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  1. Well that escalated quickly!


    Episode 1..


    ..shows the full horror of the Conclave's devastating attack on Emon.. each of the Conclave - Thordak (Red/Fire), Raishan (Green/Poison), Vorugal (White/Ice) and Umbrasyl (Black/Acid) are shown to be absolute forces of nature, cutting through the city like a knife, unstoppable..
    The realisation of this is truly epic and incredibly well animated. It's only a shame the series got to spend so little time in Emon that we've seen so little of it before this happened. 
    Special mention to the design of Umbrasyl, each flap of his wings leaking acid over anything beneath him.. truly horrible! 
    Liking the fact that they are sprinkling in little moments of Vax having visions of a mysterious figure in black..
    VM may have recently vanquished the Briarwoods, but this very effectively shows just how badly they are outmatched. It's a pretty spectacular way to open the series.


    Episode 2..


    ..has a number of blink and you'll miss them references.. check out the cameos outside the Wildmother and Stormlord's temples, two characters from Joe Madureira's Battle Chasers in the Slayer's Take.. a certain merchant in the city.. :wub:
    The main thrust of the episode is meeting Kash and Zhara (rather less friendly than when they guested) and learning about the Vestiges of Divergence from the Slayer's Take patron, who effortlessly vocally tears apart each party member, meanwhile Grog collides with an immoveable object.. :omg:


  2. Episode 39 - The Momentum of Murder

    Bells Hells must contend with the bureaucracy of being murder suspects before they can begin their turbulent travels to southern Marquet...


    Episode 40 - Compulsions

    Bells Hells reflect upon the latest and strangest moon developments as they near the Gloomed Jungles and prepare for a potential rendezvous with it's secretive tribe of lycanthropes...



    Episode 41 - Call of the Wild

    Bells Hells travel deep into the Gloomed Jungles with the Gorgynei to seek a godly trial that may help Chetney's plight... but at a price.. 


    Episode 42 - The City of Flowing Light

    Bells Hells depart from their new allies and head to Yios, where they are quickly dazzled by the lake-top metropolis' glamor and gambling...


    Episode 43 - Axiom Shaken

    Bells Hells seek out answers about the stolen texts from members of the Grim Verity, but the more the pieces fall into place, the more terrifying the implications for the whole of Exandria…
    (MAJOR revelations in this one for what is likely to be the plotline for much of this campaign..)

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