In fact i'm going to download and play it now. EDIT: left my Amiga emulator disk at my parents!
  19. It's why EJ picked him for Jordan, he likes a bit of humour.
  20. Game changer! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/23141389 Looks like Kimi's already slim championship hopes are dead for this year, whilst Mercedes have a good chance of winning the championship!
  21. I've stopped buying Edge since they changed to the glossy razor sharp paper that gives you paper cuts whenever you try to turn a page. I will buy this one though, always get the E3 issues.
  22. Get rid of Phil Spencer, who on earth thought he would be good on stage, he just sounds and looks like a patronising twat. And of course Ballmer is the real problem, since he took charge from Gates he's been terrible. I'm guessing his SHOUT VERY LOUD AT PEOPLE style doesn't actually work beyond bullying college weaklings! J Allard must be angry looking at what his baby has become.
  23. I did wonder about Kimi's cool (as usual) response to it. He got hit in the head by Verne's tyre yet post race he was analytical about it, the kerb is what it is, the tyre situation is what it is, deal with it*. It helps having the status quo for him as Lotus are good with the tyres.Kimi, always thinking about the long game. What a legend. *
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