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  1. I have a 2DS. It's very comfortable to hold but that speaker...damn man. What a piece of shit that thing is.
  2. I don't know the specifics of it but apparently if you choose the "..." option a bunch in episode 3 of the Walking Dead you get to see Zombie Duck.
  3. Uh so Shopto sent me two confirmation emails for some reason? Anyone else have this?
  4. Where the FUCK is my email Shopto?
  5. Someone post the Homer car then lock the thread forever.
  6. Let's not get into more deliberate shitstirring. Here's Shopto's Eurogamer PS4 impressions: I'd space it out more but quote boxes don't want to play nice apparently.
  7. Fucking hell, yeah. Big Boss holding down Paz while other guy is rummaging through her guts is really gross.
  8. I'm guessing they'll use the Dualshock touchpad to replicate Vita's back touch panel. But it has a touchscreen as well, right? HMMM.
  9. It's their Apple TV then? But plays Vita games as well.
  10. I've changed my mind, this thing looks glorious: I didn't realise it was such a snug fit in your hands.
  11. Wait, Wii Karaoke trial? The US gets a copy of the Hyrule Historia FFS!
  12. A mono speaker kind of sucks. I know it'll be cheaper but come on.
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