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  1. By far, the most measured take on the questionable Paul Andrews/Horace situation comes from Mr Biffo. Bet ya didn't see that coming. https://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/horace-how-hungry-is-too-hungry Some very interesting stuff in the comments about that network of trolls who are very pro-Andrews and very much against certain prolific retrogamers. Those of us who spent time in Paul Andrews's ZX Vega group on Facebook can spot a connection.
  2. Well, you're getting even more desperate. The second screengrab there isn't even a real response to the real me. The first screengrab is a genuine statement from me about a very nasty individual on the comedy circuit - a woman who bullied other women, threatened violence against other people and when called out on it (not just by myself), she chose to pretend she was being harassed and played the victim. In the end, it was discovered she had locked up an audience member (an elderly with Chrohn's Disease) in the cellar of an Edinburgh venue, all because that audience member didn't want to watch her show any longer. There's a reason why she's blacklisted from almost every comedy venue in the UK and has to play kooky fringe gigs. I had the guts to speak out about her, and she attempted to make my life hell by making false statements to the police, Equity and the UK Comedy Guild. When investigated, those organisations reprimanded her.. In fact, Chortle recently reported on this matter. I brought her misbehaviour to light, it had been going on for a while before I knew about it. I've had pints bought for me and a lot of thanks for having exposed her. There's a lot more stuff she's done. Not sure exactly why you're trying to dredge this up, not sure how any of this makes me a 'troll' (quite the opposite), but hey, that network of anonymous parody trolls on Twitter have been kicking those two images around for a while, trying to frame me as a troll. And they have a pro-Andrews anti-retrogaming-YouTuber agenda. It's almost as if... hmm... The amazing thing here, is that you're trying to say I'm an addict for internet drama, and then you also have a brand new poster in here also trying to make the same argument against Gary Liddon. The irony of that new poster, whose entire posting history is entirely internet drama, and you coming along trying to punt this irrelevant story against me - your argument doesn't work out in the slightest. To bring this back on the subject - which my opponents are reluctant to do - there is still no sign of Paul Andrews owning the Horace IP in the IPO database.
  3. Yes, I'm late to the party with my Blackpool Play Expo video... 1) A look at the nearly-completed Mao Mao Castle, a new 'old' game from Asobi.tech. 2) Like everyone else on YouTube, there's a bit of Gaming Muso's live set in this video. 3) A go on the ZX Spectrum Next, playing Baggers In Space, with the game's co-creator and former Ocean coder Jim Bagley. 4) A lot of Q&As I had with various online retrogaming people. 5) A look through that 'indoor market' of retrogaming.
  4. Yep, staggeringly, Paul Andrews thought there would not be any comeback to his questionable actions... That is absolutely astonishing, and highlights that he's very much out of touch with the retrogaming audience. He really has misjudged his potential customers, and probably hasn't realised the tiny band of vocal supporters he has, are mainly trolls. Now, not everyone likes Octavius Kitten. Her videos aren't 'for everyone'. I get it, they're a bit silly, they're not cerebral, not dignified, and they can be a bit cheap-looking. And yes, I'm in the Octavius camp and I do like her stuff, but, if Andrews gets his way, don't go thinking he'll just stop at Octavius. He'll go after others, he'll actually make up a story to file in a take-down. ChinnyVision and I have first-hand experience of this last week. I used to be a supporter of Paul Andrews, until I discovered this nasty petty side to him.
  5. In case you missed it, earlier in this thread I revealed I also have autism. To have this 'you shouldn't have a go at autistic people' stance is a bit hypocritical, so are you going to stop whining at me? And as for 'Autism sufferer', that's patronising and not exactly a reflection of it. You might actually have had a point if I was attacking Kieran's autism. I'm not, and never have. I've pointed out he's a serial liar, he's selling a download of the Sinclair User magazine archive for personal profit (yeah, funny how Paul Andrews hasn't come down on this IP piracy from someone he pays to write books) and creates terrible retrogaming books/videos with glaring inaccuracies in them. I don't see where his autism or my autism, comes into this. But hey, you keep bringing it up as if it's some kind of magical 'Here's Pete doing something really bad' angle that stands up to scrutiny. As I said, I'm hardly a fan of Lee Fogarty, he has done some appalling things. Yet so have a few people who oppose him. I don't go in for this 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' nonsense, I just call out wrongdoing when I see it, I don't rigidly adhere to a 'side', that binary mentality doesn't work and it's childish.
