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  1. Anyone on any sort of CR social media probably has some inkling that things did not go well this episode... They're not wrong.. Episode 33 - Blood and Dust Surrounded by chaos, Bells Hells act quickly to secure their quarry, but their attempted escape leads to an unexpected confrontation with a deadly foe...
  2. Episode 32 - A Stage Set Bells Hells tinker with former friendships and robotic inner workings before returning to Paragon's Call, this time as newly minted members...
  3. It wasn't even that subtle in the previous games..
  4. Once again Amazon's Day One copy of a game has arrived after 8pm, meaning as it needs a 60GB patch/download I'm not getting to play it day one.. (Had a gift voucher covering most of the cost otherwise I'd have shopped elsewhere..)
  5. Anyone who has been looking to catch up or jump into the story when things ramp up, episodes 28 to 31 have been that, chock full of lore, character moments, fun battles and revelations that look like they will shape the rest of the campaign.. Episode 29 - Dark Portents With the mother daughter reunion interrupted by deception, Bell's Hell's must decide who can be trusted as the opposing parties stand off against each other.. Episode 30 - Reunion and Revelation Bells Hells entangle themselves further in dangerous Fey business as they speed across the treacherous Hellcatch Valley to find answers to a growing mystery… Episode 31 - Breaking Point After uncovering disturbing information about Ruidus, Bell's Hells face betrayal, one expected.. and one very much unexpected..
  6. Nice thread here with Jaz Rignall highlighting some of his favourite Frey covers from over the years..
  7. The contrast here to the Resetera thread reacting to the first couple of hours of a playthrough is striking.. Over there it's clearly the ugliest game ever released/looks like a game from 2013.. stupid hyperbole aside SR was never a technical masterpiece - the new engine in SR3 was a huge step forward mostly because (unlike SR2) the thing wouldn't crash every couple of hours. Volition aren't Naughty Dog or Rockstar and the series has always been a buggy, B-tier title that occasionally sold AA numbers.. For all the online dickheads moaning about it not being the same game now, TBH it honestly looks like it's playing things a bit safe, the interface and map tool are almost exactly the same style as the last 2 games and the gunplay and animations look pretty similar too. But it is undeniably much prettier, it's just a shame anything not bleeding edge graphically is dismissed by some players.. Volition had a rough time with the last game Agents of Mayhem cratering like it did, so I hope all the supposed fans hating on the NPC cast doesn't spell the end for the series if it doesn't do well enough.. Personally I've loved all the SR games and my uni housemate and I will be co-oping the hell out of it day one, just like we have since SR2.. (Also.. seeing as it went gold nearly a month ago, hopefully it should be in a good state patch-wise..)
  8. Melissa Navia (Ortegas) lost her husband shortly after Season 1, she's written quite a moving article on how she coped returning for the second.. https://www.talkhouse.com/an-actor-a-helmsman-and-my-brian-boldly-going-where-no-widow-has-gone-before/
  9. CR is taking its monthly short rest this week, so no episode.. However they have posted their SD ComicCon panel instead..
  10. Episode 28 - The Deathwish Run Bells Hells enter the deadly crawler race known as Deathwish, where survival is the only rule and winning is the only option... (The whole race was so much fun.. but they save the best for the very end.. )
  11. Episode 27 - A Race for the Prize Bells Hells tend to their inner relationships before returning to the Seat of Disdain, but a surprising face in Paragon's Call rattles several members of the group... (Really loving the whole mystically-fuelled Mad Max/Deathrace theme of this bit of the campaign.. )
  12. Thankfully you don't have to delve too deeply into the vile pit of Reddit to find tons of good free maps.. There's one for maps made in the aforementioned Dungeondraft as well as Battlemaps which has posts going back years..
  13. Episode 26 - Hidden Truths Bells Hells seek out allies and options in their evolving plan to infiltrate Paragon’s Call… but unexpected revelations trouble the group.
  14. Ep 26 is a don't miss.. Sam hasn't been that gobsmacked since Matt dropped Kaylee on him in Campaign 1.. It happened twice here.. Well played Erica..! Loads of great character stuff for Fearne, Imogen and FCG. Plus Marisha is having SO much fun as Laudna.. WTF is up with that creepy drug den? It's great fun having (especially just after EXU Calamity) a location heavily based around stuff scavenged from that era, giving rise to a classic post apocalyptic setting..
  15. Going to have to go back and watch the original TOS episode that ep10 revisits.. ..to remind myself how it was supposed to play out..
  16. Episode 25 - A Taste of Tal'Dorei Bells Hells explore Bassuras and the Paragon's Call stronghold while getting to know their new friend Dusk, whose past strangely intersects with one of their own...
  17. New intro!! And the latest wtf thing showing how ridiculously mainstream CR has become..
  18. HBO Max have also posted Season 1 Ep1 in full on Youtube
  19. My motion sickness isn't as bad as that, but the odd game does still set it off. Sometimes sitting further away from the TV helps, but the odd one is really bad - I think Sleeping Dogs was the last one to really get me.. I'll definitely never be able to play VR games, as I feel ill within a minute or two and similarly it's an hour or more until I feel ok again..
  20. I'd like to see more games about averting disasters/deaths rather than causing them.. I'm imagining something like Blast Corps, but instead of knocking down buildings, your construction vehicles are used to dig trenches to act as firebreaks during a forest fire, divert floodwater away from cities etc. Plus we're at a point where simulating earth being dug/moved about dynamically should be possible. Another idea would be something a little like Burning Rangers, but expanded to a whole futuristic emergency services response team that exist in a world of massive corporations each meddling with forces they barely understand and when things go wrong, our teams are sent into dangerous labs, bases and other space, underwater or generally hostile environments and the combined skills of each division are needed to help them move through the environment, deal with various threats and rescue hostages/survivors.
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