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  1. "Hi, I'm Mr Bumcake, I bake bums for a living"
  2. Could've been post-cum, it did withdraw afterwards
  3. I really liked Kameo
  4. Gameplay is the new TV
  5. Yeah reel off the locations like a checklist, that will make you feel the game
  6. Zero gameplay in that gameplay centric event
  7. I'm totally feeling it with trailer music
  8. That little... tube, leaking white liquid... we all know what the devs were thinking
  9. Wait, that was made by one person?!?
  10. Booty has a lot of bookys
  11. Nope, unless you have a common username - like CookieMonster#6336 (add me)
  12. It's basically the game version of the Vikings TV series
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