  6. A nice observation from the 11th post you wrote in this thread, complaining about the 6 posts I made in this thread. It'd be nice if Paul Andrews was telling the truth. As ChinnyVision's Twitter pointed out yesterday, someone has launched some dubious reports to Twitter for photos of Paul Andrews - gee I wonder who that could be - using the 'private media' option, even though they were screengrabs taken from a public YouTube video on a public campaign, for something that Paul doesn't appear to have the rights for. I too received the Twitter actions for this, even for a transformative work used in a meme. Plus, ChinnyVision also pointed out one of the images he posted from the ZX Vega+ site where Paul Andrews makes a big bold statement about putting them into the Public Domain - there's been a strike on that too. So there you go - a false claim being made to take down things Paul Andrews doesn't like. I now have first hand experience of that and any sympathy I had for Andrews has completely evaporated. (I'm not saying the images I posted were absolute gold and incredibly vital to the scene though, just daft jokes.) Here's the thing, especially when the thread turned away from your falsehood-filled rants and focused on magazines. You're whining about the YouTubers making money from talking about old games, and not respecting IP. Have you not noticed the elephant in the room here? This is exactly what the games magazines in the day did. You paid your money to buy a magazine filled with various personalities - some of them really doing it as a persona - reviewing and informing you about games, cracking jokes and that kind of thing. They'd bring you trivia, they'd educate you on the scene, etc. You paid money for that. What have we now? YouTubers of the likes of Octavius, Top Hat Gaming Man, ChinnyVision, etc, and whether you like them or not (and you clearly don't), they're putting a lot of stuff out there for free. You don't have over cash to see it. Maybe this is a bit of a leap, but I can see these guys being the Lloyd Mangrams, Jaz Rignalls and Duncan McDonalds of the 21st century. Scoff away, but you really haven't noticed that your entire argument about Patreon-funded YouTubers could be aimed at games magazines. Pretty much no difference. I don't see you whinging about the careers that many games journalists have gathered up by using other people's IP (also in a Fair Use context). He loves the Spectrum so much, he'll make a 45-minute rant throwing at personal attacks at one of the major Spectrum-promoting YouTubers. Are you 100% confident in that claim? Here are the URLs to my Patreon, my Ko-Fi, my Kickstarter and all that OHWAITTHEYDONTEXIST. And ChinnyVision made the grand profit of £95 for his retrogaming channel over the past 12 months. When you look at the hours he's put in, that's a fraction of a fraction of minimum wage. Kind of puts your conspiracy theories down the dumper. And still - there's no visible filing of a trademark for the Horace character. And still - the people who claim George Cropper's doing no wrong, haven't demonstrated his permissions over those games. Especially the fact he was selling actual Nintendo ROMs of Mario Bros and the like. (And at £8 for a cassette, of course he's making money - don't delude me with this 'not for profit' rubbish.) And still - Lee Fogarty (who I'm not exactly a fan of) is now disclosing Paul Andrews's personal copyright strikes to take down ARTWORK and SCREENSHOTS of Automata games. Not just the games themselves (which would be fair enough), but even screenshots. But you plug away, put your faith into him and insist he's great for the retrogaming scene - even though he has repeatedly contacted Lee Fogarty's girlfriend (who has nothing to do with running World Of Spectrum) with complaints - which is technically harrassment. Anyway, I liked the thread talking about old magazines, that was pretty good, praising all those people who used gaming IP as the basis to talk about things.
  7. Nope. Some of the leaks - which must have come from very authoritative sources - during the Vega+ scandal (and I'm referring to both sides) were disgusting. I don't endorse attacks based on personal appearance, but it led to this note-perfect piece of satire. Don't go looking at back issues of Your Sinclair and Amiga Power. Sometimes they mess about and do jokes. It's really horrific. I don't attack RetroLaird (Kieren Hawken) for his autism. I point out that he's a dubious fantasist whose word cannot be trusted because of the lies he's spouted. Why would I want to attack him for his autism when I'm autistic myself? Why are you even bringing that up? Is this something he's told you to cite in here? There are a lot of autistic retrogamers. Many are great. Some... aren't. Go bark up the right tree.
