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  1. Well yes, smaller events are usually lovely and you get much more chance to chat with people who aren't quite drawing those sorts of crowds.. London MCM last year was insane, they VASTLY underestimated the popularity of the CritRole cast.. The autograph queue slots were running HOURS late, the panel hall couldn't even accommodate half the people queuing up on both Sat & Sun, which only the top billing guests usually come close to filling..
  2. Hmm.. looks like Titan books will be publishing the next art book in March next year.. For half the price the artbooks have been via the CR store.. Thirty quid is a lot more reasonable! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Critical-Role-Chronicles-Exandria-Team/dp/150671384X
  3. It'll depend on how the event handles it.. For the photo sessions, there will likely be a specific timeslot you need to be queuing during.. You probably won't get a choice of a specific timeslot beyond which day it's on.. The time you get will depend on demand, they will want to move people through quickly if they sell a lot of tickets and they always seem to get behind schedule very fast.. I wouldn't count on getting much beyond a few sentences if it's a popular guest. If be surprised if they weren't doing autographs also, again it will depend on the guest, how long they are there for and what panels/photo sessions they are doing.. Most will be signing autographs for at least a few hours a day though.. Autographs may just be joining a queue, but they may also be timeslotted (this doesn't necessarily mean they work any better.. the higher the demand the more quickly any schedule goes to hell..) You definitely get more time for a quick word during an autograph than a photo op, especially if you get more than one thing signed.. You usually have to pay per item signed even if it is something you have brought, otherwise they will have their own pics which are included in the price. Either way, I would expect to spend a fair while queuing.. Either that or set up a stall opposite hiring folding chairs..
  4. Unkh - Neutral Moa vs Wongo Kubizan vs Papazotl Ijin vs Obo'laka Shagambi vs Nangnang We know that Wongo and Papazotl are considered 'evil' - and that Moa is 'good' - so we can probably assume Kubizan falls on the 'good' side also.. Shagambi and Nangnang read as good/evil respectively based on the description.. Ijin's description (fickle and unpredictable) doesn't seem either good or evil to me.. which would imply Obo'laka is similar..? Then you would have 3 good, 3 evil, 3 neutral.. Unless Unkh is the only neutral.
  5. There's barely even space to put down the 'hut' on this floor.. unless we fancy staying in either creepy tomb.. I seem to recall Clipper gave us a bit of vague description of the gods and the possible boons when we were offered the choice in the dream place.. but don't seem to have much written for Obolaka.. aside from 'use extra magic item' From the statues at the entrance, and the artwork in the shrine.. he was opposite/enemy of Ijin.. but I don't know if either are explicitly good/evil..?
  6. If anyone wants to meet Sam - he'll be at Wales Comic-Con in December in the picturesque Welsh town of.. Telford?? And we may also be seeing WWE and gaming channel UpUpDowDown star Xavier Woods on CR before too long.. They subsequently all met up at E3
  7. Nice little deck of unusual magic items for D&D 5e Needs a £25 pledge though...
  8. First of the Kickstarter stretch goal games is coming soon First of the new comic series hits (actual shops as well as digital) in about 4 weeks!
  9. Astartes - an unofficial (one man) fan-made 40k animated short film split into 1-2 minute episodes.. 4 episodes completed so far.. It's incredibly well done..
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