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  1. WTF is this writing?!? They're



    stuck on a meteor with less than 2 hours before their meds run out, and a bit longer before they get smashed into a planet, and the others still insist on having a chat with Uhura instead of letting her get on with the very time sensitive job that only she can do!!!!


    Nice to know Star Trek computers have Shazam installed

  2. 11 minutes ago, Benny said:


    This is one of the worst things, just the worst. Why? Well...


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    It's a very good example of what a "liberal establishment" sci-fi solution to a problem like climate change might be. That some advanced technology will come along and be the solution to all our problems and usher in a amazing new future. This allows for society itself to not have to actually change: that we can continue to push forwards with a capitalist society then free of the hand wringing middle class guilt that it's also destroying out planet.


    No need for society to change or allow for any self reflection, just some magic space microbe comes down and means we don't have to actually address any societal problems that could be why we caused the issue in the first place.


    This goes COMPLETELY against what Star Trek was always supposed to be about: the reason humanity reached a utopian future was not because of technology, but was forged by humans fixing the problems with society itself which is what allowed humanity to advance forwards with better technology, learning and understanding of other cultures, exactly because Starfleet existed in a society which itself has moved on, especially from outdated ideas like capitalist thinking etc.





    It also goes against NuTrek lore. Stammets said in Discovery that the planet was dying before humans woke up and changed their ways, using renewables. Going against the bacteria miracle solution

  3. Spoiler


    I like how no-one has mentioned the big, quadrant destroying thing at the end, so badly was it shoehorned in at literally the last minute, so any sense of dread or fear was surpassed by all the shite that happened before. It would have worked better if the mighty Federation had identified this big, quadrant destroying thing at the start of the season. But whatever. Picard is a joke in writing and consistency.


  4. 1 hour ago, Garwoofoo said:


    I'm not sure that holds up though.


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    If Jurati-Borg wasn't Jurati-Borg until the characters had snapped back in time, then who was the original Borg Queen in episode 1? Some other random Borg Queen that was then replaced by Jurati-Borg following the events of the rest of the season?


    If Jurati-Borg was already Jurati-Borg at this point then we didn't need anybody to go back in time at all, she could have just revealed herself.


    In any event, Jurati-Borg wasn't responsible for them going back in time anyway, it was an entirely coincidental intervention from Q - wasn't it?






    Oh yeah! It makes sense as a self fufilling time loop, but as it was Q who started it,



    there's no way that was Jurati in the first episode, in which case there would be no PeaceBorgs and thus no calling for Picard.


    The whole season isn't possible! 😂

  5. Also how are 


    Seven and Raffi a thing? They were separated doing different things at the start, and during the next 8 episodes there was no indication that they were a couple, bar when they were pinned by "Borg" in Chateau Picard


     Oh another thing, when the Bajoran bridge girl asks


    where Rios is, surely she wouldn't have any knowledge of him?


  6. I love the contrast between west and eastern trash shows. In the west, generally the onscreen graphics is minimal... supplement, not overwhelm. Whereas eastern shows its "HERE IS ALL THE DATA WE HAVE GATHERED WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR BRAIN IS OVERTAXED LOOK AT ALL THE LOVELY INFORMATION PRESENTED WITH CLIP ART PICS"

  7. On 30/04/2022 at 19:58, robdood said:

    Ultimately, I think about it like this: if hanging out with your partner isn't one of the things you look forward to doing after 'chores' then you're probably not really in the relationship any more. You shouldn't stay for the sake of kids, and you definitely shouldn't stay and hide away playing videogames in your man cave instead of facing up to the fact that you should probably call it a day but you find it too terrifying to bring up. 



    That's a lot of broken homes 

  8. Just went on a S1 binge. I hesitated watching it before because yes... it's a cartoon, so I didn't see it as a proper Trek. But I've had the best time watching Star Trek for years - over a decade even. Just light hearted, non stop action with tight compact writing. Vs the gradual loss of hope I get after watching each Picard. Onto S2 tomorrow!

  9. 3 hours ago, Harsin said:


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    The final riddle (why is the Borg Queen a sphinx now) gives me the sinking feeling that the resolution of the season will be two separate timelines ( because one Mirror Universe just wasn’t enough). The start of this season was Jurati and her Borg fleeing the Confederation and next season will be the TNG cast fighting their evvvvviiiiiilllllll counterparts.



    Oooh yes that sounds right!

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