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  1. I actually... enjoyed that episode. I'm not sure if it's because it was the first OK episode after a series of absolute horrible ones, or that it's actually good.
  2. Just watched this, very enjoyable! And the bit at the end, heh heh https://www.rataalada.com/
  3. It does feel like the writers were inspired by the two parters Past Tense and Future's End from DS9 and Voyager, added Picard's requirements and expanded it into a season. The results are of course, a fucking mess.
  4. Hahaha WTF was that. It felt like the script was written by Patrick Stewart himself for one of his plays.
  5. Surprised this wasn't mentioned, her jiggling in front of the camera at a certain angle, they couldn't make it more obvious
  6. Replacing Martin with Simon is the worst possible choice
  7. also a nice bit in the end, if you load up X Ray you'll find that Q is trying to manipulate Renee Picard
  8. This season is beginning to feel like an extended prologue to the Deep Space Nine episode set in 2024 re: Bell Riots. It might have worked as an episode/two parter or film, but 10 episodes? FFS
  9. Finished Eliza a few days ago. Touches upon many issues concerning tech, mental health and society. Most of the gameplay revolves around playing as a counsellor, but aided by AI. Definitely recommended! https://store.steampowered.com/app/716500
  10. Aah thats nice, sounds like Bottas is helping out Zhou. He had a great little fight with Lewis too, cleaner than Max has ever had.
  11. K Mag is so happy, his face is booming
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