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  1. doing the Red Bull kart Masters right now. So fun!
  2. I'm up for an online game, note I haven't played much, still on the National A league! GT: SconesForTea
  3. Just saw this... Doug Stanhope's crowdfunding for the atheist in the Bible Belt - he did it not for sympathy, but just to piss off the religious - so good
  4. A general rule that seems to work is - if you're stuck, merge.
  5. Because on a 2D axis, up is down and down is up.
  6. Most games used it. I never had to change settings when playing 360 games. Also, WTF? Weird to invert Y axis? It's a more accurate representation of moving your head - as it is usually done in FPS. The ones who don't are the freaks. But hey, I wouldn't want to burn them either way, because that IS weird.
  7. How low is this http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2013/dec/31/michael-schumacher-journalist-priest-intrusion
  8. quote]One of the doctors really trying to drive home to the media that they can't say anything about the future, they just don't know, and it would be stupid for the media to read anything into the future from what they're saying The media being the media http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-25558709 Annoying that I can't edit posts for some reason.
  9. Just started playing. Not usually a fan of 3D in games, but even after a few minutes play I'm loving it! Trees and scenery popping out, people looking more alive and Link almost leaping out of the screen when jumping. Gorgeous.
  10. I have no objections to this news. Sorry. As for the boxed version, quite simply I want that because I can sell it on after completion. Dual Destinies had zero replay value, and I imagine Capcom realised that and avoided retail release because of that.
  11. This is crazy, hope he recovers fast. What is it with the media, a few hours ago they said he's recovering in hospital after a minor head injury, now he's in a coma fighting for his life.
  12. I tried online, attempted to join all the servers on the list filtered under "race for fun" - all of them kicked me out!
  13. cool story bro. If this was the stock market and Vettel was a company, you'd be a billionaire by now. But its a forum so you're not.
  14. What a beauty! I was using the given Honda for most of National A, just read this and bought it - it's a monster! To be honest I prefer using the Honda, those races were fun and always strategic (I know theres rubber banding in the game), now its just a case of blitzing past them What's the quickest way of getting 6m credits? Want to try out the Red Bull X2011 Prototype!
  15. The biggest highlight for me was the whole Xbone always on debacle, from the moment it was leaked, the E3 Conference when Sony effectively beat the shit out of them for it, then the subsequent embarrassing U turn. It was also the moment when home gaming became an always online affair, I don't think most people realise that if Sony hadn't went out and publicly slated MS for it, instead following similar policies, we would all be authenticating our consoles every day.
  16. why does it have to be set either in WW2 or modern times? We had the one set in Vietnam with Jack Bauer, sure that wasn't great, but I quite fancy one set during the American Revolution, playing as a redcoat
  17. that was a really shit ending. It was like "oh yeah, here he is, cue credits!"
  18. Well I was supposed to be played on my rllmuk bought PS3 with lots of games I bought seperately on the spanking new monitor that I bought from Amazon. PS3 arrived, everything else didn't. Why? Yodel, that's why. So I'm just doing what I do every day, browse the web. I'll be gaming on Friday hopefully (wouldn't count on it though - Yodel.)
  19. Aw come off it, they're not losing as much as you think - no doubt they've calculated that nearly all the people who would have bought Mario Land have already done so, so it's effectively a costless promotion.
  20. Erm, if a game doesn't sell well then budgets for subsequent games are cut, to the point where it gets cancelled. And it definitely matters when you hear stats like the new consoles outselling in 2 days what the Wii U sold over a year. I'm sure the Nintendo board are seeing this right now, don't know why you are so defensive over it.
  21. lolI don't have a nintendo console, I had a 360 for years and now a PS3. It is true, kids today want violence more than Mario. As for Nintendo games consistently being in the most top rated games... does that matter when sales are so low? Also, is this a good deal? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Just-Dance-Party-Nintendoland/dp/B00GH99XQU/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=24DFUDC62QAMG&coliid=I2JH098S9EXAOC
  22. when its £150 bundled with Mario... Still it's pretty sad when you hear figures like Xbone and PS4 outsold total Wii U annual sales in just 2 days. So many things to blame - Iwata, lack of 3rd party support, unclear message on what it is, lack of advertising, rubbish online infrastructure compared to the competition - but also of changing tastes. Back when they were dominant, most gamers wanted the Marios and Zeldas, they wanted simple to understand yet challenging - and fun - gameplay. Now they want epic stories and killing. You would think that being family friendly, parents would be buying Nintendo for their kids in droves - but sadly they are letting their ever increasing violent minded kids decide what to buy. Hence why you have 13 year olds online shouting abuse in CoD.
  23. I hope the one with the 2DS gets the free game, otherwise there will be lots of jelly going on
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