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  1. Oof.. looks like none of it was amicable.. and it sounds like working conditions got really bad. Ruby Rose has come out swinging at the CW for their treatment of her, the stuntpeople and many other members of the crew, several of whom sustained serious injuries.. https://www.cbr.com/batwoman-ruby-rose-horrifying-set-conditions-slams-wbtv-berlanti/?utm_content=buffera4ceb&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_source=CBR-TW&utm_campaign=CBR-TW "Enough is enough," Rose wrote on Instagram, calling out showrunner Caroline Dries and Bertalnti Proudctions' Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. Rose went on to share videos from a doctor's office pertaining to the neck injury she suffered while filming Batwoman, which was previously documented to some degree. She also pointed out a major rib injury and a tumor, and shared a video from her neck surgery, writing,
  2. Marisha deserves more credit for everything she's done for the show/channel/company.. She's been the driving force behind CR both in growing the brand, but also in terms of content and production quality.. A big chunk of that Twitch money has clearly been invested right back into the studio equipment and sets. What I am hoping they have managed is an improved/closer battlemap camera.. it's often been quite difficult to properly see the layout during fights. It'll be very interesting to see what we get in that monthly slot where it's 'something other than the regular campaign' (though we probably won't see that begin until next year.) With the races/classes/subclasses in 5e being pretty extensive by now, there are so many fun choices.. can't wait to see what everyone went for..
  3. I think it's more than Nick didn't have the confidence to put a load of money into it.. BUT it has apparently sold decently - enough that the devs are taking suggestions to improve it.. more characters and voice packs definitely being up high on most people's lists (except on PC where of course someone has already patched in voice clips from the various shows!) Though that itself is awkward, and may be subject to licensing and not all the actors are still available/alive/young enough to voice the characters.. (e.g. the actor for Aang from Avatar is nearly 30 now..) I'm surprised Sega have never attempted a Smash clone - they're one of only a few companies that could genuinely fill a huge roster from their back catalogue alone..
  4. That blood looks more like jam.. this is pretty much the condition I get staff laptops handed back in..
  5. There will be essentially 3 CR RPG books by March.. The Tal'dorei Reborn Sourcebook/Setting (a revamp of the Green Ronin published one from 2017* - but extensively rewritten & doubled in terms of page count/content. Should be released under CR's own Darrington Press label late this year or early next..) The D&D published Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Sourcebook/Setting. The D&D published Call of the Netherdeep adventure/campaign.. which will include some setting info for the continent of Marquet (also where campaign 3 is due to start next week..) *It's HOW MUCH on ebay?? Damn, my copy is signed by most of the cast too..
  6. He's now being assisted by Pyron - one of the guys who worked on the recolouring for the Streetfighter 2 hack to improve the visuals based on the limited palette and signed on a musician who has been producing Megadrive covers of the soundtrack.. Huh.. work is also being done on the Saturn version to fix it's issues.. namely more transparencies and fixing slowdown..
  7. A deep dive into the history of the world of Exandria in Matt Mercer's own words.. Plus a bit more mainstream coverage..
  8. https://critrole.com/hype-call-of-the-netherdeep-our-dungeons-dragons-adventure-module-is-available-for-pre-order-right-now/ This was a pleasant surprise.. a full campaign set in Critical Role's Exandria.. wonder if that half-orc looking woman with blue skin on the cover could be the child of anyone we know..? The greed of mortals has awakened a powerful entity long thought destroyed. For eons, this mighty champion of the gods has been imprisoned in the darkest depths of Exandria. His name has been forgotten, as have his heroic deeds. Languishing in despair, he calls out for new heroes to save him. Inspired by the campaigns of the hit series Critical Role, this adventure begins in the Wastes of Xhorhas and leads to the glimmering oasis-city of Ank’Harel on the continent of Marquet, and from there into a sunken realm of gloom, corruption, and sorrow known as the Netherdeep. Above it all, the red moon of Ruidus watches, twisting the fates of those who have the power to shape the course of history. Call of the Netherdeep contains seven chapters of thrilling adventure spanning 224 pages for characters levels 3-12, as well as new creatures, magic items, and NPCs. While Call of the Netherdeep introduces previously unexplored regions of Exandria, it also features story hooks and lore that can be plucked from our world and brought into whatever world your party adventures in.
  9. Out of nowhere... It's not a further Exandria source book (though it obv includes additional relevant stuff) but is a full campaign for levels 3-12.. The cover shows a character with half-orc(ish) features.. but blue skin.. wonder if her parents are anyone we know..?
  10. Still on the mend but assuming I should be fine by Sunday.. I seem to recall I bought a +1 sword..?
  11. Afraid I'm going to have to make it two.. Been unwell all weekend, was feeling a bit better this morning but have got an increasingly sore throat and another headache, so am going to have an early night.. Sorry..
  12. After a disappointing season three, I'm hoping as this poster suggests, we'll be concentrating again on the original team.. (no issues with the addition of Rocket and Zatanna as they fit well into the group and haven't been seen much since guesting in S1..)
  13. MDY

    The Expanse

    The Polygon article mentions the final episode is 20 minutes longer than usual at 65 mins.. (Though plenty of episodes in S4 and S5 have clocked in over 50 mins already.. ) https://www.polygon.com/22717128/the-expanse-final-season-comic-con
  14. We get a first proper look at the animated series tomorrow.. They're on NYCC's stream at 4pm UK time..
  15. Yeah, they have nearly 40 employees including the cast and a rented studio space in Burbank, they doubled the cameras etc during Covid so they could film while distanced.. Plus they run a charitable foundation. They have something like a thousand hours of totally free content - all subscribers get is the latest show available on demand if they missed the free live broadcast (and several live rebroadcasts).. and then it goes up on Youtube a few days later anyway. In terms of modern entertainment budgets, 9 million gets you what? One episode of Star Trek: Discovery..? compared to two+ years (~300hrs) of Critical Role and a load of the various other shows/mini campaigns and one-shots they've produced in that time.. Also all this money being paid out from subscribers.. Twitch skim HALF off before anyone else gets anything..
  16. There's a really good (but spoiler heavy) interview with Rahul Kholi (Sheriff Hassan) talking to Alex Zane about a lot of aspects of the show here and his fear about trying to do justice to both the show and an accurate portrayal of a Muslim man of faith. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rahul-kohli-ii-midnight-mass-spoiler-special/id1569381333?i=1000537572580 He's been someone to watch since iZombie and there's an earlier interview in this series where they discuss getting his big break in a US series and his work on Flannigan's Haunting of Bly Manor before descending into nerdy chat about Star Wars and Batman! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rahul-kohli/id1569381333?i=1000529427963
  17. Yes, it's a definite step up in both writing and how good it looks compared to the rest of the 'Arrowverse' shows
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