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  1. Welcome @Nathan Wind @Clipper I can do Sunday.. No problem with milestoning.. like Hiero I think Strahd would be very far removed from what you've built so far.. Just checked the release list on Wikipedia to see which are the actual adventure modules - rather than source books etc.. So we've potentially got: And then there's some offshoot stuff like Aquisitions Inc - level 1-6 (2019) which seems based on treasure hunting but with a big chunk of running your own business/franchise..
  2. That was my concern.. Definitely must playtest one before deciding.. Cheers!
  3. I think there's one exception.. the Luck feat.. it's really powerful in that if you have to roll with disadvantage and you use it, you get to roll again and take the best result out of the three! https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/sageadvice_feats
  4. Has anyone got/played any of these 'Quarter Arcade' machines..? Are they still reasonably playable shrunk down so much? Only the next one is.. £130 is a bit steep though! The almost full size Arcade 1Up machines are only double that..
  5. Episode 91 The Mighty Nein spend some time at home connecting with an ally, while the answer to a once-distant goal comes rapidly into view...
  6. Also, in case we ever go back to the original characters, Kel is definitely going to ask Ari to demo what a T-Rex & Triceratops look like to him via Polymorph..
  7. We would have retrieved whatever was left from Artus'.. remains.. If we did have something to prevent scrying, I think Krynn would want Ryken to have it.. and probably look into having similar items made for at least herself and her sister.. heck, probably everyone in the party!
  8. Since it looks like we're most likely looking at starting fresh with new characters for next time, this morning found me in the mood to write a little epilogue for Krynn.. (for now anyway..) Cheers guys, a grand adventure indeed!
  9. Yes, all the hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you
  10. Happy Birthday sis! Krynn is 3 rounds into Vow of Emnity (Adv to hit on Acererak) and 2 rounds into Hexblade's Curse on him also (+Prof to damage, crit on 19 and 20, regain 9hp if target dies..)
  11. Zac and Lucas Eubank.. both were Geek and Sundry's Twitch stream producer at one point.. so they oversaw Critical Role in it's early days before moving on.. https://criticalrole.fandom.com/wiki/Zac_Eubank Zac also played in a couple of one-shots (D&D tips episode and charity stream sequel Critical Trolls) as a member of Vox Moronica..
  12. https://amp.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2020/jan/17/discworld-fans-are-right-to-be-nervous-about-the-bbcs-punk-rock-the-watch
  13. On the "it's a not as good version of.." front..
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