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  1. Varsity

    The Division 2

    I kind of feel that way at the moment, given how the raid is based around min/maxxing, I'm struggling to stay engaged with it. Trawled through endless sites to get an idea of a decent dps sniper build but it still seems real confusing what I should be going for. The recalibration thing also really confuses me, the rerolling in D1 was far better imo. Just started another char now to try out LMG/SMG and break it up a bit because I'm finding WT5 gearing rather tedious atm, no rush anyway since the raid appears to be unbeatable on consoles.
  2. Varsity

    The Division 2

    I work nights primarily and am always off on weird days, so it's just as difficult for me >.<. Could do with gauging interest somewhere and seeing what we have though. I suspect even if we could only pull 3-4 people together, we'd have better luck than if you go in on your own with 7 randoms Also, if you see me on in the clan and want to group, just throw me a message or something, down for whatever really. Just saw this post from TrueAchievements, suddenly not in a rush to give it a go now xD "All players in the group were either 500 gear score (which is the max possible in the game right now) or close to it. The weakest enemies in the game take 1-2 clips of assault rifle to kill, you can forget about killing a yellow enemy in less than 10 seconds. Combine that with the fact you have a dozen of them running around at the same time. The boss can only melee you, but he can do it from 10 feet away! 2 hits from him and you're dead. We were all team shooting the same enemies but even that wasn't enough. The raids in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 were hard at first, but at least killing the enemies wasn't the reason your whole team wipes. If you were the correct gear score, learnt the mechanics plus don't make too many mistakes you would complete the encounter. But in this raid, even if your whole team is on the same page you will get destroyed by every enemy and the boss will keep healing himself infinitely."
  3. Varsity

    The Division 2

    Pretty much what people I know said. I remember putting the time in through a third party site in the first game for the 2nd incursion, and, after hours and hours got precisely nowhere. I'll be down for giving it a go on Xbox at some point, though I am finding it significantly slower to increase my gear score in WT5, so depending on how quickly it takes to get the stats etc I want, should be ready in a couple weeks. We do seem to have a decent amount of people in the Xbox clan, I guess it's just how many of them are active and finding a night where people's schedules align Forgot to put though, as other places have mentioned, once people clear it regularly and strategies etc become available, I do see groups with strangers managing it, it'll just take longer than co-ordinated groups. I'll still be giving it a go, I only ever saw all of the first incursion in the first game.
  4. Varsity

    The Division 2

    It doesn't take long, I'm sat at 438 atm on Xbox and only get a few hours here and there.
  5. Varsity

    The Division 2

    Cheers, jumped in the clan now, if anyone sees me online and wants to team up, don't hesitate to throw me an invite.
  6. Varsity

    The Division 2

    Been away from here for a bit, but is there any active clan on XB1? Been soloing the whole thing so far, but looking for people who will be planning to do the raid when it releases...currently nearing WT3 and plan to be raid ready for release. On mostly in the evenings when I'm not working. GT is ReynoldsM if anyone wants to add me or shoot me an invite/message
  7. It rarely works like that, at least on Xbox. Sure, half the games I lose are because the other team is simply better and I can live with that. But the games that I should be winning I don't because of all the damn smurf accounts that aren't factored into setting the game up. Halo 5 seems to have totally dealt and nailed with the smurf issue, wish other games would pick this up, it totally dampens the experience.
  8. I would, but as the rest of the Xbox crew will tell you I literally cannot play casually, it's always serious lol. Unless you have a team of 6 sorted to regularly play with, you'll always get retarded randoms. Hell, we've been putting up with it for the past 10 seasons. Between that and the smurfing it's more like a spinning a roulette wheel at the start of the game whether you're going to win or not as opposed to anything skill related.
  9. Intro aside, the rest of the game is pure tedium...
  10. Passive Smoking was always a good one back in the early xbox days, "You were killed by Passive Smoking" always got a laugh
  11. Achievements are currently disabled in-game, so you wouldn't have got anything anyway.
  12. The endgame stuff is great, I just sacked it off cos people stopped playing it and like everything else its murder with randoms.
  13. I'm the same, played some right dirge in my time but for some reason this isn't clicking...outside the refund window now so I will give it another go with a fresh mind at some point...for now though, it's getting uninstalled.
  14. I'm struggling to enjoy this, remember enjoying the first one but tried this a few times and just find it real slow, the combat is remarkably dull and I just don't have the urge to crack on with it. Does it get better after the first area? Should I stick with it? Or is it just pretty much the same. I don't remember what I enjoyed about the first one, I know combat wise it's not much different so who knows.
  15. Only got one game in last night but *touch wood* it seems smoother with the update...didn't notice anywhere near as much rubber banding and we had no crashes. Could have just been luck of the draw like, will get time to play properly towards the weekend.
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