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  1. Gr 8) list m 8) and rally third party publishers... no shit!
  2. I think I'm at the turning point of Case 5.... sooooo good. The setting, characters, how it is laid out... all kinds of objective (see what I did there) goodness.
  3. Nikki to star in Super Smash Bros
  4. So then, Animal Crossing. I've avoided this game since getting a 3DS. I've read the 5 star reviews on Amazon, I've seen others play it constantly, but... I don't get it. At all. I feel like I should buy it, but I'm reading the recent posts here and I don't see the appeal at all. I want to though. So why is it so good?
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/24903272 Alonso also has a back injury.... if I was Ferrari management I'd be worried! As for Perez, I don't think they got rid of him because he didn't perform - but because he had friction with Button. As a No 2 driver he did good, scoring a decent amount of points for the car they had.
  6. about to start the 5th (last?) trial. All kinds of epicness!
  7. the standalone console version - does it allow you to play the first game as it was (all the new stuff turned off)?
  8. I find the opposite, the colours are always washed out in 3D.
  9. I don't care what dekay says, the repeated animations and sound effects (SCHWING! DING!) do grate.
  10. I'm watching Senna (I know, well past it!) and didn't realise how much of a twat Prost was. And Balestre! Real piece of work
  11. You can't not be bothered by dying all the time. I tried that with previous ones, I think the max I've done is 30 mins in before I go "sod all this, they're too good". I bought MW3 on release day and everyone there had already unlocked all the good stuff. To have fun you need to have a level playing field. Short of taking it seriously (learning all the maps, chokepoints, strengths and weaknesses of loadouts etc) there was no way I would match their level. Which is why bots are great. Black ops had them but you couldn't level up, meaning you were stuck with the default beginner setup.
  12. I don't want to get good. I want stressless fun
  13. and all that above... plenty want to go into the multiplayer modes but not worry about KD ratio and "upping your game" just to compete with the best who have played in non stop since the release.
  14. Multiplayer modes for singleplayer, duh! In recent years we've been getting multiplayer crossover into the singleplayer campaign for co-op, but its just as fun being on your own playing "multiplayer".
  15. It's actually the CoD I've been waiting for - the one that allows you to play multiplayer modes with bots and level up your character too to unlock stuff.
  16. sometimes its difficult to suspend from reality though - witnesses lie all the time and all the judge says is that they might be arrested for perjury (but then do it again and they dont), evidence that changes the course of the case introduced at the last moment, witnesses that come from nowhere intervening the witness on stand. It's rarely logical.
  17. Dark age of law! The ends justifies the means! Glad those corny oneliners are over with.
  18. less time writing grammar, more time eating big macs
  19. You're twisting words. I was saying that OTHERS - as in everyone else - did not shut down their online service at the first sign of abuse.
  20. Just noticed in the Giant Bomb playthrough you can use bots for all modes. Could you do this in BLOPS2?
  21. You could say that about anything internet related. Imagine if every company with an online service did what Nintendo did - there'd be no social network sites, no forums, it'll just be storefronts for supermarkets. Does that mean replacing/integrating with Mii Plaza?
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