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  1. It is so beautiful. I can imagine that on a canvas in my bedroom, glorious.
  2. Also, this is an incredibly stupid thing to say. So because someone doesn't enjoy something, their views on something else are less valuable? Condescending prat indeed.
  3. Sorry to hear that. For someone to personally insult another based on their views, then having the audacity to think less of someone? Incredible.
  4. That is a beautiful drawing, it would look gorgeous in a room. Where did you find it?
  5. Yeah you're right. I wasn't captivated by the story and saw it for what it was, therefore I'm offensive and generalising lesbians.
  6. It's a bit dodgy that it takes law enforcement to inform them that their data on their site has been hijacked. Not only because it sounds incompetent for the company/organisation, but also because it indicates that the government are spying/keeping tabs on them.
  7. It looks cute. That AC Adaptor thing is just ridiculous though. You buy a £180 Special Edition machine that is marketed as premium but it doesn't have the power supply. Yet they sell the cut down no frills version (2DS) at £70 but can afford to bundle one in.
  8. It's powerful for those who were swept away at how "tragic" it was that a closet lesbian had to live that way, and plays on this throughout. I suppose it's geared more towards Conservative America, and so liberal America thought "how powerful to fight against intolerance", whereas if you were brought up in a more progressive environment you would just think it an emo waste of time.
  9. lol I just bought a 2DS. £70 is an irresistible price.
  10. True dat. What I meant was that, strip away the FIFAs and shooters and the PS3/360 still offer a fantastic variety of games for every taste, something WiiU doesn't.
  11. This old argument again. No, in addition to a varied catalogue with breadth, people want something fresh and captivating.
  12. From the Sky 1 testing coverage, extremely informative on the new car designs. I love the diversity of them, and it's amazing how tight it is round the back (erm...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHnRBkpZJJI After watching this, I prefer Ted to Gary, hands down. The Ferrari looks like it has been crushed!
  13. I don't get it. Iwata knows he's doing crap, yet it's business as usual over at Nintendo. No jazzing up of online policy, a carrot or two incentive, megaton games. It's like they're dying a slow death from cancer; they know what's happening but they can't do anything about it.
  14. What a waste of time! Just reiterating the same stuff.
  15. MK8 looking gorgeous as always!
  16. Wow, right to left platforming! REVOLUTION
  17. I don't want to sound so anti Nintendo, but I've been catching up on Steam games recently (and all the Humble Bundles I paid for in the past) and everything they have shown so far - including Donkey Kong - just look like high production PC indie games at best.
  18. I remember the days when Nintendo announcements were surprising, exciting, left me giggling like a kid... of all the Nintendo Directs so far, none of them have replicated that feeling. The games are just so meh. Wooo British guy
  19. Haha, they still don't have the Azran Legacy yet
  20. Check! How'd you like your baseball? It's based on GOOD FEELINGSEdit: oh well, April
  21. Hyrule Warriors release date, yeahhhhhhh
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