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  1. 25 minutes ago, Mr Tony said:


    Ryzen 1400 QC 3.4GHz

    16GB DDR4 2400MHz

    AMD RX580

    3TB HDD (No SSD unfortunately).


    It plays FS2020 absolutely fine and I've played a fair few hours worth. I've had it running at 4k and it's fine, but playing at 1080p and it's great. The game was just being shit. After an update the app just wouldn't boot and took 40 mins of troubleshooting to get it to finally run again. PC is 100% up to date. The update was for the game, it did the initial update through the windows store when I tried to boot after the initial freeze. Then when I finally got it running it told me it needed a 6GB update that it could only perform while the game was running.



    Also I have an Xbox and am getting an SX next week. I'm primarily a console gamer. PC gaming is just shit when it goes wrong. Console gaming it's a case of turn it off and on again & it works 99% of the time.


    If you had this running at 1080p 60 on medium and at 4k, I think your PC has all the secret sauce.


    If it's had a performance update i'll need to try it again. My i5 9400 and RTX2070 super couldn't get 1080p 60 at launch.

  2. 7 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    But the end result? Its just shinier isn't it? I can play the same games on my PC or an Xbox One X? Where is the driver to buy a new console if I have an X (or PC)?


    I wasn't aware, it looked to me like you were interested in the jump from current gen to next gen not PC and console. (missed the part you talked about gamepass for PC and steam).


    Also just to ask a question on the section I've highlighted in bold - what were you expecting to be different? For me it's not just about it being shinier, the game could potentially look the same cross gen but perform significantly better on next gen. What then would you choose?


  3. 8 minutes ago, MattyP said:


    I feel quite sad with this generation update TBH. I cannot believe we are less than 10 days before new hardware and I really don't care this time around. :( I think it was the mid cycle release of the Xbox X that did it for me. These new consoles just feel like another iterative update - which they are - rather than something genuinely new and shiny.


    Saying that I'm mildly interested in picking up a Series S at some point because its nice and small, no noisy optical drive and will allow me to play my Xbox content going back to 360. Miss playing some of my 360 games at times. Also there are odd things on GamePass that don't come to the PC mainly indie titles.... However I can usually get those on Steam to be fair. 


    Anyway enjoy the build up everyone... :) Always nice to get some shiny new hardware to play with!


    I know it is your opinion and all but this is so far from the truth it is actually staggering. The new consoles are extremely advanced compared to the outgoing systems (and I am talking about the mid system refresh One X or PS4 Pro) in terms of sheer CPU and GPU power and performance. Extremely fast SSD as standard which drastically reduces loading times and sometimes eliminates them entirely. 


    To then read you are happy to settle for the Series S is baffling after your previous statement. (this is not an attack on XSS as I believe it will also be a welcome upgrade to current gen at it's price point).


    I think where most people are struggling to justify new systems is looking at the games, whether it be new next gen games or a comparison last gen vs next gen enhanced version of the same titles. Next gen games won't look like a PS1 - PS2 - PS3 jump in visuals at first glance. New games will predominantly use the same game engines which means what you will get is the same game with shinies turned up to 10, better framerate, faster loads.


    I believe games will look similar (again at first glance) across generations for some time if on the older hardware they can match or get near the same resolutions, 1080p, 1440p, 4k. What takes a game into next gen territory will sometimes be developer budgets rather than a new game release in itself.


    I'll give one basic example I am familiar with, Destiny 2, this game can visually look the same on Xbox One X/PS4 Pro as it does on PC's but play it on a PC that is capable of higher frame rate and quicker loading times and it becomes almost impossible to ever go back and play (suffer) the console version again. So they look the same but feel completely different.

  4. 33 minutes ago, FlowerOfInfinity said:

    You bought a shit PC and it turned out to struggle with a modern title? Well I never.


