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  1. just buy this beast http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/05/hardware_review_mugen_3ds_xl_battery_replacement_grants_20_hours_of_staying_power won't need to worry about battery power then.
  2. downloaded Youtube, what a piece of shit. Slow to browse, and then when I switched back out of a video it crashed. Up yours Google
  3. Poor Hulk, can't seem to get out of the midfield teams.
  4. I played Super International Cricket on the SNES as well! HOWZAT HOWHOWHOWHOWZAT (spams Y button)
  5. I have £10 in my shop account but can't be arsed spending it on this.
  6. Well they were sent Thursday morning so probably relying on RM more than anything.
  7. Someone ordered AC4, FIFA and a Mishi Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar at Amazon. Meaning I had to get the big box out due to the last items size and fill it with packing paper. What a waste!
  8. Just came back from the Amazon night shift. A shit load of people buying AC4 for PS4. Either with FIFA or COD Ghosts. But never saw FIFA and CoD sold together, strange that
  9. I work at Amazon as a packer and we've just been told we have overtime. Looking forward to sending a bazillion Xbones next week.
  10. Gah, great deal since I want most the games on that list and Mario
  11. Awww, me and my poor decision making skills It was a flip between Phantom Hourglass and Tracks, but after reading some reviews that said the first is very much like Wind Waker (in puzzles etc.) I went for the 2nd. Mind you, all Nintendo games tend to get 4-5 stars on amazon, which makes life a bit harder /1stworldproblems
  12. they use them a lot in indycars, so pretty apt they would introduce them in the US GP
  13. Yours doesn't click? It does it when I download something normally THEN put it into sleep mode, but when I queue items then go to sleep it won't download.
  14. That feeling never goes away, hate that click of fear. What's scarier though is dropping a weighty object on the touchscreen, and then thinking for half an hour that the responsiveness was off. The next day it felt ok though, phew. Are you sure sleep mode allows you to download stuff though? Mine connects to the streetpass, meaning it breaks the connection off. All my shop downloads have been leaving it on.
  15. so true. I've gone for Zelda and Art Academy (as a side thing). Not the new Zelda though! - but Spirit Tracks, which is one of those DS games I want to play. Always loved the Wind Waker style Going to need a card holder soon, I can see myself losing them
  16. This is just a snippet of Broker's "Minecraft Motivational Techniques" ebook, available from the Amazon kindle store.
  17. Now that I've finished Dual Destinies, time to get a new game. I have Kid Icarus too but that's not gelling with me, one for occasional play. My choices are: Super Mario Land Animal Crossing Zelda Pokemon which one shall I get? Maybe Pokemon, I don't want to fall too behind so that no-one will be playing it when I finally build a strong enough team to do battle.
  18. Of course all of that was bollocks! But at the start of each case I come up with a few theories and motivations, it's fun like that
  19. Don't listen to deKay, he insisted I wouldn't get all the cameos and references which I would only get by playing at least the first three; I went ahead anyway and found it brilliant (though it took a while to warm to the repeated animations and unrealistic nature of things e.g. witnesses changing their view all the time in court), which I guess you would get used to after playing them all. But no, it won't hinder your enjoyment of this one just because you haven't played previous games. *though seems like you've made up your mind by buying the previous ones anyway! It would be silly not to play them in order since you've got them already.
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