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  1. 12 hours ago, Fuddle said:

    I know nothing about league of legends, but it looks pretty nice.

    I’m slightly turned off by the easy input stuff, although I don’t know why as I’m rubbish anyway, so it’s probably good for me!

    looking forward to seeing more of it, but presumably it’s not going to be out for ages.


    League of Legends have just produced a tie-in series on Netflix called Arcane.. it's gorgeously animated and (amazingly) is also well written and a quality production across the board, it sets up the world and tells the backstory of at least some of the characters who will be in the game..

    It's honestly worth checking out - even if you have no interest in either the main game or this.



  2. Episode 3..



    Well I think we all knew that was coming, but I'm a little surprised as to how soon it happened.. I thought he'd be around for a few more episodes.. (perhaps leaving it until the Christmas break as a big cliffhanger or something..)


    ..And it's honestly a shame, I was really starting to like the character a lot and he was starting to fit into the group quite well.. Travis was always hilarious as Grog and it was nice seeing him having that sort of fun banter..

    The death was a little swerve - all the 'setup' in the pub (I assume Matt just told Travis at the break to have him wander off alone) I thought could have equally built to the others finding him having died in his sleep the following morning.. just as he was getting excited to be an adventurer again..


    Matt's tweets that @Clipper referred to in the previous post are here for anyone who wants to check them out..

    ..and reading it again makes me think we might not see Travis and his new character this week at all.. It may be a couple of episodes yet.. it sounds like he might be a few eps away yet..

    Was that why Robbie was brought in..? Perhaps meaning he'll be swapped out once Travis is back full time?


    Anyway - I really enjoyed the episode, Matt provided the party a tense and quite dangerous battle that was quite close thanks to the party forgetting to actually take a break.. :lol:  It's clear he wants this antagonist to recur, so he had a way to have him flee once the tide turned..

    Predictable as it was.. Bell's end (lol) was still a dramatic moment, made all the more so framed both by Imogen's vision and the cool new lighting and particle effects provided on the new set.. 




  3. 20 hours ago, yakumo said:

    The animation and style look insane, do I need to know anything about the game to appreciate this?. 


    Apparently not, this is something of a retroactive prequel following a few of the (eventual) champions and fleshing out the world and giving them a proper backstory..


    The first three episodes were extremely well done.. looking forward to seeing more.. the only misstep is Imagine Dragons doing the theme.. Bleh.

  4. On 26/10/2021 at 20:30, knightbeat said:

    Watch Universe, except episodes where they use the Stones to go back to Earth.


    But don't watch Stargate Infinity.


      Reveal hidden contents





    You can tell this was a top-to -bottom  half-assed effort in that the composer couldn't even be bothered to write something where any of the lyrics rhyme properly..


    "Eh.. good enough!"

  5. Two episodes in and I'm really liking the mix.

    They've already moved out of the initial groups they were introduced with to partner up differently for the stakeout..

    But it's clear being back at the table properly is a huge boost for them all. They all seem to be having a ton of fun already..

    Ashley especially - she feels more in character already than she did in the entire other campaigns..

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