  8. About Horace being a trademarked character. I can see in the UK IPO database that a company run by Paul Andrews has registered trademarks on certain things in gaming history. [url=https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmtext/page/Results]The Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy logos are trademarked, along with a rather 'non-canon' sprite[/url]. What I can't see, is Horace being trademarked. And let's remember, any legal dispute over the way Octavius has used the character of Horace in her presenter links, will be a trademark dispute rather than one based on copyright. So what's in the IPO database for Horace? Well, the term 'Hungry Horace' is registered by a man in Northern Ireland in the context of jam and honey products. The term 'Horace' is registered by a man in London for underwear and swimwear. None of these have anything to do with retrogaming or Paul Andrews. The thing is, and I've tried really hard, I cannot find any trademark for the Horace character from those ZX Spectrum games. Absolutely nothing. You can see why I'm being reminded of Tim Langdell from the Edge and Elite's Steve Wilcox's recent boundary-breaking claims. Maybe I've got it wrong? Does someone out there have proof Paul Andrews owns the Horace trademark? Frivolous copyright claims have done such a thing before. And this is more than just about Octavius. If Paul Andrews can get away with this questionable IP claim, then there's no doubt he can go after anyone of us. He's been demanding WOS take down screenshots and inlay scans of Mel Croucher's games. Fair enough if it was the actual games, but screenshots and inlays are fair use. But hey, you can sit back and cheerlead for over-zealous businessmen firing off dodgy claims on copyrights if you want. Yeah, that'll really help retrogaming. I used to like Paul Andrews. I supported him. In the ZX Vega+ saga, he was very much the good guy, facing off against the crooks David Levy and Suzanne Martin, who eventually legged it with a huge amount of money. I heavily backed Paul Andrews in the Vega+ FB group. I remember George Cropper putting out his videos, commentating on the situation. I never found him funny. Sounds like a man trying to impersonate all three puppets from Rainbow at once, and spewing out a load of infantile and crude abuse. It's sub-Keith-Lemon stuff. Still, humour is subjective. What really rankled was his repeated use of "spastics" at people. Yes, Levy and Martin were vile con artists, and I did hear of one incident where someone trolled Paul Andrew's MS-afflicted wife, which made me furious. Even then though, I did raise my objections to George Cropper constantly going below the belt. (And it's strange how that crude immature 'humour', with the same motivations, is very much evident in a network of parody trolling accounts on Twitter, isn't it?) A while ago, when Digitiser The Series became a thing - with Octavius and other YouTubers being hosts in a rather silly and surreal series on YouTube, I do recall quite a bit of negativity towards it on the Vega+ FB group. And then, when Larry Bundy Jnr announced he was going to make a video on the two Vega+s he had obtained, the group were very interested, waiting for him to stick it to David Levy, Suzanne Martin, Lee Fogarty, etc. What actually happened was that Larry Bundy and Octavius decided to prat about with a Vega+, showing how it could be used to cut cheese slices. It was an incredibly silly video. Yes, immature, but not offensive. Nothing different to the silliness you'd get in Your Sinclair or Amiga Power. Paul Andrews, George Cropper/Jamie Ball and others were really angered by this. Not casually dismissing it, but going full out against it, really incensed by its existence. And then a funny thing happened. Those trolling parody accounts on Twitter surfaced, alongside existing ones that targeted David Levy, Jan Saggiori, Suzanne Martin and Lee Fogarty. They made a load of personal attacks against Octavius and Larry Bundy Jnr. It's not just them in the firing line - Retro Princess, Aravelle, Top Hat Gaming Man, Kim Justice and many others have been flamed. Myself and ChinnyVision appear to be added to their hate list this week. Just a few 'coincidences' as we wonder what the true motivation is behind taking Octavius's channel with a questionable 'copyright' claim. But hey, you can certainly take the other side of the argument, be a Mr Logic tribute act and bleat "but she breached IP". In a scene where 99% of people download game files for emulation, do the old "Type OK or move joystick left then right" move to confirm they really do own that original physical hardware (yeah right), I don't think being a copyright maximalist is going to endear you to the community. Still, you're welcome to your strangely informed opinions and you can praise IP bullies if that's your thing.
