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  1. My new video brings you 12 minutes of Digitiser Live highlights...
  2. He's not been on the YouTube series or the mini-Digis, but he was definitely on stage for Digitiser Live. He's prolific on Twitter, for streaming train sims, and he agreed to play the role of a creepy stripper...
  3. It's taken me ages - literally months - to launch my retrogaming channel Reheated Pixels, as I decided to go with a big-name game for my debut. Oh, and it helps that radio presenter Iain Lee features in this debut. Because Out Run is quite a well-known title and I try to review as many versions as possible, the video lasts an hour. Most of my future videos will tackle games that are much lower profile, but I thought I'd go all out on a big one to get my style established. I'm a stand-up comedian, I also do a lot of serious video production in my day job and freelance work. Thought I'd turn my hand to retrogaming because I've been into this since 1987, the footage is easy to come by and I just love larking about. Reheated Pixels is a low-budget-yet-near-TV-quality take on retrogaming, smattered with a few gags and a few skits. The mission is to cover the pros and cons of a game's versions across various systems. You could suppose it's like a cross between Octavius Kitten and ChinnyVision, but I'm not carbon-copying anything anyone else has done. I have a love of low-budget silly things like Tiswas and Fantasy Football League, so there's a bit of that nonsense thrown in...
  4. Yeah, he's also banned from Ashens and Cheap Show events too, and has previously been banned from a Comic Con thing for hassling people. I really don't want to go into detail here, so I'll just give you this pointer - he was literally one out of four hundred. A nuisance best left forgotten, so let's concentrate on the overwhelming positives of Digitiser Live... There's no doubt the Digitiser team absolutely surpassed themselves, pulling out all the stops. It was like having two episodes back-to-back, albeit even longer than that, and we got all the glorious shambles. It might be happy accident, but the format is made for this. It was hard to tell when something went genuinely wrong or whether it was part of Mr Biffo's masterplan. Either way, the audience properly enjoyed it. For me, the opening item was the funniest. Yes, this is exactly how the show opened. It's got shades of Brass Eye about it. We had Moccety Moc, the show and tells, two stints of [game] in Real Life (always my favourite part of Digitiser), an appearance of the Beautiful Boy and then, even better, an Even More Beautiful Boy. You truly got your money's worth and then some. Plus, new additions of personnel - the fantastic comedian Sooz Kempner; retrogaming guitar plucker Gaming Muso and a masked cameo by MrPSB. These folk fitted in brilliantly. Yeah, I'm rather pleased how this went. This live show works better than its original Teletext incarnation and the YouTube series. I wish every episode could be like this, but you could see how draining it was for Mr Biffo and the cast. They did this for free (well, sort of, we had paid for this as part of a crowdfunding pledge), and lost a bit of money on it. It's a genius move though, as it's galvanised the fanbase. Sure, Digitiser is not for everyone's tastes. It's Vic and Bob humour, laced with some immature pranks and a lot of self-depreciation. I do wonder what outsiders think of it. The four-hour free event Chunky Fringe was a kind of auxillary supplement that focused on the serious side of things, looking at vintage technology and the teletext medium, an unashamed nerdfest which was a great lead-in to the main event. You had a lot of folk from the UK's retrogaming YouTube scene in attendance, from high profiles to the fairly obscure, but, in the hours before the show, whether you were perusing through Chunky Fringe or drinking with the hordes in the car park (yeah, that bit sounds like we're social outcasts), we were all 'as one' - chatting about our passions and even making videos while we were there. It was a life-affirming occasion. There you go, that's about as 'hippy' as I'm prepared to go.
  5. Absolutely astonishing. Works even better in a big venue with a 400-strong audience. The very format has immunised itself against any disaster, because if something goes wrong (and yes, it did on quite a few occasions), it just garners even more appreciation. The show overran by 50 minutes. I have zero complaints. Fortunately, Mr Biffo is going to plan some more, outside of yer Londons.
  6. Something kicked off on Twitter last night. A legal threat from Elite Systems was questioned. And by the looks of things, it may heavily backfire on them. Things get VERY interesting when Larry Bundy Jr joins the thread. If what he is saying is true, Elite Systems have metaphorically shot themselves in the foot. This whole thing gets very opinionated and legal assertions are made. Obviously, these will be the responsibility of the individual author. I am simply quoting some tweets and depicting events pretty much chronologically. Be careful when discussing this. Link in above: https://www.elite-systems.co.uk/elite/htdocs/user_home.php?show=94
  7. I've seen a copy of the complaint sent to Slopes via Google. An anonymous complaint about a privacy breach at three specific times in the video. I looked up the time references, it's definitely about a particular person. I don't know if I should name them, so for now, I'll just say it could be anybody in the world.... of Spectrum.
  8. Episode 4 is the best yet. The C64 vs Speccy debate reaches a satisfactory conclusion. It's the ending of the show that'll leave you stunned.
  9. Nope. Mr Biffo told backers that he was approached by a company who had a view to taking the thing to TV, but ultimately, he didn't want to lose all that creative control. You did get that backer email, didn't you?
  10. Alas, two PS3 controllers do not. Well, they do in a 'one and a half' way. The first PS3 controller works fine. The second PS3 controller will appear to work fine then it'll freeze for a few seconds, then resume for a bit, then freeze, then resume, etc. I have a PS3 controller to be player 1 on RetroPie. Player 2 has to make do a with a wired-USB PS3-a-like knock-off.
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