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  1. I'm hoping for some kind of story DLC for clone wars/Rogue One etc...but I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that they were offering no post launch content save the character packs which seems like a missed opportunity to me.
  2. Been a few months since I last posted because I've been back playing a lot of WoW again and also still going through some BIG games that take a loooong time to complete. Hopefully will get some finished out in the next few weeks and can update with what I've been working on. For now though, this recent completion. 7. Apex Legends I only started playing this late last year as I finally caved and needed something new to play. When it launched originally, there were so many BR games on the go and it just wasn't for me. This has been a blast almost constantly though and for a free game it's just great in general. The guns feel fun, the characters feel meaningful and it just rocks in general really. None of my time spent playing was really focused on achievement hunting, other than today when I was down to my last one, so can't really put a completion time. Instead, just a played time will do here. Whatever platform you're on, if you haven't got stuck into this yet for whatever reason, you need to. Played Time at 1000/1000: 100hrs 35 mins Previous Completions:
  3. We're frequently missing a third person at the moment, if you wanna play with other people on comms, add me as a friend on Xbox (ReynoldsM) and we'll get you in.
  4. About the same as me then lol. I thought I'd burn through a decent chunk one evening, played for about 4-5 hours and didn't even finish off one planet lol. Nice chill game to visit every few days and saunter round whatever planet I fancy collecting stuff.
  5. C'mon man, dont buy into this. They ALWAYS make them look really promising. Save your hype and ZOMG need it now stuff until we've seen more lol....in like a year. They made Bfa and SL both look amazing and look how that turned out!
  6. Won't be the person on the beach most likely. Might be worth buying the rumors left for Kashyyk, as some chars/bricks are dependent on you having done other, hubs and/or prerequisite missions before they appear. EG, Kamino was the first one I tried to 100% because it's in its own system. I got everything but 1 vehicle and 1 brick or sommat. When I looked at the rumors I had left, it said I I was still missing 2 missions on Kamino BUT they wouldn't appear until I'd visited Yavin IV and done a mission on another planet that would then unlock it. It's odd but worth checking that way as it's not immediately obvious at all what you need. I've also had the same thing happen in Space hubs where I'm missing a vehicle or sommat. Directed to a missions elsewhere, done that and come back and there's suddenly a race marker clear as day on the space hub.
  7. I've had a fair few instances recently of enemies just flat out not taking damage. Ranged frm normal enemies to bosses, very irritating.
  8. I'd agree with this. Felt like the OG levels were longer and had more meat to them, more instances of moving between different areas etc. Lots of levels in prequels and sequels that literally take place in one room which is kinda disappointing. Last Jedi was awful in terms of moving around different hubs. For the first time yesterday found myself impatiently sprinting between story moments. Don't get me wrong, enjoy the cutscenes but LJ was very meh anyway and lots of long drawn out running back and forth was a bit irritating. Planning to do Ep 9 today then get started on the mammoth overworld clearing.
  9. It is kinda nuts right? I've mostly just been taking my time with the story, typically do a couple levels to an episode a day at the moment. Whilst I've picked up the odd brick and stuff on my travels, the only time I've flat out stopped and tried to clear an area was Kamino. My overall % is 22% apparently but then when you see that you have like 156/1156 bricks collected it reminds you that you will be here a while. Which I'm totally fine with, I love how much there is to do, it's just easy to forget that if I want all the cheevos, I've literally got about 800 more bricks to go >.<
  10. Cheers, guess I'll do that then!
  11. Agreed with what's been said re levels. Did prequel trilogy first and finished Episode V last night. The levels in IV and V are both longer and more satisfying to play than the prequel trilogy. Tbf, I think they did what they could with the Phantom Menace Also, anyone buy this on Xbox and had an issue claiming the 6000 reward points? Mine still haven't been awarded
  12. On a Series S, load times are fine. Had 1 crash in like 6 hours or so of play.
  13. My only gripe so far having played a few more hours is how short the actual "main levels" are. Only done Ep1 so dno if they get longer but they've all been around the 10 min mark at absolute maximum. Don't get me wrong, I like the way they flow from the hub telling the story to the compact levels, the complete trilogy was known for having badly designed levels or levels that were overly long with tedious puzzles, they just seem to have gone to the extreme other end.
  14. Only an hour or so in, and loving it so far, it's almost overwhelming the amount of stuff to do. As a huge star wars fan, it's just so cool to see voice lines in certain places hitting at the right time, and man, the music for all the films as well, can't get enough of it.
  15. And passive aggressive to boot, even better.
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