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  1. most likely it will mean the two being occupied whilst competing with each other, leaving Vettel to win again. That's probably why they took Ricciardo and not Raikkonen at RB, they must think Aussies make good No 2 drivers. although to be fair its not the driver, its the car. Ferrari have been substantially behind all season now, not quite last year but still noticeably slower than RB and Mercedes
  2. They need him for the Mexican money though!
  3. I agree with that, he really knows his F1 and is genuinely passionate for the sport. he sounds like a Murray wannabe but far better than the one now.
  4. zzzzzz call it off for another year, it's a return to the Schumacher days.
  5. Dragon Age Origins, The complete edition with all DLC. Spent over 100 hours on it, paid £10. And the Fallouts, both complete editions, spent £10 each. 200 hours of gameplay there.
  6. The controller is £55 on its own, so... bargain.
  7. Mercedes are usually top in straight line speed and Red Bull lacking, so its probable that they were set up for some rain for the race. Which gives hope for the championship, but it is looking bad.
  8. here you go http://www.amazon.co.uk/Official-Nintendo-Super-Series-Stuffed/dp/B002WJI65S/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t I have a tanooki Mario!
  9. so exciting, Spa is always good for this. Lewis ftw and we're still on for a magical comeback to beat finger boy and take the championship in Brazil!
  10. None, haven't bought a footy game since ISS Deluxe on the SNES. Just something samey about the game, once the novelty wears off the league mode is very monotonous. And I'm more of a single player-multiplayer coop person so online matches isn't for me, which is the big draw for fans.
  11. The launch line up makes me want to buy a new PC more than anything, the only bone exclusive worth playing is Forza.
  12. makes sense seeing as not many PCs have low power multi cores. Of course in the near future with the shift to multiprocessor coding then PC, PS4 and Xbone will be one and the same
  13. to me its not about Sony humiliating the bone, but how MS were willing to shaft the consumer is so many ways. That mistrust (along with it being part of PRISM) is hard to earn back
  14. the way things are going, they will probably announce that they're using GDDR5 RAM at Gamescom then launch a Kinectless version at 339 a few weeks later then allow the game DVR functions without Gold after all
  15. and the grey concrete slabs blocking doors, wow it looks like a new dungeon Bioware, thanks!
  16. Collision detection was terrible though! a few times they were saying "little bit left" to avoid walking into the wall instead of the next room, but they went in anyway. I noticed they frequently cut to the others when that was about to happen, maybe to avoid seeing it too often? What I found clever was Dobby squeezing in between the chair and the "wall" when getting the helmet. It's the little things!
  17. Was he also the guy he shot himself and his family in that Torchwood episode with the aliens using children as drugs. "We are cumming" I remember that.
  18. I played a female City Elf too! She was a spitting image of the blonde from Wallander.
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