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  1. Oooh. That's lovely!
  2. I created a Dojo all for myself. However, anyone had any thoughts on a Rllmuk Dojo?
  3. So this happened last night. I was quite pleased with my performance. Final two losses were against a Ken. It was 01:30 and I had nothing left, was screwing up left and right.
  4. I'm always up for fights. Kick my Gold Guiles arse. Teach me by beating me. It's the only way I learn.
  5. Amazing sets against Sir Joffocakes' utterly brutal Bipson last night. Can't stop thinking about it. That man is so good.
  6. Lilo and Stick Tron: Legacy Controller
  7. Fuzzy Guard-ians of the Galaxy (Hey. It's Disney.)
  8. Been loving our sets, dude. Your Cody is brutal. We'll have to get some more fisticuffs in soon.
  9. I fought so many Codys last night. I made one rage quit. They were Super Gold, too.
  10. That was lovely fighting your tricky Rashid. He's a bit crushy-damagy. And hard to pin down. Awesome fights.
  11. Win or lose, I never get any messages. I literally have not had a single salty message in over 2000 matches. And I play Guile. I feel left out. And lonely. ;D
  12. Welcome back, duderoni!
  13. His pipe moves remind me of Cracker Jack from EX. And that's a lovely thing.
  14. It must be said, almost every time I play this game I like it a little more. Had a wonderful little session before work this morning. Got my arse handed to me by an Ultra Gold Zeku though. I do not know that matchup at all.
  15. Got Gold!

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