    I have a very capable PC, and I struggled to get this game running. There is a lot of poeple who have issues getting this game to install and to boot properly. It's also a game that made me further realise console gaming is easy and PC gaming can be really temperamental. Hoping Flight Sim makes it to XSX. Even games like GTA IV, I had trouble getting it to boot because it required a dead service for it to work, there was a workaround - got it to boot somewhat, had some other issues, gave up.


    This is why i'm excited for the new consoles, all the benefits I wanted from PC gaming (ssd speeds and framerates) with the ease of console gaming.

  5. 3 hours ago, Fully Aspel said:

    Just to be clear with what’s being claimed.......


    You’re saying that you can actually feel with your hands, through the steering wheel, what surface you are driving on? And you can feel through the pedals, that the cars engine is struggling etc? 

    I played Forza and GT on my Nephew’s set up, and there was force feedback and resistance in the wheel which was great, but I’m not up on wheels and stuff so don’t know what the latest tech is.


    However, from the previews I’ve seen about the DualSense they seem to be describing something different, at least to that. They seem to be saying you can actually feel surfaces through the controller. For example you feel a character skating over ice or feel a character getting bogged down in mud. Or if it’s raining on the game you can feel the rain drops through the controller. With the triggers you can feel a spring being coiled and released. Maybe I’m missing something or I’m imagining something different to what’s being described in previews but it does sound different to the standard force feedback I’ve experienced with a wheel.


    I had the T300RS thrustmaster wheel. Was fantastic and the brushless motors with the force feedback was something else. 


    You could definitely feel surfaces through the wheel. Tarmac surface you could tell the tyres were gripping and when they were letting go. Gravel surface the wheel would feel rather loose and you could tell there was no grip on the tyres but you would feel jittering in the force feedback. Icy surface it would be loose and no feedback. It also wasnt just on or off it was really clever with increasing intensity to make it feel very realistic.


    In terms of feeling what was happening in the pedals, no. I did buy the pedals with clutch only because you got better pedals and it had a rubber cone behind the brake pedal which gave you a progressive feel. This is the part I think the Dualsense will offer that pedals can't (the pedals I had anyway, i would bet there are pedals that can do this). Being able to feel ABS etc but it can't really offer FFB on the steering. 


    I fully believe it is the same type of technology being used in the Dualsense and thats just incredible. You won't beat a proper wheel setup for a gaming driving experience but this new technology will bridge that gap and maybe even offer something the other doesn't have.


    The other crazy thing is that the controller is packed in with the console, its not an additional spend.

  6. 2 hours ago, Thor said:

    Sure they do, they just make them with cheap parts, call them "Elite", and overcharge the shit out of the mugs who buy them. :coffee:


    38 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Until it breaks, sure. :)


    I luckily have a V1 Elite still going strong, no issues at all. I don't know why there is so many quality issues with them. I really would not say they have used cheap parts but certainly seem to have a wide range of issues.


    I'll say one thing though if Sony made a Dual Sense "Elite" i'd be all fucking over it. I play mostly FPS games and back buttons are essential once you have used them.


    Had a Scuf controller on the PS4 and it was unreliable and the paddles broke often and the sticks wore out so quickly, talk about cheap parts. If you compare the quality of the Elite pads to a Scuf it's night and day. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Darren said:

    @BarryL85 Have you had Game Pass before? If so what happened was as expected, the £1 offer is only for first time subscribers. But as you say, it’s still a good deal although quite confusingly presented.


    Ahhh, yes i've had it on PC before. :doh:

  8. Just tried to do the £121 xbox live gold trick.


    Got the £1 upgrade option after redeeming all my live codes. Clicked it. It wanted to send me a text to confirm it's me. Done. £1 offer disappeared, showed as £10.99. 


    Thought I was totally fucked and that i would still have to pay the £10.99 per month but I just paid the £10.99 once and it upgraded the full 3 years. Bit worse than others but still a good saving none the less.

