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  1. Only a podcast revisiting the original show, but it's the first production from the new studio..
  2. He may not have been successful in the mayoral election.. but he's made it into 28mm mini form via Troublemaker games.. (Cost £5, with £3 of that going to NHS charities..) http://www.troublemakergames.co.uk/postapoc.htm
  3. Thought this has picked up quite dramatically in the last few episodes.. Getting rid of Ryan's ex.. Sophie finding out.. The 'new' Kate (and how they intend to play that going forward..) A new 'bat family' member..
  4. All I remember about that game was finding some iron boots and being driven mad by the CLANG CLANG CLANG of every step from then on..
  5. Out tomorrow... PS4/5, XBox, Switch
  6. https://www.polygon.com/22408233/jeff-goldblum-dungeons-dragons-actual-play-podcast Also.. the new film has started shooting..
  7. I'm hearing something more like the 90s Capcom logo jingle there... (1m45)
  8. Episode 135 The Mighty Nein plunge deeper into both Aeor's ruined depths and its endless mysteries as they continue to chase after the elusive remaining Tombtakers... Ep 136 The Mighty Nein fight against time as they search for the Immensus Gate, but their quarry has his own tricks up his sleeve...
  9. MDY

    Nintendo Switch

    Planet Space is a port of EDF2/Global Defence Force (PS2) with upgraded visuals, some more levels, the Air Raider class. Presume (hope) we'll get online co-op! 2017 is a slightly visually downgraded port of the 360 version, but adds the Wing Diver class from EDF2 rather than having just soldier (Hopefully again with multiplayer!) World Brothers also finally got a release date - May 27th! (PS4 and Steam also)
  10. Episode 134 Having struck a blow against the Tomb Takers, the Nein set off in pursuit, but for a long-dead city, Aeor is still full of dangers and a spell gone awry costs Fjord something precious.. Travis brings back his treacherous Christmas Elf for a new tale..
  11. It's odd, because while the event at the end of ep1 occurs a little later on in the comic.. It then deals with the fallout from it relatively soon after.. The whole adaptation is essentially a remix.. Most of the same things happen, but either in a different order or altered in some way e.g. involving different characters than in the comic..
  12. Episode 131 After wrapping up with family and steeling their nerves, the Nein return to the frozen peaks and valleys of Eiselcross to weigh allies and plot their next course of action... Talks Machina - up to Ep131 Episode 132 Having located the secret entrance to Aeor, the Mighty Nein take stock of what waits for them both above and below the ice... Episode 133 As the Mighty Nein tentatively explore the outskirts of Aeor, they must decide whether to delve further, or lie in w
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