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  1. Reportedly Brandon and Courtney are leaving next year.. From what has shown up online this seems more like the writers wanting to write out Ray and Nora than the actors wanting to leave
  2. See also The Flash.. Except season one was the better one..
  3. There's something very right about the thought of the cast playing an RPG together considering the origin of this series..
  4. Brian gets a raw deal on Game Ranch..
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/criticalrole/critical-role-the-legend-of-vox-machina-animated-s/posts/2600019
  6. MDY

    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently the German translator for the Grandia HD Collection wasn't given much context when he did their version.. So during battles, when you swing and 'miss' it displays..
  7. Episode 75 The Mighty Nein travel to Mythburrow in search of a dangerous way to treat a rare metal to reforge an ancient weapon.
  8. Errick nearly lost his head, but gained a skull and Roscoe lost 3 quarters of a foot!
  9. That's what I had down also.. don't know if we got any for the last game.. We hit Lv8 at 3400..
  10. MDY

    Ion Fury

    There's a thread on Resetera about the development team's Discord channel being full of transphobia and anti SJW posts.. https://www.resetera.com/threads/ion-fury-devs-show-signs-of-transphobia-among-other-issues-update-voidpoint-twitter-responds.135368/
  11. MDY

    Saint's Row V

    I miss the random sing-alongs - there were a couple for each voice in SR2 and could happen any time you were just driving about.. but they were essentially put into specific story moments in the later games..
  12. Tony Jaa destroying people in the middle of Ong Bak.. Or this four minute single take fight from The Protector/Tom Yum Goong
  13. I assume if you're trying to keep physics (on the plane at least) reasonably realistic, then the issue is the surface area of a person vs the structural integrity of a plane. He might be able to apply enough force to stop/carry etc a plane, but he can't apply it to ~enough~ of the plane at once to distribute the force and stop it tearing apart.. Superman Returns touches on this in it's crashing plane sequence.. he grabs the plane by its wing, which then promptly tears off.. he ends up slowing it by pushing against the nosecone, but realistically, his hands would be applying so much pressure onto such a small area he should have gone right through the nose instead of it just buckling slightly.. (The comics make up some bullshit about him being able to extend a bio electric field out to help reinforce something he's trying to catch/protect someone/thing he's carrying at high speeds etc..)
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