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  1. This might be worth keeping an eye on.. A Discord bot that synchs with your character on Dnd Beyond.. Doesn't support all the books and content yet, it's text command based (and of course we don't all use Beyond) but it's an interesting supplement or alternative to some of the functionality in Roll20.. Supports things like auto initiative order and you can tell it what you're attacking or casting, what save or check you're making and it calculates the roll for you.
  2. We're in a different Discord due to issues with the other.. still playing..
  3. First patch (in the works before launch) is out, mostly the rearranged soundtrack, which reminds me more of Orta than this game, but its not bad.. Only gameplay tweak is some hit point rebalancing, but it does mean some enemies don't feel as bullet sponge-y
  4. Pantaloons of Garishness When a hostile creature first moves within 30ft of you they must make a WIS save (DC 12) or be dazzled for 1 minute. While dazzled, any attacks or concentration checks must subtract 1D4 from the roll while the trousers are in view. If they succeed on the save, the effect is reduced to laughing and pointing. Requires attunement.
  5. The actor who played the younger version of Barry has died. He was only 16. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a32037281/the-flash-grant-gustin-logan-williams-death/
  6. That went well initially.. then a bit worse.. then a LOT worse.. but we managed to scrape through..
  7. Playing this. The main issue feels like the lock on targeting isn't working quite right.. I think it might just be something as simple as the targeting hit box on the reticule is a bit too small. In conjunction with the busier visuals it makes it more challenging to spot and hit enemies. Not finding the controls too bad otherwise, though if have liked the option of using the more conformable triggers to sweep the view around rather than the shoulder buttons.. I'm pretty sure I used to play the original with inverted controls though, but that just felt wrong here.. The visuals are nice otherwise, though personally if have preferred more closely retaining the colour pallete of the stages more closely, the game tints towards yellow most of the time whereas it was much more varied in the original..
  8. Matt and Marisha host a fireside discussion on the new book at home and nearly have a calamity..
  9. This one is a lot more positive.. Frame rate tests, aside from a couple of weird drops in cutscenes, gameplay looks solid..
  10. Also.. Sam and Liam hit the EXTREME spa circuit.. With special guests Noelle Stevenson and Satine Phoenix.. I think this is the first time I've ever seen Sam properly out of his comfort zone..
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