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  1. Just now, Thor said:

    Eh? That doesn't make sense to me.  

    Higher framerate at lower resolutions like 1080p is a CPU intensive task. So a more powerful CPU will be of benefit here. High resolution is GPU intensive.


    The One X had a 6tflop GPU but had a crap CPU so could hit high resolution but was never suited for high framerates.

  2. 2 hours ago, Thor said:

    But at 4k. No performance mode? Odd, it's a nice-looking game, but it's not that good looking. I'd have thought the One X could do 1080p60 without breaking a sweat. And to be honest I'd expect the Series S to do 1440p60 on SoT without breaking a sweat. Odd that it can't.


    The One X doesn't have the CPU for that. It's big GPU is the reason it can get most games at or near 4k. 

  3. There has been a lot of people had issues with buying codes off of them (CD Keys) since the first lockdown. Not sending codes, refusing refunds etc. Takes away the trust in them I once had.


    I don't mind if a supplier has issues it happens on occasion as long as they show competence in fixing/resolving the situation.

  4. 13 minutes ago, iloverage said:

    So I just purchased a 12 month live key from CD keys to do the Ultimate upgrade trick, entered the code and was told it had already been redeemed. Okay I thought, I'll get a refund on that one, it can happen. Purchased another one from G2A and received the same message. Am I doing something wrong or have I been screwed over twice? Uh oh.


    Shopto sell them and i'd advise anyone who wants to do the same thing to buy from there.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Wahwah* said:

    Not anymore. I assume it's to avoid Google and Apple demanding to take a cut, because it changed about a week ago. What you can do now is download a game BEFORE you buy it on your console OR through xbox.com. 


    You can view your purchases at http://account.microsoft.com


    Thanks @Wahwah*. Kinda sucks I can't browse for new purchases but thanks for the link to see my purchase history :)

  6. 7 minutes ago, Ketchup said:

    Yeah depends on the store, couple I worked in years ago were like this but then they were the larger stores and could demand that to squeeze as much money as possible from every sale.


    Yeah sorry I should have started my last post by saying I don't doubt that it happens :D


    I'll be honest though and have said so before (please ignore the fact we are in a pandemic this year). Always found buying the console in store just easier than online. At least you can physically queue for preorders when it comes to allocation concerns and you are not in a trance on the courier app waiting for shipping progress updates on the day of release. You can casually stroll in at a time that suits to get your console.


    My XSX is being delivered by Amazon this year as i was fearful of a second lockdown ruining launch day, how i predicted that i'll never know (although I am in Scotland so not happened here yet). Fingers crossed theres no issue on the day now with delivery.


    My PS5 on the other hand will be an in store collection at GAME and am hoping that goes smoothly.

  7. I'm not very well versed in the Xbox world, (even though I had a one and one x this gen) can you browse the store on your phone to buy games etc like you can do with PlayStation?


    I was looking to possibly see my history on digital purchases and see what some 360 game prices might be if you can do that also. 

  8. On 02/11/2020 at 12:14, Ketchup said:

    It won't sit there, this is GAME, it'll be turned in to a MEGA ULTRA GAMER BUNDLE! Featuring 5 controllers, all the launch games, a camera, 2 years of ps plus, disc care for all the games, insurance and a game guide plus a special launch lanyard for £2000!


    I have bought my consoles at GAME mainly midnight launches for years and this has never happened. They have offered bundles but never forced them.


    7 hours ago, davidcotton said:

    Would sir like insurance with that on top as well?


    This on the other hand is annoying, also try to sell you on the monthly GAME Elite subscription or whatever it is.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Thor said:

    It still amazes me that people use amazon for new consoles at launch.


    I mean I totally agree after horror stories i've heard over the years but guess where my X is coming from :lol:


    They were the only place I tried on preorder day not to suffer from downtime from too much traffic. Also you have to think of your chances better as they must surely get masses of allocation compared to others too. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, Wahwah* said:

    I ordered something from amazon that was delivered yesterday at around 8.30pm. "Delivered to resident" but not a resident of my house, unfortunately. We were both in at the time.


    I contacted amazon, and their bot said they thought the package would still show up and to give it until the end of Wednesday.


    That's reassuring for next week.



  11. 1 minute ago, Minion said:

    What's the idea behind the rumours for releasing it early, I don't really understand why this would happen?


    Seems most likely to be fake or misunderstood.


    People getting emails about games and accessories shipping on the 12th when they were expecting them to come on the 19th along with the console. This possibly jumping to conclusion the console is coming on the 12th too.


  12. Just now, grounded_dreams said:

    Just back from going to my local Game (again) now they have sorted our the issue with accepting payments for the PS5. All done and sorted, with all my in-store credit the disc version of the console cost me £75. Lovely stuff.

    As others have stated, it's a click and collect system on the day of release. They will be open 8am-2pm on the 19th for people to pick up their orders :)


    Did they have information on bundles yet? Anything of note?

  13. 41 minutes ago, MattyP said:


    :) No don't have any current gen consoles anymore. Have a 3 year old PC and a aging GTX 980ti GPU. Had an Xbox X up until the beginning of the year. 


    In answer to the question... Indeed and this is why I am on a PC I guess because I there is a broader range of games and it supports VR too. Not sure *what* I was expecting from a new generation of consoles to be fair as I think there is little else they can add other than higher res and faster framerates. Faster framerates are great I guess. But the PC I guess does that. So I just accept that the incoming hardware isn't targeted at me. Although like I said a small, quiet unit with an SSD that play my older console games and the odd new release might be nice. Do miss some of my older console games. However probably face the same problem as many in that I don't get time to play what I already have around never mind playing older games... :D 


    I guess that does answer it, it seems you may be happier to be a PC gamer and thats not exactly a bad thing. I do like my PC and when things work right it's amazing. It also begs the question do you prefer KB & M or controller? This has been a bit of an issue for me, I do like and appreciate there is a vastly greater skill ceiling with KB&M but i'm not patient enough to keep at it. It also cramps up my left hand and feels like a RSI won't be far off.  If I have anything to say on it from my opinion/perspective, using a keyboard sucks, mouse is awesome.


    I've been a pad player since SNES and it just feels right. 


    Lastly, i'm absolutely fed up with hackers/cheaters when playing Destiny 2 on PC. 

  14. Just now, Mr Tony said:


    Probably slightly below medium (I set to medium, then tweaked slightly). TBF if I'm flying below 1000 at high speed above a city it starts to chug, but once I'm in the air it's solid.


    Just had a google and I think you got this at the right time, performance update in regards to CPU usage and some people are claiming to have seen double the FPS performance.


    I am truly hoping this means it will be coming to console sooner than later, although i'm taking into account what @footle mentioned above just to crush my hopes a little.

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