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  1. Imagine being the brother of Thanos. What a letdown.
  2. I will say that the beach fight scene was pretty cool, shades of Infinity and Civil War with superheroes fighting each other using their unique powers in interesting combos. The tech guy (didn't bother with the names) holding the dead GoT Stark with the cosmic strings down reminded me of Dr Strange and his fight with Thanos in IW.
  3. I had to read the wiki page and go "ohhhh" over some obscure hero that hasn't been introduced yet
  4. Just watched this. All I can say is: Harry Styles. WTF.
  5. No love for the Matrix, awwww
  6. Just watched it, one of the dullest Bond films with no defining moments other than the obvious bit at the end.
  7. It's an issue when the gas/transaction fees goes up the bigger the blockchain is.
  8. Just watched this. Loved the scene in the supermarket... they were sooooo cute. As for the film, it was good. Not the best thing ever, not bad. I've never seen the 2016 Ghostbusters.
  9. Never change Epic, keep giving free stuff away
  10. I should've gone with my initial impressions and dropped it after the mundane first episode. It only got a bit more interesting after 3 or 4 episodes, but the finale topped off a very average show. All the pacing and character development straight out of S8 GoT. Wasted 8 hours of my holiday, FFS
  11. I was initially pissed off that
  12. I watched it again and actually, it's not that bad. A solid 6. The music and fight scenes are trash - completely uninspired. But the social commentary (how we care more about feelings than facts for example) and the director's obvious dig at being pushed into a sequel and the open ripping into WB was pretty good. It also advances the Matrix timeline and universe as well, with some parts of the Machine world now wanting freedom from their rulers and being with humans instead. Something which, if you've seen the Animatrix, is what they originally wanted, but the humans were scared of. And Neo and Trinity having full control of how the Matrix works, is one step closer to more humans being freed and rebuilding themselves in the real world. Certainly a lot of scope for fan fiction to pick up on.
  13. It's like they couldn't have written it any better
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