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  1. Episode 80 The Mighty Nein recover from their encounter with Obann and head to Nicodranas to seek Yussah's guidance, meeting a new friend (who is also an old friend...)
  2. Even though there haven't been any DC or even Sandman hints in the show yet, Lucifer is also going to be in Crisis..
  3. I pointed it out to my wife as she teaches both Sociology and Media at A-Level (there's usually a game among the 'texts') so we've bought a copy to look at..
  4. It almost looks like a total reskin of Cuphead.. the character movement, jumping, shooting poses, dashing etc. look EXACTLY the same.. only the bullet cancel mechanic is missing.. They didn't even change the musical genre! Doesn't look nearly as hectic as Cuphead though, there weren't many bullets flying about for one thing.. I don't think it's got as nice an aesthetic though, there's no apparent reaction to anything being shot for a start. Don't know whether it's just inconsistent or if they are going for different eras of cartoons on different levels.. some bits looked a lot more like contemporary cartoons..
  5. Unfortunately this seems to be the latest target of the idiots who like to review bomb anything in pop culture not targeted at straight white males.. https://www.cbr.com/batwoman-review-bombed-on-rotten-tomatoes/
  6. Super Contra 3 - for being the first home console game that was better looking than anything I'd seen in an arcade at the time.. Plus it's a masterclass in changing the action up every few minutes and having increasingly spectacular set pieces..
  7. Insane as it sounds, Wendys have developed their own RPG system and themed adventure.. https://www.feastoflegends.com/ There's a rules etc PDF here: https://www.feastoflegends.com/images/Feast_Of_Legends.pdf The episode wasn't bad, just a bit of daft fun. However, following some Twitter hysteria (and some fair comment about some of Wendy's less than savoury business practices..) they're donating any profits from it to charity..
  8. It's Miller's later work that has brought his reputation down low.. The terrible All Star Batman & Robin and especially the godawful Holy Terror were rightly criticised for their blatant homophobia, misogyny and racism.. Poor Dark Knight follow-ups haven't helped much either..
  9. Episode 79 The Mighty Nein follow the trail of the Cult of the Angel of Irons in hope of beating them to their prize in the Lotusden... Available later today is Matt's panel at last week's con.. Schedule updates.. The Paranoia game - supposed to be played tonight has been delayed due to the actual game's release being put back - new date TBA.. Thursday's game DM'd by Sam will be a one-shot sponsored by Wendy's, so expect.. ..I have no fucking clue!
  10. Karma seemed to be after you immediately for breaking it.. The troll, the teleport, the poisoned potion, then the less than helpful lever guidance.. thankfully you seem to have run out of bad luck by then.. That vortex thing didn't seem like it would have ended well.. Another fighter and a mage could come in really handy..
  11. MDY

    Nintendo Switch

    Link's Awakening.. The Grandia pack is first on my list but there's at least 20 tempting games in that sale..
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