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  1. "Chloe, I need you to hack into the high security mainframe and find out who's behind the bomb attacks." "How long do I have?" "We haven't got long, it's 10 minutes before the next bomb goes off" "OK on it" "What's taking so long?" "I'd be faster if you just stopped asking me every 5 seconds Jack" "DAMMIT CHLOE!"
  2. One factor is that I never compared it with the other versions, I just bought it and enjoyed it for what it was. And it was a masterpiece!
  3. Sure but the story and character interaction was so good it hid any graphic imperfections for me.
  4. I played DAO on the 360, I thought it was one of the best games I've ever played. Didn't really focus too much on the graphics.
  5. It's not about innovation but wow factor. When the proper Zelda (they did a tech demo with Link vs a huge boss a couple years back) is announced hopefully in E3 2014, that's when people will consider Wii U in droves.
  6. Bianci is a good potential for Ferrari, probably bit too early though. Having said that Vettel got his chance as 2nd driver in Red Bull and now he's triple world champion. You never know.
  7. Ferrari's president put out a crazy (drunk?) statement yesterday, attacking Alonso for his "disloyalty"!!!! http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2013/07/montezemolo-gets-tough-with-alonso-where-do-they-go-from-here/ we might be seeing all change at the front next season, my predictions: Kimi at Red Bull Alonso going back to his "old" team at Lotus (formely Renault) leaving Ferrari left in the pits!
  8. They need to bring back the NES and Game Boy names for their next consoles.
  9. Still though, 1.5GB now is far too much for a console OS. The bulk of it is taken for task switching? XP does that in under 500MB. If the HD recording is taking all that up, I'd rather go without. It's not worth it - it's a games console. It has a set specification. It is supposed to be uber efficient for one thing - to play games. Taking 3 times the amount of RAM already as existing desktop OSes is crazy. The Metro last light developer said that comparisons of the console CPUs (essentially 8 low power cores) vs desktop ones are moot, because of the efficiency and lack of OS overheads for consoles, giving them twice as much power than if they were in PCs...well this article (along with Xbone's 3GB for their 3 OSs) suggests otherwise.
  10. whats the benefits of this over Android on a stick and a 360/PS3 controller connected to it?
  11. Some major changes in Future due to falling profits - head of Edge has left http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/edge-boss-leaves-ahead-of-future-games-restructure/0117972 http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/future-blames-weak-sales-on-games-market-and-warns-more-cuts-are-ahead/0118797 looks like Future mags are shifting to digital only
  12. What a great idea. Surely my namesake deserves a mention?
  13. if Sony back then were the Sony of today, Lik Sang would still exist
  14. I remember letting in woman who didn't have the correct papers but was escaping from a guy who was her pimp, she gave me a note with the name of the guy - but since you are rushed from start to finish forgot to check it when he later appeared down the line! Next day's newspaper reported the death of her and other women at the hands of said guy It's quite clever too in that it allows you 3 strikes, meaning you make these "wrong" decision at your discretion, but because you are punished for every mistake, you essentially have to decide between letting someone fleeing for their lives in and your sick mother getting medicine.
  15. Na, I want games played on a 20" HD screen min. It's not fun squinting at text because the devs assume you have a large screen.
  16. Some HD footage of the 80s and 90s cars in action http://uk.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=f1-2013-20130715
  17. I like what he said about not just releasing it on the Bone and PS4 with simply higher res and frame rates, next gen should be true next gen.
  18. A classic edition with no Senna or McLaren. No thanks!
  19. 360, PS3, Champion's Edition with every F1 world champion in its history and their cars, PC, 3DS (the tyre is proportionately the biggest compared to the others, reflecting the smaller box of the 3DS games), Vita.
  20. Ah ok then, I guess I see gaming differently, bit like books, where I occasionally revisit old games I've played before just to rekindle that "vibe".
  21. I don't get why you would get rid of the 360, just because a new console is coming out doesn't make all the classics on it redundant. I know I will keep going back to Fallout, Skyrim, even Oblivion, maybe replay Mass Effects or Dragon Age, I certainly will be playing Trials again and again. My 360 catalogue almost matches that of my PS2 (slim version of course), so that's a lot of gaming memories you're missing out on.
  22. Yeah that was helpful, why even bother posting.
  23. What's this "China doesn't care" thing about?
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