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  1. This is within a couple of days of being finished. Very little will change between here and how it'll be in the end and I'm ready to be done with it It's been fun, but there are other little things needing made. There isn't much to it, when I consider how much lockdown time it's occupied. The last couple of weeks have been spent building functionality I didn't intend at the outset. Once the renderer was external it became slightly easy to use which meant I spent more time playing with it. This had the knock-on effect of making me realise where I spent my actual time an
  2. I'm still pluggin away at this. I've made rendering into a seperate process and done a few things to the GUI to try to make it easier to use. It was hard work doing the renderer and making it reliable as a process, so I've been grateful to think about "simpler" things like gadgets and worktop controls. But now the editor is close to being good enough and I've got to think about some details of how it renders again. I'm aware that some videos have clear bands of colour on certain displays. Half my brain is keen to dismiss this as their problem, but that's not very constructive is it
  3. I like programming but find it easy to get out of the habit. To get myself into it again recently, I decided to develop a small application to draw and animate patterns of recursive lines. It's come along pretty well. I'm not a maths guy and not much of a programmer, so it feels like quite an achievement. It has a few options, but the patterns it draws look like this: Or this: It works rather like drawing one side of a Koch snowflake but with a variable number and position of "corners". Also the corners can be set off on smooth paths
  4. Interesting mainly to me, I know progress plods onward...
  5. I've been using Monkey2 for a while. It's not a game I'm making just now in fact, but an editor for the objects I've used to make a couple of small Android games. It's all a bit wonky, but I'm a total amateur and I'm pretty pleased with the way it's going. My main goal is to have it output M2 code that I can use. The games I've made have been super simple, sort of as a result of not having something like this to arrange all my graphics and physics things. I've got absolutely tons to do, but here are small vids of me playing with some of the recently added parts of it. The GUI
  6. Yeh, don't want to derail but George is great. He's hard to recommend broadly as he's pretty extreme sometimes, but at moments he's dazzlingly gross and inventive. Anyway...
  7. I'm not familiar with the speccy scene, but I dip into the WoS archive and forums fairly often. I guess I don't read that broadly on them, cos I had no idea there was any strife. I've just been put onto George Bum by reading this thread. I'm not sure I'm proud of it, but I've found his videos to be massively entertaining. I've no idea how seriously to take some of the stuff he says, though. Is there a topic on one of the forums that'd outline the whole situation and how GB fits into it? I'm intrigued...
  8. Glad you liked. I'll be releasing some other variants on the theme shortly. Thanks for playing!
  9. KeePeeUp is now free for all android devices. For joy! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keepeeup It has some nice reviews. Website with the same code: http://www.keepeeup.com/
  10. My very simple game available on Google Play for Android:KeePeeUp Video doesn't show smoothness. I'm not much good at technical things or marketing lol. (not really lol)
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