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  1. Also if you sign up to the reminders you get this cute little guy in your inventory
  2. Oooohhh! https://store.steampowered.com/sale/thegameawardssteamdeckdrop2022 1 A MINUTE!!! Bring on the Doritos ads.
  3. Son's pass is incredible, sliced through 3 defenders!
  4. Ghana just too hesitant when in the penalty box
  5. I'm so glad I'm actually watching live for one of these moments for once
  6. Every time I see see Son's shirt, I just think "Her Majesty's Son"
  7. Neville has shown a bit of sense, but doesn't want to piss off the others
  8. Seriously, what is wrong with Sounness? YOU'RE LOOKING AT THE STRAIGHT ANGLE RIGHT NOW
  9. ITV still bitching about the lack of photos, they just showed the straight line photo that clearly shows the ball hasn't crossed fully
  10. The itv app is so trash. Cant watch full screen ITV4 without 3 ads. Then it crashes.
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