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  1. Episode 7 - Behind the Curtain After a performance goes slightly awry, the group begins investigating the strange disappearances that have all taken place in and around the Dreamscape Theater... (New intro and Travis reveals his new/next? character!) Also the group tells almost every single theater joke in the book, breaks the 4th wall and possibly unleashes Santa's worst nightmare..
  2. Episisode 6 - Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads The group celebrates their success by getting to know each other better and looking into the background of Orym's contact in the city, but the past is following one of them closely...
  3. MDY

    The Expanse

    Awwww Spoiler for which characters (who will have cameo appearances) would have had a proper storyline told if we'd got more than 6 episodes..
  4. Looking very unlikely we'll be back before 9 at the earliest I'm afraid.. Have a good game everyone.. Apologies..
  5. I'm at a family thing today, we'll be getting back late, so not sure if I'll be in time for tonight's game - assuming it's on..?
  6. With The Expanse finishing, Amazon should be throwing a ton of money at Alcon, they'd do this justice..
  7. It seems to be doing OK too.. it's the top viewed series on Netflix currently.. https://top10.netflix.com/tv
  8. Episode 5 - The Threat Between the Walls.. After stumbling into a literal den of thieves, the group picks up their quarry’s trail and seek the end of the thread they’ve pulled… As usual, there will be no episode this week, due to Thanksgiving in the USA..
  9. League of Legends have just produced a tie-in series on Netflix called Arcane.. it's gorgeously animated and (amazingly) is also well written and a quality production across the board, it sets up the world and tells the backstory of at least some of the characters who will be in the game.. It's honestly worth checking out - even if you have no interest in either the main game or this.
  10. All 40 novels are to get new audio book adaptations.. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/nov/16/bill-nighy-narrate-terry-pratchett-footnotes-new-discworld-recordings
  11. That and the much delayed Halo series.. Yeah, they're doomed...
  12. Episode 4 - On the Trail of a Killer Determined to avenge a tragic loss, the group takes to the streets in search of answers, but their probing into Jrusar's secrets could have dangerous ramifications...
  13. I'm going to assume that episode title means we now get to see how Burnham outwits a no-win scenario..
  14. Apologies everyone but I'm not going to get this done unless I drop out tonight.. (I have been working on it all weekend - not just tonight btw..)
  15. I might struggle tonight - still got a lot of work to do for tomorrow.. will have to see..
  16. A good hour or so of original music by Kanno & Seatbelts composed for the series has gone up on Youtube.. (classic tracks from the original will also feature in the show, but this is all new stuff..) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPTJmLtZqtbI30rpqkgzag/videos
  17. Episode 3 - The Trail and the Toll While investigating a series of thefts at the behest of their potential patron, the group stumbles onto something much more dangerous than they anticipated, with lasting consequences...
  18. Apparently not, this is something of a retroactive prequel following a few of the (eventual) champions and fleshing out the world and giving them a proper backstory.. The first three episodes were extremely well done.. looking forward to seeing more.. the only misstep is Imagine Dragons doing the theme.. Bleh.
  19. You can tell this was a top-to -bottom half-assed effort in that the composer couldn't even be bothered to write something where any of the lyrics rhyme properly.. "Eh.. good enough!"
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