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  1. Well, 197 songs to choose from this week xD So definitely more to contribute
  2. I gave in and got this just like I said. I have the pleasant feeling this expac will be a hidden gem despite having virtually no hype for it beforehand. Finished all of the first zone yesterday and frankly it blows BFA out the water. I have a feeling I'll be at cap well before the end of the story though as I'm halfway through 54 before even starting the second zone. I was tempted to skip all the sidequests but for the first time in a long time, I'm reading all the quest text and really taking my time because I'm genuinely interested. Because of work schedules I'll pr
  3. Good because I'm down to 58 this week and probably won't even play half of them. My contribution this week will not be amazing I'm afraid
  4. I know, and I suspect I will before launch day because the old urge to play will come back but atm, not really feeling it.
  5. Varsity

    Gears 5

    Operation 5 seems to have injected some life back into Horde mode which was sorely needed. Having a daily map every day is probably a bit much in terms of time needed, since you need to do all 50 waves to get the xp/currency benefits but it's a damn sight better than it was and entices people to stay around for longer. Still not sure how i feel about the whole Gears points thing, not having enough "points" to play a match because I lost to many still seems a bit detrimental but KOTH will never not be fun. Also revisited the campaign with the NG+ stuff in and started a
  6. Now, go back and do it on Expert. I actually gave up on it when it came out after clearing Normal. Went back to it a few months ago and managed it, funny how the muscle memory remains. Without a doubt the hardest bosses on expert are the mini plane ones though, Wally and Dr Kahl took me hours of attempts, every else fell into place after a couple goes...definitely a good challenge if you love the game enough and fancy another runthrough.
  7. I think I'm about up to the same kind of part you are, just got to BBS last night. I've actually started skipping the cutscenes now tbh, still got to replay all the KH games on Xbox anyway and already aware how much of a mish-mash most of the story is. Reckon I'll probably have "Played" all of the world tour songs by the end of the next set of my days off. Judging by how I've coped with Proud mode so far, unless there's some killer tracks in there I haven't played yet, the vast majority should take little to no effort to clear. I'm an achievement type of completionist so literally
  8. For the first time I'm genuinely considering not buying the expansion for launch. I don't know why, cos I was eager to go till it was delayed and even had time booked off for it, but now I can't bring myself to play it all. My new main is still only 41 with less than a week to go till launch but I've just lost all motivation to play which kinda sucks. Just a weird position to be in considering before this, I have played every one day one xD Will see how I feel closer to launch day
  9. I'm so on the fence about this one it's not even funny. I'm a huge music game/rhythm fan and love the idea of mixing tracks, I'm just not sure how long it'll hold my attention and where the "game" part comes into it :/
  10. The soundtrack is permanently on my Spotify, really enjoyed my time with it.
  11. As a bit of rhythm action veteran, I have to say, I'm really enjoying this. There is virtually no input lag for me personally, which is a much welcome change and the track list is huge at around 140+ with some Disney favourites in there. My only personal gripe is it's a little too easy once you get into the swing of it, but again that's just me. Probably not worth £60 for most folks but as a KH/Disney and rhythm game fan it was a day 1 for me.
  12. I'd love to get another drum set for RB use tbh, just had no room when I moved house and sadly had to get rid. At the moment, I just have the guitar...hopefully one day ill be able to play the full set again!
  13. Nice, thanks for the clarification @PDogg It's my forever chill out game tbh, stick some headphones on and play along to the vast library of songs, even if my guitar skills have never really improved
  14. Fair dos, time is limited so I'll just crack through the ones no-one else has. Still feels like I'm not contributing much aha, anything less than like 99% is 100 points on guitar xD
  15. Where am I better off contributing my time? I assume playing songs the rest of the club haven't, is probably more worthwhile than registering lower guitar scores than what we already have on everything?
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