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  1. Mighty Nein (the CR campaign that followed Vox Machina) series announced..
  2. MDY

    The Expanse

    Comic 'Series 7' coming in April to flesh out some more of the history between the end of the show and the final book trilogy.. https://bleedingcool.com/comics/the-expanse-returns-in-april-for-season-seven-the-dragons-tooth/
  3. Season 2 starts tomorrow.. Looks to be split over 4 weeks again with them dropping 3 episodes at a time.. New clip - and our first appearance of a couple of well-loved guest characters...
  4. Mark Humes (DM of the long running UK High Rollers stream) gives a non sensationalised summary of the whole mess, how it will (and already has) affected him as a creator and why Wizards' response (so far) isn't nearly good enough..
  5. EDF 4.1 is now out in Japan on the Switch Store.. Still no Euro/US date for it or EDF 6...
  6. Homebrewed version of the Unreal engine running the first two levels of the original Unreal on Saturn.. Coloured lighting, transparencies, mirrored corridor, no polygon warping.. and certainly looks smoother than many games of the era..
  7. Episode 39 - The Momentum of Murder Bells Hells must contend with the bureaucracy of being murder suspects before they can begin their turbulent travels to southern Marquet... Episode 40 - Compulsions Bells Hells reflect upon the latest and strangest moon developments as they near the Gloomed Jungles and prepare for a potential rendezvous with it's secretive tribe of lycanthropes... Episode 41 - Call of the Wild Bells Hells travel deep into the Gloomed Jungles with the Gorgynei to seek a godly trial that may help Chetney's plight... but at a price.. Episode 42 - The City of Flowing Light Bells Hells depart from their new allies and head to Yios, where they are quickly dazzled by the lake-top metropolis' glamor and gambling... Episode 43 - Axiom Shaken Bells Hells seek out answers about the stolen texts from members of the Grim Verity, but the more the pieces fall into place, the more terrifying the implications for the whole of Exandria… (MAJOR revelations in this one for what is likely to be the plotline for much of this campaign..)
  8. ..plus it looks like we'll be getting a couple of beloved guest characters finally...
  9. Episode 38 - A Dark Balance Returning to the real world, the Hells have freed the soul of their friend, but can they be called back from the afterlife..?
  10. Episode 37 - From the Boughs Bell's Hells get a shot at reviving their dear comrade, but to do so they must enter a nightmarish dreamscape and face one of Exandria's most notorious villains..
  11. Similar in style and excellence, but way underrated in comparison.. Gargoyles (Disney+)
  12. Episode 36 - A Desperate Call Bells Hells arrive in the city of Whitestone, in search of legendary heroes that could help them bring back their fallen friend.. Only to find that the soul will not be so easy to retrieve..
  13. 4-Sided Dive - Halloween-ish special.. Discussion of episodes up to 35, sill costumes, general madness - plus they make Travis play Five Nights at Freddies in VR!
  14. Episode 34 - What Dreams May Come Bells Hells grapple with a devastating loss, refusing to accept fate's machinations as they attempt to stay a step ahead of Paragon's Call... Episode 35 - Pyrrhic Return Bells Hells sail the stormy skies as they return to Jrusar intent on reconnecting with allies in a race to keep hope alive...
  15. Oh..also renewed for Season 3! .. Because the Conclave is too big a story for one season! https://collider.com/the-legend-of-vox-machina-season-3-renewed-critical-role/ NYCC interviews..
  16. Season One Recap and Season 2 clip.. Season 2 will be out in January next year..
  17. Stripped down SCUMMVM means you can (finally) play Monkey Island 2 on your ST - it runs the Dos version..
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