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  1. Matt has a turbulent relationship.. with Mario Party..
  2. (five minutes later) Woo.. six damage! I think only Laura's character didn't leave too much of an impression (aside from on The Owlbear's face*) but I think she made a character where the rest made silly/fun concepts that you probably couldn't sustain dramatically over a long campaign, but on an occasional one-shot they'll be brilliant! Plus Ashley spoke more during this episode than she probably has in all of Yasha's appearances combined so far.. *Don't mess with a monk in a one off fight they know they can blow all their ki points in..
  3. Alice takes a couple of big steps up the CW villain ranking list.. she's the best thing about this. The entire show feels so focused around the dynamic between her and Kate that it'll be odd when it inevitably concludes.. as it basically IS the show so far.
  4. Don't think they're themed this time..?
  5. It really is Loved all the new characters (joining them at lv10 let them all craft something quite unique) and the cast are all clearly having great fun, definitely looking forward to another one of these..
  6. Sam and Matt play 'Mystery Glove Challenge' with Smosh games.. WTF am I watching?
  7. The cast of Outside XBox & all format Outside Xtra have been posting their D&D adventures for a while, doing liveshows at EGX, MCM etc.. They've have just released a charity Christmas single based around their D&D adventures (or more specifically an ode to their DM Johnny.. who plays 'Literally Everyone Else in the World') All proceeds go to the mental health charity Mind.. They've raised over £40,000 so far.. https://www.mind.org.uk/ Donations can either be made directly to their JustGiving page or by buying the single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Napster, Deezer, Amazon or Pandora JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/oxsong
  8. I'm afraid I'm not going to help.. Because we're away over Christmas (from the 18th), we're running short on time over the weekends to see relatives and drop off gifts. The upshot being this Sunday is out again for me as well.. I ~think~ I'm ok for the 8th and 15th.. While we're away.. 22nd is probably out, but the 29th should be fine and we're back for the 5th Jan..
  9. From that Variety article.. Yes, the story of an immigrant refugee who becomes a reporter and goes up against a sociopathic billionaire, who uses his wealth and power to hide his many crimes.. Fuck knows how they'd make THAT relevant for a modern audience!
  10. No new episode this week due to Thanksgiving.. But on Friday night they are streaming the recent Live show/one-shot Campaign 1 spin-off: 'The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade' - with all but one of the cast playing all new characters.. Should be up on Youtube a few days later..
  11. Episode 86 The Nein face off against Oban and his thralls in an epic confrontation in Rexxentrum..
  12. There's also Ashley Scott reprising her Huntress from the short-lived Birds of Prey series (and possibly Rachael Skarsten in a dual role as an alternate Black Canary from that show? She's already playing Alice on Batwoman.) Erica Durance will similarly be playing alt Smallville Lois and Supergirl's Kryptonian mother.. ..and we've Jonah Hex returning from Legends also and Osric Chao appearing as Ryan Choi - an alternate version of Atom..
  13. I'm afraid it's my turn to have to drop out this Sunday.. Going to be out all day and almost certainly won't be back before 10.. Really sorry..
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