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  1. For lesser known/appreciated titles I'd have to vote for Ecco (DC/PS2) Though I couldn't find one anywhere online, ideally I'd have put a picture of the awesome 'Hanging Water' level, which has huge spheres and tubes of fluid suspended in mid air for you to swim through and dive between - just magical. Also Yager (XBox)
  2. The 100mb video looks fantastic - esp the single player stuff at the end. From what has been said, the multiplayer game has been the main focus of the title - think of it more in terms of a cutesy Unreal Tournament 2004 - which the Future War section seems to be parodying (along with Halo and obviously T2). As for the single player mode - it's also been expanded, as well as a total graphics overhaul, there are also extended and new sections to the game (probably based on newer films etc they want to send up - must be a LOTR send up in there at least). I never actually managed to see an N64 copy on sale anywhere before they were all gone, so I'll certainly be picking this up. If you've played it before, fine but there seems to be enough extra and addtional content in there to make it worth a look.
  3. It also may work like MP3 CD players - the disk needs to spin faster reading in standard CD's than MP3's because there's less data transfer taking place. Compressed music and data for a game probably won't need to be too high. Portable DVD's go through batteries VERY fast die to the high bitrate (and therefore quick disk access) needed.
  4. As far as transferring it to PC goes... Some ST disks (especially PC Format etc magazine disks) seem to be formatted in a PC FDD compatiable format - so if you can find one of those your PC can see the files on - then obviously you can just copy your file to that disk and voila! (Though it might be an idea to convert it to a gif or tif in whatever art package you are using on the ST). I always liked Neochrome for drawing on the ST, also had Degas Elite and FlairPaint
  5. Rayman 2 was a FANTASTIC game, one of the few games I played through more than once. 3 was a bit of a disappointment, I kept playing, hoping it would pick up, but it just didn't grab me like the previous one did. It lost a lot of the feel of the second, the costumes were gimmicky and the storybook 'look' of the game had mostly been lost. Let's hope the next one fares better, there were some nice ideas, but I hope the 'real' voices get lost again for the next version. Rayman et al had more personality when they talked gibberish.
  6. Yeah, I presume the team are only programming extra modes for the game. The board it runs on (Chihiro) essentially IS an XBox, the standard model of which (IIRC) is identical to an XBox, not even utilising extra RAM. But as with the DC Naomi etc.. the extra RAM only tends to be there so EVERYTHING is held in RAM at once to remove loading times & hold music tracks that would be streamed off the disc on a console. So the core of the game should be arcade perfect, just as with Crazy Taxi etc, it will just have additional game modes.
  7. Well there's the point in that it's useful in the middle of a melee with several opponents. Say you are in the middle of a combination of moves, if the head flies off an opponent, you know that you are safe to turn away from hitting them any more because they aren't going to get up again or recover from that.
  8. No reason not to import if you've got a chipped box Especially as it's only £22.50 from videogamesplus.com
  9. MDY

    Wolfenstein 5K

    How about something in 96K instead: http://www.theprodukkt.com/ 96K!!!!!!! Playable FPS, beautiful, bump mapped textures, 5 weapons, several enemies, nice environments. Seriously impressive Warning, since everything is procedurally generated you WILL need a powerful machine to run this. It limps along on this Athlon 2700 with a gig of ram and a Geforce 5600.
  10. I think the UK one is edited - it's the US uncut release you want: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...&s=dvd&n=507846 Plus you CAN get all the animated films on Region 1 DVD. Plus R2 releases of the full series seem to be leaking out slowly now. The uncut version of ROTJ is definately worth a look, it's easily one of the better films - though the flashbacks to the 'old' Batman stuff is drawn in the 'Gotham Knights' style, which I don't like as much as the original series art. Subzero is pretty good, if just an 'action' film (it's assumed WB didn't give it a cinema release as they realised it would be embarassing that it pissed all over Batman and Robin). I've not seen the Batwoman one yet However Mask of the Phantasm is fantastic! Has one of the best 'Batman' scenes I've ever seen from anything comics, films etc.. It's when he first puts on the costume in the cave. The mask goes on, the eyes narrow, the music swells up. Alfred stumbles back gasping "My God..." Brilliant.
  11. I remember that - but I was thought it was in 'The One' magazine - Bullfrog were supposedly developing it (they'd mocked up the screens IIRC) and they'd also developed a sampled phonetic speech system. There were pictures of a cockpit view of your ship flying low over a (for the time) detailed landscape and one of a large battlermech style robot. Looked great - much too good obviously.
  12. For UC, an XBox live patch disabled the antialiasing, and much improved the frame-rate. It was a little dodgy in places, but 2003 and especially 2004 are getting beyond the XBox's capabilities anyway, 2004 needs HUGE amounts of RAM and HD space. So Epic have gone in an a different direction with UC2. But I must say, UC2 is looking really nice I think the graphics have more personality in them already than UT2004 does and it stylistically reminds me of Outtrigger - only with Powerstone style combat bits mixed in - could be great - word of mouth is positive so far Hopefully now Epic are handling it in-house we'll get a nice consistent frame rate too. Better pics here - inc some great hi-res level panoramas: http://planetunreal.com/features/uc2/index3.shtml
  13. MDY

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Importing from the USA looks like the way to go - especially as the RRP of 50 dollars works out to be about £27 at current exchange rates
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