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  1. It's not a bad review, though a little undercut by the fact the site also decided viewers needed them to write an entire article to explain why Amos calls Clarissa 'Peaches..'
  2. Episode 121 Forced into a tenuous alliance with their rivals, the Nein must pass through fire on their journey towards Aeor..
  3. Matt Coleville, writer of the Strongholds and Followers book that was sucessfully Kickstarted a couple of years back has just published the first issue of his latest venture - Arcadia.. which is due to be an ongoing periodic digital D&D 5E magazine... It's free for his Patreons and $7 per issue via his website for a download.. https://shop.mcdmproductions.com/products/arcadia-issue1 Each issue is presented as a PDF including a full several hour quest/side mission/one shot adventure complete with maps etc.., newly invented/playtested rules/subclasses/spells etc.
  4. Sorry to hear that @Rikku - can definitely sympathise.. pretty sure work stress helped bring on my migraines last weekend.. Take the time you need.. hope things calm down for you soon..
  5. MDY

    Babylon 5

    Now this is a writing team-up that could produce something pretty special..
  6. Episode 120 Next episode after Christmas will be Jan 14th.. New set of animated recaps for Campaign 2 will be coming out regularly..
  7. I REALLY shouldn't have watched this two parter right after the latest episodes of Mandalorian and The Expanse..
  8. MDY

    Gears 5

    Once you get past the robot bit.. No seriously, the tutorial features them, but after that the opening level is pretty great.
  9. Only watched Ep1 so far.. So good Going to really try and pace with the aftershow on alternate nights, which will just about get me to Ep4..
  10. Plus the game itself has had a big resurgence over the last few years, at least partially thanks to streamed games like Acquisitions Inc & Critical Role.. so if they're going to do it at all, now is the time..
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