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  1. It must be said, almost every time I play this game I like it a little more. Had a wonderful little session before work this morning. Got my arse handed to me by an Ultra Gold Zeku though. I do not know that matchup at all.
  2. Got Gold!
  3. Oh. Thanks.
  4. I... don't understand.
  5. Thank you for the tips. I made some adjustments and made Ultra Silver today! Thank you.
  6. FT3 against Mika from 28/02/2018, just for funs and trying out Sharefactory: Criticism welcome.
  7. Bug fixes coming: https://game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/systemfault/132233 There's also some Abigail stuff in there about armour fixes.
  8. They probably would've. It was part of their funding agreement with Sony to release it that early. Sony wanted it now, now, NOW! But yes, you're right; it's old content that dedicated fighters would've already bought, and less dedicated consumers may've heard of the initial botched release and may not know how much has changed. Capcoms ad dept didn't exactly do a stellar job advertising the differences, judging by the amount of confusion over what you get on the disc. The inclusion of DLC codes for S1 and S2, rather than on disc, also rules out those (however few) without internet on their PS4.
  9. 7,908 units, though presumably in US (this list from Siliconera).
  10. It's only been out a week. It must have sold more terribly than Tony Hawk Ride.
  11. Character stories, Trials and easy Survival. You still get money for levelling up. Also, watch ALL the Demonstrations.
  12. So. A 19 win streak on Ranked culminating in this. I can't stop shaking.
  13. You'll get the update for free, but Arcade Edition comes with all 12 DLC characters from season 1 and 2. Standard SFV does not. Each of these season passes are currently on sale for £11:99 (I believe). Season 2 is usually £24.99. Season 1's pricing is complicated - I think it comes with the base digital copy of the game, but was £19.99 as standard. The base digital SFV with Season 1 may well be on sale too. Check the PSN store. TL;DR - don't bother getting the standard game from Argos. Get either AE or check prices for bundles and sales on PSN.
  14. Gah! I is probably busy all afternoon. May be on tonight if any of you wonderful gentlemen are? I've missed you all.

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