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  1. 33 minutes ago, Lyrical Donut said:


    I've got to wonder how many people are going to take this message the wrong way and actually jump (in) on it.


    That's some lawsuit material, right there.


    Just you Donut

  2. 16 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    The Series S is so small I wonder if someone will do a VESA mount for it so it can hang on the back of the TV itself.


    Sticky velcro, job done (this is exactly how my mini sky multiroom box is behind my bedroom TV on the wall- pretty sure the SS will get hot enough to melt the glue though).

  3. 7 minutes ago, Spacehost said:

    I think this underestimates how hard it is to dump from and restore a game to memory; given the low level hardware access developers typically enjoy on consoles, what do you do with CPU cache or in-progress GPU calculations? I'd actually love to read a breakdown of how it's done.


    I have no idea how any of it works but surely this is down to Sony to provide tools and not the developers?


    17 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:


    That's really just wishful thinking at the moment. This kind of stuff takes time to develop/test/etc. The backbone network upgrade required for PS5 was done midway the PS4 cycle just to give you an idea of the timescale at play here. The HTML PS Store was introduced during the PS3 era and "served" us way too long. Even if they go ahead and 'patch it in' you're looking at a 2 years wait I reckon.


    Sometimes, a console simply doesn't have a feature that its competitor does have. All these mental gymnastics to somehow claim parity are quite insane.


    With both being based on the same architecture I can't see a reason why something can't be implemented that the other has other than software constraints? Of course if it is an afterthought or being designed from scratch it takes time but if they realise something is worth having they could make it happen if it is a priority to them.


    Anyway, I truly have no idea how any of this stuff is designed or implemented etc. I'm just hopeful it's possible if it does indeed become a feature that I enjoy on the XSX i'd like it on PS5.


  4. 10 hours ago, Ferine said:

    On a slightly different note, behold the mystery sigil:




    I suppose it could be related to a resume function – it's on both Sackboy and Destruction AllStars – but I'd expect an indicator for something like that to be more obvious. My best guess is that it indicates the game is installed on fast SSD storage, rather than an external drive. Or possibly that the game needs to be on fast storage? I'm a little confused as to what the pane indicates given it lists a price despite the game already being installed.

    I feel like this symbol may just be countdown till release? I can see that it is slightly different than the one currently on PS4 but looks far to similar to rule out.....



  5. 50 minutes ago, petrolgirls said:

    Was hoping the deep linking stuff would mean that when you join a friends multiplayer game you just go straight into their game, seems disappointing that it launches the game but only to the games front screen. You then need to faff around joining their game - a process that took so long they had to speed up the video considerably.


    36 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Yeah I thought it was pretty funny that he sat through a splash screen and a load of menus.


    “And just like that, we’re in.”




    33 minutes ago, Bojangle said:


    That bit super confused me, because at least with the PS4 TRCs the behaviour they showed was a flat out certification fail. Accepting an invite or joining on a friend should take you directly into the same session (with a minimum of button presses/menu screens), not place you on the menu. :quote:


    His "friends" were in a party in the menu, they weren't already in a match. So when he accepted the invite he just joined them in the lobby exactly how it works now in a lot of games. 


    I'm pretty sure if they were in a match it would have loaded into the match but what is the chances of their being a space in an online MP game if it has already started anyway.

  6. 2 hours ago, Ferine said:

    Whilst I suspect you are being paranoid, for peace of mind you could pay all or some of it now using Amazon credit. If you check out your order you should see a button to apply gift card balance, so you could pay £400 now and then the charge on your card closer to launch would only be £50.


    You could even knock £10 off the cost if this offer is still active.


    Absolute legend. Just saved me a tenner, paid £350 for a voucher and got £360 balance and applied it to my XSX order :) only £89.99 left to pay.

  7. 44 minutes ago, Ferine said:

    Whilst I suspect you are being paranoid, for peace of mind you could pay all or some of it now using Amazon credit. If you check out your order you should see a button to apply gift card balance, so you could pay £400 now and then the charge on your card closer to launch would only be £50.


    You could even knock £10 off the cost if this offer is still active.


    Thanks !! I'm going to go sort this now.

  8. 4 hours ago, Wahwah* said:

    I won't be taking a day off work, but most of what I do is on my schedule so I won't have to worry about checking in with anyone and will be able to stop to enjoy it. 


    I've got mine coming via amazon Prime, I might look and see if I can upgrade delivery to before midday or something now it's been mentioned. 


