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  1. Given the amount of unique IPs/characters they have (and the fact they already had a stab at racing and tennis,) I'm amazed Sega haven't tried to do their own Smash Bros style game yet. Heck Microsoft should offer to co- develop it since Nintendo didn't care to include anything of theirs (outside Minecraft) in Smash. .. Plus it's the perfect genre for adding any number of pop culture characters too.
  2. Sounds like we'll get a demo of the character creator again.. They did something similar for SR3..
  3. Episode 20 - Breaking and Entering With the heist underway, Bells Hells explore the traps and trinkets of the Twilight Mirror Museum, finding unexpected dangers as they venture deeper into the vault... Coming up this week.. the Mighty Nein (well, some of them anyway) join guest Stephen Colbert for a Red Nose Day one-shot!
  4. Hugely impressive video in terms of knowing the hardware inside out and making the most of it's quirks.. Unfortunately, judging by his Discord channel.. seemingly not a pleasant person either.. Would love someone as competent (also not a dickbag) to have a go at something like Saturn Daytona (for example) - where there's clearly HUGE room for improvement in performance if the hardware can be utilised to the max..
  5. Episode 19 - Omen's Above Newly arrived in the Heartmoor Hamlet, Bells Hells seek answers to long-sought questions and prepare for the midnight museum heist...
  6. Double episode special.. Fleeing from Marquet to Tal’Dorei with his brother, Dorian Storm returns to his friends, The Crown Keepers, and attempts to lay low in the seedy casino town of Kymal, which naturally leads to the crew attempting a casino heist…
  7. Episode 18 - A Hungry Jungle While traveling to the Heartmoor Hamlet, the party find their night's rest interrupted by an enormous fey plant creature intent on devouring them whole... Bonus One Shot.. Ashley Burch DMs for a game inspired by Borderlands DnD themed spin off: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
  8. I'll very likely not be back in time for this Sunday's game if we're on this week.. Apologies in advance..
  9. Episode 16 - The Shade Mother With a new alliance made, Bells Hells discover an unsettling entity within the mines beneath the city - whose terrors are more potent than any of them bargained for... Episode 17 - Heart-to-Heartmoor With a strange job to take and stranger mysteries to chase, Bells Hells prepares for their journey into the Oderan Wilds while opening up about their lives and their secrets..
  10. https://bleedingcool.com/movies/gossip-catherine-tate-the-nan-movie-josie-rourke-cut/ Bizarre if true.. The film as originally shot was reportedly mostly set in Ww2 and hugely different to what finally arrived onscreen - a ton of cheap reshoots were shoved in to make it more like the original sketches..
  11. State of the Role.. This weeks CR is their 7th Anniversary..
  12. Can kinda understand it if you consider she basically has Reed Richard's powers so they're not wanting it duplicated.. (plus that has never looked good onscreen) Besides, giving her cosmic energy based powers ties her in more closely with Carol and Monica.. If the wristband thing is the source of the powers, it's also a nod to when Hulk sidekick Rick Jones was (sort-of) Captain Marvel for a bit when he wore similar devices..
  13. Vigil should be able to do better than halfway.. knowing it's urgent, he's got 2x wildshapes (which last 5hrs each) and can be a giant eagle.. 80ft regular speed.. I think he can be an air elemental and go even faster, but that uses both wildshapes..
  14. How far are we from Saltmarsh? Or.. how far is the entrance to the caves we entered from it?
  15. The film is 4 minutes short short of three hours.. think that's valid reason for a loo break in the middle!
  16. Episode 15 - The Tunnels Beneath The newly christened 'Bells Hells' awaken to the repercussions of their antics at the ball, but the initially unwanted attention of certain parties could be the key to unravelling some of Jrusar’s mysteries… Plus bonus: Elden Ring One-Shot.. Matthew Mercer leads a group of the Tarnished comprised of our very own Marisha Ray and Sam Riegel, as well as special guests Krystina Arielle, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Alexander Ward through the Lands Between.
  17. Episode 14 - In Too Deep The ball takes several unexpected twists and turns when dancing shifts to fighting and fighting shifts to fleeing...
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