  9. 1 minute ago, Freeman said:


    It won't last long.  Looks like that shiny plastic that somehow scratches up just by you looking at it..


    Yeah, even with the softest of dusters as well. I was horrified after I dusted my PS3 with a microfiber the first time round.

  10. 13 minutes ago, Freeman said:


    They are weird though.  I couldn't decide if that IGN guy was trying to flirt with it, or just an awkward guy.  

    He put on some gloves, I wondered if i'd somehow veered into a different part of the internet.

    I gave him the "are you an idiot" stare via my monitor when he said he'd been lugging it about his apartment all day.

    I felt disappointment, when he casually disrespected the packaging by brushed the box packaging off the table and on to the floor like some pointless garbage.

    I'm disappointed he didn't say "it's fucking huge"

    I wondered why I'd wasted 5 minutes watching a guy open a box.

    I was also disappointed by the look of the quality of the Sony box...


    The comparisons to other consoles were useful though. It was the original Xbox that made me take a step back and realise (again) how big it is.






    They use the gloves as they will be doing pictures for media after the unboxing and wont want fingerprints all over it.


    I think as a consumer having as much info before you buy something is fantastic. These unboxings may lead someone to change their mind/go for the Xbox instead as they can now see the PS5 is massive and might not be something they want to look at everyday. Also lets people know whats in the box, what they might want to purchase alongside the console. Even you said you took something from it.


    Of course you won't like everyones personality online, thats the subjective part and also why there are many different people doing the same thing, you can watch the channel you prefer or trust.


    I'm no raging advocate for unboxing videos or anything but I do find them useful. I just find it funny you get the same reaction on here when someone posts one in any thread.

  11. 1 hour ago, mushashi said:


    Plenty of console games will be targeting 4K/30fps, from shinobi602, who works in the games industry and is fairly well known as somebody who knows people, Watch Dogs Legion has RT and has not announced anything beyond a 4K/30 mode yet and that's a mere tarted up current gen port:




    Ubisoft games are well known to be incredibly difficult to achieve high fps though even on PC (possibly not now with the 3080 mind you).


    Assassins Creed Odyssey. 4k Ultra settings you will struggle to get 60fps even with an i9 9900k and RTX 2080 ti

  12. 6 minutes ago, Freeman said:


    It's OLED.  You'll want the brightness right up as they don't get that bright, and it doesn't affect blacks as black is when the pixel is off, so 100% brightness.

    You need brightness for better contract - e.g. HDR, and HDR means you're even more likely to have brightness as it'll make bright things brighter to make them stand out.


    The bold bit really annoys me.  It's my TV.  If I want to play Gran Turismo Sport for 8 hours every Saturday, and an hour each night, then I don't think my TV should be the thing to stop me...


    Mine is bright enough (LG CX) in the daytime in a bright livingroom at 50% brightness. As an aside, my wife doesn't know what the different TV technologies are and prefers the OLED tv to our old Samsung LCD and hasn't noticed any difference in brightness.


    I can see your point and realistically there should be a disclaimer at point of sale with a warning. It is well documented for those that do their research that it may be an issue depending on your usage type and you do get guidelines and warnings in the box. The other thing that annoys me is extended warranties tend to shy away from the issue as well. 


    I guess my take on it is, you are not forced into buying this technology.....yet (It is likely that it could become the industry standard technology). If you want the best picture, the best response times, refresh times you buy OLED. As long as you know going into it there is a risk. If you aren't willing to take the risk then don't buy. I took the risk, no regrets so far and is definitely the best TV i've ever owned (ask me again when I have image retention though). Don't let anyone convince you to buy until you are prepared to accept that it may happen.


    I use my TV just like I did my LCD TV, however the fuck I want. The only exception is I do put it in standby if there is a paused screen for extended period of time or using an app or input that doesn't use the built in screensaver. There is a lot of preventative stuff in the software e.g. auto HUD/static image dimming etc to also help with image retention. 

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