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  1. For me last gen it was Battlefield 4 having 64 players in a match (BF3 already had this on PC), I think that was 900p on PS4 at like 40fps.
  2. Yeah its not for me either. Never been a fan of the DIRT franchise. Was a big fan of the old Colin McRae rally games back in the day mind you (PS1, PS2).
  3. I'm not saying this is a direct 1:1 comparison but the XSX is most likely as powerful as the below PC being benchmarked. Have they mentioned if developers will have access to all 8 cores of the CPU for gaming? A lot of games that you would expect to have really high fidelity as that is important to the experience they will be the ones that we will see more running at 60fps and have more shinies. The online shooters etc, they should have 120fps performance modes. These games are made with high frame rates in mind and the XSX should deliver. Is it a gimmick? Absolutely not if you have tried it, it's so smooth and responsive. Is it a marketing gimmick? Kind of if they are using it to sway people into the console space rather than buy a PC however there will be games running with 120fps and i'm sure it will be the type of games we expect to have it. In other news, this is exciting to see (for some).....
  4. I strongly disagree, at 1080p these consoles should be hitting 120fps with the CPU that they have. It is down to how they develop (optimise) their game for performance. On the preview video I watched Dirt 5 performance mode is achieving 120fps.
  5. This is 100% false i'm afraid. The CPU/GPU in both next gen consoles are MORE than capable of 120fps. It's about how the developers set up performance mode in games. Anything the XSX or S plays at 1080p and some 1440p should be hitting 120fps all day long. 4k is where there is a problem, 60 can be a tough ask depending on fidelity, this leans in to the GPU side and with 12tflops the XSX should manage it on most occasions. For reference I have a gaming PC, i5 9400f (6 core processor) and an RTX 2070 super. Technically the XSX is more powerful in both CPU and GPU departments and my PC can reach above 144fps on almost every current game at 1080p. 1440p its in the 80-120 range and some games can hit 60fps at 4k, most are 30-60. Forza Horizon 4 however hits 80 fps with ultra settings at 4k.
  6. That trailer is awesome. I get the feeling this was inspired by having Halo at launch but meh, still better to delay and get it right. Is that a new official xbox wireless headset in the trailer?? If so, I want info.
  7. I do hope you are right, I did scan their article but couldn't see it mentioned and have a look at this... You can see some of the fan blades clearly but I still could be wrong.
  8. I have to say I must have been lucky with my V1 Elite pad, still looks new and functions with no issues. My V2 I have just bought recently and it's definitely the best controller I have ever used.
  9. @JPL exactly my thoughts, again could just be that the reviewer versions doesnt have it but i'd doubt it.
  10. Never knew they had promised any glad to be wrong here, my head was in skepticism mode. I do hope it's clear to see the difference, I just don't see anyone going to the lengths you have mentioned in order to make judgment (even though it is the smart play).
  11. I mentioned this in the PS5 thread....... Then last night I was listening to the latest Kinda Funny Xcast podcast (which I do recommend) and this point was mentioned. There is no protection from stuff being put in the holes and apparently they are big enough that a pencil/pen could easily be put in there. Maybe highlighting this early will help someone protect their console and avoid catastrophie. If you have small kids and your shiny new XSX is left out in the open, cover it up .
  12. I think they really are in a tight spot with this one, and i'm of the opinion that they might not do a side by side for a couple of reasons even though consumers are due it. 1080p or 1440p vs 4k can't really be shown effectively through a video and the game may look the same so people may be askng why buy the X. They possibly don't want to play down the S performance in front of the X to negate the above point. The next embargos will hopefully be lifted soon. I'm eager for more info.
  13. According to the teardown the airflow exhausts at the back of the console, so those feeling for warm air at the top/front where it may look like there is vents to expel hot air is really the intake. Maybe they didn't or weren't allowed to go near the back of the console where the hot air would be.
  14. Something I never thought of until now after reading this, has the XSX got any protection from something being put in the holes at the top where the fan exhaust is? Seems like kids could force a few things in those big holes.
  15. What's crazy is there will be people cancelling preorders no doubt. The least they could do is take accountability and try and allocate you one of the cancelled preorders.
  16. This happens on both sides, it's really not worth caring about. Here's a random tweet about PS Trophy changes....
  17. Yeah apart from the sheer size of the PS5 the teardown is positive. Now what I want to see is some next gen games running on the XSX, I'm ready for the next embargo to be lifted allowing those with the XSX pre release systems to publish their next videos.
  18. I wonder if it's secretly Don Mattrick running their twitch page, or maybe he has the log in details. p.s. my apologies to the one Don Mattrick fan who is offended.
  19. It's almost like they were waiting on reports of the Series X overheating to release this video.
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