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  1. These repeated gimmicky animations are really starting to grate. Athena's V sign and fistpunch especially. And the background of case 2 is just completely washing me over, all this Also wish that bitch would stop slapping me with those papers. The 3D effect is pretty cool when that happens though
  2. Not as good as Blackberry employing Alicia Keys as "creative director"
  3. I'm just going through the investigation part on Case 2, I find it long winded already!
  4. haha they used Clement Marfo's Champion at the end!
  5. is there a way of upping the text speed, or pressing A to see the entire text all at once?
  6. I'd like a Wii U Metroid and Majora's Mask on the 3DS And of course new Zelda HD. I still remember that feeling of sheer joy and excitement when I first saw the pics for Ocarina of Time, then a warm fuzziness when I got it for Christmas. It might have been the central heating, but more likely it was that Nintendo magic that I want to feel again.
  7. Downloaded it and just started playing the first case. When he made his entrance I was like... hell yeah
  8. Wooo over 50 streetpass Miis in my plaza!
  9. I think you will find this is already the case, hordes of expats in Japan (and China, Thailand etc) for one sole reason only. It's where all the misfits, losers and just plain weirdos who can never get any back home can be an absolute player and be treated like a god. All because of the colour of your skin. If you're tall and have blond hair blue eyes then they will probably do all kinds of hardcore stuff for you.
  10. Is it sad that I when I get home one of the things I look forward to is flip open the 3DS and look at my latest Streetpasses?
  11. when you send letters through SpotPass, does this mean public wifi hotspots (e.g McDonalds) or any net connection including your own wireless internet?
  12. Nice, wish mine had the red/blue control buttons
  13. Wow I just got 6 streetpasses in a couple of hours! Didn't go anywhere out of the ordinary, just my usual route (which normally has 0)
  14. I'll add you noob! I didn't include mine when I bought it, so please add away! 5000-2975-2271
  15. I have never heard a plane crash or malfunction in a major way due to someone not turning off their wireless device.
  16. So Belgium is seen as the worst of Western Europe, but in Eastern Europe it would be utopia. You could say it was... A Link Between Worlds.
  17. then why isn't he playing in the lounge? maybe that's where he keeps his Wii U
  18. Well at least he tidied up his room a bit when hes into his 30s. Also did anyone find the order of the hidden symbols, I didn't notice any
  19. That's the problem with taking a break from gaming, when you get back you have a backlog in addition to the current and new games coming out. Also time isn't what it used to be, the days of spending hours after school and college free lessons are long gone, so sadly I have to prioritise and cut out things. I suppose reading the plot for the first 2 will update me on things enough for Trials and Tribulations?
  20. nowhere near gaming Can't believe it's taken over a year for them to convert it though, a fallback to the SNES days
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