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  1. Episode 112 Heading for Eiselcross, the Mighty Nein find themselves torn as they uncover a pressing mystery about an old friend.
  2. There's quite a bit of setup with a fair few characters and locations in the first couple of episodes so it can be less than cohesive.. but the space station setting of the initial couple of episodes is definitely NOT indicative of rest of the series, as you leave that and most of the characters there behind.. Episode 4 is generally the one that gets people hooked..
  3. It's really not THAT bad.. . . . . . . ..by the time this shite has nearly finished airing The Expanse will be back on..
  4. Phew, that ending.. it's a REALLY good thing Sam didn't decide to include Fjord in the radius of that last spell just for the fun of it.. DnD Beyond have added the current version of Fjord and Beau's subclasses.. Oath of the Open Sea (Paladin) https://www.dndbeyond.com/classes/paladin#OathoftheOpenSea Way of the Cobalt Soul (Monk) https://www.dndbeyond.com/classes/monk#WayoftheCobaltSoul
  5. (He's trolling of course.. it was a retired NFL player!) CR proper is back tomorrow! Here's the latest Talks in the meantime..
  6. You should see the latest Critter theory about why they've been of the last couple of weeks.. They reckon Sam is on The Masked Singer as a baby alien.. Most aren't serious and popular as the show is I don't quite think they're quite at prime time tv fame yet.. The singing voice does kinda sound a bit like him though..
  7. Was just rereading the start of the book and this passage about the Elusive Brethren jumped out as not having aged a day..
  8. Kurtzman: Years and years more Discovery! https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2020-10-10/star-trek-franchise-2027-more-discovery/amp/
  9. Farscape had a novel way of keeping the relationship between it's leads developing even after getting them together..
  10. Seems to be 10 again.. episode titles are on Wikipedia..
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