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  1. Ah this trailer is so good! Smash Bros reference. Galaxy. Mario Kart. Yoshis. Peach. Mario sounding not as Chris Pratt as the first trailer. I'm hyped!
  2. Haha a sub just got a yellow card He's still on the bench
  3. This is shaping up to be a dramatic last few minutes! Iran scores a goal in the 99th minute?
  4. Iran are steadily creating more chances. Maybe a stoppage time equaliser? Lol rashford is shit you all said..
  5. Lol the Wales England game looks so pedestrian compared to US Iran
  6. Well done Wales for holding England! We just need to score a goal once every ten minutes in the 2nd half and we're through!
  7. First time watching 2 games simultaneously, tablet and phone on the go. My head hurts
  8. Lol mckennie is pretty trash. Has all the time in the world but still only has one mode of shooting - launching it into space
  9. If this ends in a draw, the points table will be 4 3 2 1, cute
  10. Theory: Wales and England are gassed out in their second games because they aren't used to the heat.
  11. US v Iran is going to be good, might watch that rather than Wales England
  12. You can rotate all you want, give Kane a chance as goalie!
  13. Exactly, the culture comment was well off. I've seen many European teams do the same - Spain, Portugal, Netherlands.
  14. Guys, we can still qualify if we beat England England let us win by loads of goals, and US beats Iran
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