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  1. Is it sad that I when I get home one of the things I look forward to is flip open the 3DS and look at my latest Streetpasses?
  2. when you send letters through SpotPass, does this mean public wifi hotspots (e.g McDonalds) or any net connection including your own wireless internet?
  3. Nice, wish mine had the red/blue control buttons
  4. Wow I just got 6 streetpasses in a couple of hours! Didn't go anywhere out of the ordinary, just my usual route (which normally has 0)
  5. I'll add you noob! I didn't include mine when I bought it, so please add away! 5000-2975-2271
  6. I have never heard a plane crash or malfunction in a major way due to someone not turning off their wireless device.
  7. So Belgium is seen as the worst of Western Europe, but in Eastern Europe it would be utopia. You could say it was... A Link Between Worlds.
  8. then why isn't he playing in the lounge? maybe that's where he keeps his Wii U
  9. Well at least he tidied up his room a bit when hes into his 30s. Also did anyone find the order of the hidden symbols, I didn't notice any
  10. That's the problem with taking a break from gaming, when you get back you have a backlog in addition to the current and new games coming out. Also time isn't what it used to be, the days of spending hours after school and college free lessons are long gone, so sadly I have to prioritise and cut out things. I suppose reading the plot for the first 2 will update me on things enough for Trials and Tribulations?
  11. nowhere near gaming Can't believe it's taken over a year for them to convert it though, a fallback to the SNES days
  12. I had to google the last one, thought you were taking the piss...
  13. OK not quite, but bear in mind the 3DS is my first handheld console since the GBA. So instead of dedicating loads of time to all the games I just picked one.
  14. I was looking at this the other day, both Phoenix and Professor Layton are annual releases and I just don't want to spend too much on any single franchise. So I picked Trials and Tribulations and the latest Layton.
  15. No I mean they ship direct, it might not even be £15. Has anyone took the plunge and preordered it then? £17 just sounds like a total rip off for the chest, especially after paying £33 for the game itself. But Nintendo know what they are doing, they're grabbing at my inner geek and childhood memories
  16. also Koala, if you check the game website they ship to Belgium
  17. So apparently Klingons are just humans who are black wearing flat caps, inventive! They can't even use the "well this is their early form" line because Enterprise had them as we all know them.
  18. that's what I'm referring to, this is a list that loads will refer to to pick up lost gems. The way he writes so negatively about some games he doesn't like but others obviously loved can easily put you off.
  19. I don't mind, in fact welcome views away from the norm/masses. But as the poll maker and writer for the countdown, the descriptions for the games should be impartial, in fact even better if you took one that praised it/voted it game of the generation, whilst another who didn't get all the fuss. In the style of most positive/most critical reviews put head to head on Amazon. Many people will be reading the results and looking to pick up and play gems they have missed, so being negative about games that YOU think were bad (but were voted by some) would put off the people who agree with the latter and not your opinion.
  20. Garfarwoo, I got exactly that. Has a stand too so it doesn't tilt back.
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