  9. Already have a point. Paul Andrews has been acting outraged at Octav1us apparently 'sexualising' the Horace character. (Strange, all I see on Octav1us is a depiction of Horace being interviewed in a Job Centre. Is that sexual? I've heard of Rule 34, but really? Is this a thing Paul Andrews has, like a 'dole fetish'?) Anyway, Paul's objection is that Horace is apparently 'sexualised' and that he is actually a "family-friendly" IP he has bought. It's an interesting angle to take, you know, playing the Mary Whitehouse card, because, er, that'll go down well with a mostly-male audience aged between 30-50 who were already brought up on the somewhat cheeky and lewd humour that could be found in Your Sinclair. And, I really don't think we can forget the fact that Paul Andrews, when questioned by another poster in this thread, is actually okay with George Cropper's FunkySpectrum reviews of the Horace games on YouTube, stating how one character likes to go round acting like Kevin Spacey, anally fingering people. That's a mere summary, if you play the full thing, it's very very crude and graphic. Things really don't add up. The more questions being asked about Paul Andrews, the more illogical all this is. As I say, I'm getting the same feeling from this, as I did over Tim Langdell and Steve Wilcox.
  10. One moderator locked it, citing that he believed George Cropper's Bum Fun Gaming shop had acted within copyright law. No evidence to support that theory, he just felt George was in the right. However, had he looked a bit more carefully, and listened to other people on Spectrum For Everyone, he'd realise George Cropper has actually been taking other people's DeviantArt work without permission for starters. And then, we get to the real meat. 'George Cropper' has been selling on Nintendo ROMs for personal profit. So there you go. This isn't faked, it isn't a joke, it's very much real. It's in stark contrast to his YouTube rants against people who breach IP rights, isn't it? And does his friend, the overly-zealous guardian of IP, Paul Andrews have any comment to make on George's blatant profit-making piracy? Do YOU have a view on this? Ah, the Facebook group which routinely allows George Cropper to call various people "spastics". Yeah, do alert me if I've ever said anything like that. That's one a bit up in the air. I still want to know why Paul Andrews's outlet on RedBubble has recently stopped selling some Horace-themed merchandise. As Tipster's YouTube video showed, it's not 100% clear that Paul Andrews definitely owns the Horace CHARACTER. I'm not saying Retro Princess does either. Answers would be welcome.
  11. Well, as of yesterday evening, she's begun to restore her YouTube channel. This includes her first two videos [1] [2] about the ZX Spectrum Horace games, which include the first depictions of Horace in her presenter links. Good to see them again, I hadn't seen them for over a year, and a rewatch shows Horace having to attend a Job Centre meeting. Wow. That's sooooo sexual! You can see why Paul Andrews objected to such jaw-dropping hardcore material, he's a fine upstanding moral guardian, what with history having him as co-director of Erotic Chatbots Ltd and being the executive producer of 18-rated British Celebrity Babes 1, 2 and 3, which promises the viewer tantalising glimpses of the girls from Nuts and Zoo magazine. This weekend Paul Andrews was asked by a journalist if he condoned George Cropper's review of Hungry Horace, and he confirmed he did. Um, the video has George describing one of the characters in the game as being a rampant sex pest, performing sexual assaults on people. George REALLY goes into detail on that.
  12. Wow - another video from Tipster has been put out today, and all of a sudden, it seems Paul Andrews has done a few things wrong in this situation. It's worth watching in full, because, it doesn't seem as though the rights of Horace are as clear cut as Andrews has been making out. There's some claims of fibbing when it comes to what was actually agreed between Octavius and Andrews. Then there's the questionable behaviour of a very pro-Andrews Wikipedia user - which leads to more questions about the true ownership of the Horace character. I think things are unravelling. We've had Edge's Tim Langdell getting caught out a while back with his ridiculous copyright claims, Elite's Steve Wilcox had his legal threats called out early this year.... After watching this, I wouldn't be surprised if Paul Andrews fits into such a list...
  13. You can include IP in things, without having 'rights', as long as it's Fair Use. Hence why Family Guy can sexualise the most famous retrogaming icon ever known, and they still didn't get permission from Namco or whoever owns the IP... This is one example of many that I could use. Taking the mick out of past pop culture is quite common in comedy TV shows, magazines and often you don't need permission to do it, it requires, what law would say, is artistic transformation. I don't think "satisfaction" is the correct word to use.
  14. I hate to be the one to say this, but that response was a gag based on the Prime Minister's approach to a legally-required extension of The Thing We Should Not Discuss Anywhere Really. I could spot it was satire, but hey, an inability to spot such humour appears to be endemic on one side of this argument. ;-)
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