    To be honest though, I veer between a little bit excited and pragmatically thinking what will I do with it. A bit like getting a new laptop, the software will be the same, it'll just be a bit quicker, etc. Because of that, I'm going to stop looking at YouTube impressions, etc. It'll be nice to enjoy getting the hardware up and running without knowing everything that's going to happen before I've opened the box.


    What always scares me about changing anything on Amazon was preorder dates changing. Don't ask me to quote when (as i remember the scenario and details but not the exact product launch) but I remember people changing their address and or payment methods for a preorder and the shipping date changing.


    My X is also preodered with Amazon Prime and ideally i'd like to change payment method but i've convinced myself to leave as is.


    The other thing that scares me is when banks don't authorise large payments to check for fraudulent activity. Never happened to me but again have saw it in console launch threads.


    Would be great if Amazon let you pay it off early to ensure any of the above doesn't happen.


    I'm just being paranoid right?

  9. 2 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Has there ever been an impressive cross gen launch game? Like actually "Phwoar! Look at the frame rate on that!" Or whatever?


    For me last gen it was Battlefield 4 having 64 players in a match (BF3 already had this on PC), I think that was 900p on PS4 at like 40fps.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Bangaio said:

    Am I the only who thinks that looks a bit just same old and not as nice as Forza Horizon 4? 


    Yeah its not for me either. Never been a fan of the DIRT franchise. Was a big fan of the old Colin McRae rally games back in the day mind you (PS1, PS2).

  11. I'm not saying this is a direct 1:1 comparison but the XSX is most likely as powerful as the below PC being benchmarked. Have they mentioned if developers will have access to all 8 cores of the CPU for gaming?



    A lot of games that you would expect to have really high fidelity as that is important to the experience they will be the ones that we will see more running at 60fps and have more shinies.


    The online shooters etc, they should have 120fps performance modes. These games are made with high frame rates in mind and the XSX should deliver.


    Is it a gimmick? Absolutely not if you have tried it, it's so smooth and responsive. Is it a marketing gimmick? Kind of if they are using it to sway people into the console space rather than buy a PC however there will be games running with 120fps and i'm sure it will be the type of games we expect to have it.



    In other news, this is exciting to see (for some).....



  12. 20 minutes ago, Isaac said:


    Nope, they aren't going to hit it without making huge sacrifices in their performance modes. Look at Dirt 5, for example. 


    Normal visuals:



    Performance mode:




    They have to massively lower resolution, textures, and remove the crowds, and even then it's not 120.


    I have a 3080, which is more than twice as powerful as a Series X (29.7 TFLOPS vs 12 TFLOPS) and in modern, demanding games, I get:


    67fps in RDR2 in 4k

    82fps in Tomb Raider 4k

    62fps in Horizon 4k (98 at 1440p)

    70fps in GTA5.


    The idea that the Series X will be capable of anything near 120fps in modern titles without serious concessions (like 1080p outputs and removing shadows and crowds in a racing game, for example) is pure fantasy.




    I strongly disagree, at 1080p these consoles should be hitting 120fps with the CPU that they have. It is down to how they develop (optimise) their game for performance.


    On the preview video I watched Dirt 5 performance mode is achieving 120fps.



  13. 7 minutes ago, Isaac said:

    In reality you are going to see very few games (bar indie titles) hit 120 on either console - it's a marketing gimmick. Neither has the power for it.


    If you want to game at 120 in the newest titles you're realistically going to need to spend upwards of £1400 on a gaming PC.


    Although loads of BC stuff will (hopefully) get patched for 120.


    This is 100% false i'm afraid. The CPU/GPU in both next gen consoles are MORE than capable of 120fps. It's about how the developers set up performance mode in games.


    Anything the XSX or S plays at 1080p and some 1440p should be hitting 120fps all day long.


    4k is where there is a problem, 60 can be a tough ask depending on fidelity, this leans in to the GPU side and with 12tflops the XSX should manage it on most occasions.


    For reference I have a gaming PC, i5 9400f (6 core processor) and an RTX 2070 super. Technically the XSX is more powerful in both CPU and GPU departments and my PC can reach above 144fps on almost every current game at 1080p. 1440p its in the 80-120 range and some games can hit 60fps at 4k, most are 30-60. Forza Horizon 4 however hits 80 fps with ultra settings at 4k.

  14. That trailer is awesome. I get the feeling this was inspired by having Halo at launch but meh, still better to delay and get it right.


    Is that a new official xbox wireless headset in the trailer?? If so, I want info.



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