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  1. Something kicked off on Twitter last night. A legal threat from Elite Systems was questioned. And by the looks of things, it may heavily backfire on them. Things get VERY interesting when Larry Bundy Jr joins the thread. If what he is saying is true, Elite Systems have metaphorically shot themselves in the foot. This whole thing gets very opinionated and legal assertions are made. Obviously, these will be the responsibility of the individual author. I am simply quoting some tweets and depicting events pretty much chronologically. Be careful when discussing this. Link in above: https://www.elite-systems.co.uk/elite/htdocs/user_home.php?show=94
  2. I've seen a copy of the complaint sent to Slopes via Google. An anonymous complaint about a privacy breach at three specific times in the video. I looked up the time references, it's definitely about a particular person. I don't know if I should name them, so for now, I'll just say it could be anybody in the world.... of Spectrum.
  3. Episode 4 is the best yet. The C64 vs Speccy debate reaches a satisfactory conclusion. It's the ending of the show that'll leave you stunned.
  4. Nope. Mr Biffo told backers that he was approached by a company who had a view to taking the thing to TV, but ultimately, he didn't want to lose all that creative control. You did get that backer email, didn't you?
  5. Alas, two PS3 controllers do not. Well, they do in a 'one and a half' way. The first PS3 controller works fine. The second PS3 controller will appear to work fine then it'll freeze for a few seconds, then resume for a bit, then freeze, then resume, etc. I have a PS3 controller to be player 1 on RetroPie. Player 2 has to make do a with a wired-USB PS3-a-like knock-off.
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