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  1. Apologies it was confusing to read. To be fair I hadn't long woke up It was this part of the email that I was referring to "We have good news! One of your pre-ordered items is now eligible for release date delivery". It reads like they had only just determined mine was part of the initial allocation.
  2. Only to those who considered an Xbox though, there are now 115 million PS4 owners who are invested in that platform from last gen and will have a vast digital games library. If the games you like playing are on PS5 then Microsoft need to give them a reason to look elsewhere and gamepass certainly does that. I think this is what you wanted reviewers to bring to the table.
  3. I can join in the Amazon email crew, what surprised me is the way it is worded my preorder was a doubt for launch day all along
  4. In your opinion. When the Xbox One launched I couldn't stand the controller. The shoulder buttons were so weird, they pivot from the inside edge and were only really functional it you pressed them on the very outside edge. If you tried to press the button near the inside edge nothing happened it was solid. The analogue sticks also felt light as a feather to move and coming from the 360 this was such an odd change. They were also taller, again making it feel so different from the controller I felt most comfortable with. I hated the Dual Shock 3 controller at this point and I was petrified that I wouldn't have a controller i'd like this gen but when I got my PS4 i realised the Dual Shock 4 was heavily designed to resemble the 360 controller and it felt amazing. I always preferred the asymmetric sticks but with the DS4 it didn't matter as they are spaced far enough apart that my thumbs didn't collide in the middle, they felt almost exactly like the 360 sticks, same weight and throw and were concave. Shoulder buttons and triggers, perfect. I should say though, Microsoft slowly but surely changed the issues I had with it, the shoulder buttons were revised 4 times I think and finally felt good, then they released the elite controller which I absolutely love.
  5. Yes, I have the PS4 Platinum headset currently but the fake leather on the cans have been breaking up for a long time and leave black rubbery bits stuck to my face and on my desk etc. Can't wait to get these not only to resolve that issue but to see how they compare.
  6. Seems to be a good video should you ever need to repair your DualSense.
  7. Two things here for me. When digital foundry did the external SSD comparison with the internal on the XSX, the loading times were within 1 or 2 seconds at most and look at the speed difference between the internal and external drives used its vast. This makes me wonder what the real life PS5 SSD speed advantage will actually be over the XSX. Second thing is Digital Foundry also mentioned the way the PS5 handles some of the backwards compatibility something a long the lines of it runs like the PS4 pro and may limit the GPU to the same performance, but it has full access to the CPU. I may be getting some of that wrong. But it could explain the loading time differences we are seeing.
  8. The embargo in 3rd party titles are really annoying. I am thinking about buying AC Valhalla but can't decide on platform. I need an AC Valhalla XSX vs PS5 digital foundry deep dive.
  9. Just to add to the countdown hype...
  10. First casualty to the naming scheme Amazon, you better not fuck mine up
  11. He really is the caucasian Gustavo Fring.
  12. Must have shipped an XSS by mistake
  13. Absolute radio silence from Amazon prime but expected I guess. My XSX is hopefully not a late one on Tuesday but the wait will give me time to chase my new 3m HDMI 2.1 cables in the wall and remove the old ones.
  14. A long time by the looks of it. I got an email from GAME regarding the next batch of stock. Delivery expected 18th Dec to customers.
  15. Google Yeah I mean there are differences, Bungie helped design the DS4 and i'd imagine thats why it was very Xbox like, designed more for FPS games. It's the reason I was very drawn to the DS4 over XB1 controller, I loved the 360 pad and I could tell the DS4 was more of a successor to that than the XB1 pad. Everything minus the asymmetrical sticks that is. Also I do appreciate it's very subjective, what works for one and all that.
  16. The Dual Shock 4 was literally Xbox 360 pad shaped.
  17. I just never find this to be a valid argument of old gen vs next gen at all. Also i'm not sure how many new game engines are available to make a "true next gen game" just yet. Also games are usually developed to be scalable, the PS5 version of Spiderman cannot run on the PS4 because it doesn't have the hardware to do so, so this reasoning does make it a next gen game. To break it down further, the PS5 and XSX are not nearly as powerful as the most powerful gaming PC you can build but nobody makes exclusive games for the PC's with those capabilities. So what is next gen? It is quite simply more powerful hardware than last gen. Of course in time we will see games built from the ground up for the PS5 but whilst there are 115 million PS4's out there, Sony will be happy that there is a PS4 scaled version of Spiderman in order to sell it to those owners not able or prepared to upgrade just yet. This is exactly the reason Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed, they are struggling to make the game playable on current gen but they obviously don't want to miss out on the sales that those old systems will offer. What gen is Cyberpunk 2077, old gen or next gen? Lastly going by your definition of a "true next gen game" - it would be Astro's Playroom (but even that will most likely be using Astrobot's PS4 game engine). Then if that fits your catrgorising method ask yourself what looks more impressive visually, Astro's Playroom "true next gen" or Spiderman Miles Morales PS5.
  18. You will possibly find the same last gen games load times are comparitively similar on PS5 & XSX without patches.
  19. What a curious question. Both Spiderman (original and MM) games are cross gen but the PS5 versions are the next gen version. I have to ask though what do you consider a true next gen game?
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