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  1. Just finished this, I love it. There were a few handful of battle scenes - notably in the first and last episodes - which I loved. Just felt and looked very Halo. And Jen Taylor is there too. They also explained why MC in the games is so unlike him here. Obviously a TV show has to pad out things from a game centred around shooting for hours. They've done really well, and looking forward to the next season!
  2. Nice story, brings back the magic of the unknown from Trek. But didn't like that lazily written last minute miracle cure.
  3. WTF is this writing?!? They're Nice to know Star Trek computers have Shazam installed
  4. When Spock said his wife's name, all I thought were Pringles. Solid first episode... then again, I really enjoyed Picard S02E1...
  5. It also goes against NuTrek lore. Stammets said in Discovery that the planet was dying before humans woke up and changed their ways, using renewables. Going against the bacteria miracle solution
  6. Oh yeah! It makes sense as a self fufilling time loop, but as it was Q who started it, The whole season isn't possible!
  7. That S2 finale, WOW! Episode 9 was so good too - that epilogue
  8. I love the contrast between west and eastern trash shows. In the west, generally the onscreen graphics is minimal... supplement, not overwhelm. Whereas eastern shows its "HERE IS ALL THE DATA WE HAVE GATHERED WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR BRAIN IS OVERTAXED LOOK AT ALL THE LOVELY INFORMATION PRESENTED WITH CLIP ART PICS"
  9. Just went on a S1 binge. I hesitated watching it before because yes... it's a cartoon, so I didn't see it as a proper Trek. But I've had the best time watching Star Trek for years - over a decade even. Just light hearted, non stop action with tight compact writing. Vs the gradual loss of hope I get after watching each Picard. Onto S2 tomorrow!
  10. It's great to read about a father and son bonding in popular media. Definitely need more of it. People who blab over TV are just the worst.
  11. They also blew all the budget on episode 1. That beautiful and expensive USS Stargazer Bridge, collecting dust already
  12. The opening credits are already more exciting than anything Disco and Picard has shown
  13. I think the writers have completely forgotten the show is called Star Trek, let alone pay attention to any of the lore.
  14. What is it with modern TV brutalising legacy content with cheaping out on effects? First it was the Matrix - Agents are now just ordinary folks with black eyes, because that head reskinning thing obviously was too much effort - and now the Borg are just humans with green laser sights on their rifles
  15. I can't believe I ever hated on Enterprise. That series was a masterpiece compared to Discovery and Picard.
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