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  1. I think I'll wait actually, so I know what Pokemon you can't get in X/Y. I prefer not to buy B/W 1+2, but if there's some Pokemon I want in those not in XY I'll go through those first
  2. Also did anyone think Mario + Sonic Winter Olympics looked pretty good? Love the world competition aspect too
  3. I had an amaze moment when Kirby was announced... it's the same song used from the Two Best Friends Play series!
  4. Another thing whilst looking to buy a 3DS, the upcoming 2DS will ship with an AC adaptor: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Handheld-Console-2DS-Black/dp/B00E4LGJ3I/ Been looking around and everywhere (even Europe) has the mains adaptor included, and now the 2DS UK has it too, so what's up with that??
  5. Have Nintendo made a Pokemon console + game bundle, or do I have to buy the Ltd edition seperately? Seems bizarre to release it a couple of weeks before the game.
  6. I've been leaning towards getting a white 3DS XL (wanted the Pikachu one but the boat has sailed and now they're up for silly prices on ebay and amazon), but then today I saw the Blue/Black Pokemon themed XL online. Reason I want the white one is because of greasiness, I have lots of black electronic products and over time the contact points become shiny from grease, which is less noticeable if it's white. Or am I being really picky?
  7. I won't. I will buy Kinect 2 for PC and use the stuff that clever people will make for it though
  8. Calendar looks ace, 4 new tracks (well 1 semi new one). Add that to the all new engines, turbo and next gen, Codemasters have their work cut out for F1 2014!
  9. Competition is good though. nVidia have been the clear leader for a while now and they know it, pricing up their GPUs.
  10. A white Wii U (too many black products in the house, and the PS4 on the way too. I know, racist!) with bundled Wiimote Plus and Nunchuk and Sensor Bar (because I never had a Wii). And Mario Kart U (looks gorgeous), all for £200.
  11. surely if developers wante to "code to the metal" they would just make their own API?
  12. is there a PS3 league of this? or is there not enough demand? If not how about next gen, will people here be going PS4 or Xbox?
  13. I reinstalled Steam recently to take advantage of the Indie Bundles, even on my 10 year old laptop Half Life 2 looks pretty good.
  14. They made Blitz Basic didn't they? Which was my first venture into programming. And I think they published a few Amiga games too
  15. most likely it will mean the two being occupied whilst competing with each other, leaving Vettel to win again. That's probably why they took Ricciardo and not Raikkonen at RB, they must think Aussies make good No 2 drivers. although to be fair its not the driver, its the car. Ferrari have been substantially behind all season now, not quite last year but still noticeably slower than RB and Mercedes
  16. They need him for the Mexican money though!
  17. I agree with that, he really knows his F1 and is genuinely passionate for the sport. he sounds like a Murray wannabe but far better than the one now.
  18. zzzzzz call it off for another year, it's a return to the Schumacher days.
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