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  1. Good write up and a great session.. next week looks like it may be a little... intense! :unsure:


    Just a minor correction - it was me/Kel'doran who went out into the corridor to help Cora open the trapdoor and boost her up and then didn't roll that well on the second stealth check or the 'health and safety' persuasion/bluff! (Modifier-wise I should be pretty good at both but I always seem to roll like crap when doing either! :lol:)


    Cheers for noticing the passive perception thing, thought I was stuck being oblivious forever!


    Thanks :D



  2. Hope it won't cause an issue if I rejoin - all is sorted and I won't lose my Sundays again, so won't be skipping out again in a few weeks..


    Would also like to go Sorceror since you're short one spellcaster..


    Will get you a character sheer asap..

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