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  1. Try and make sense of this shit show..... For context this is to Scotland, Glasgow area.
  2. Funny thing is, mine dispatched last night so haven't received a delay email but it isn't coming till Thursday. This is why I always order in store. I decided different on the XSX due to the whole Covid and potential lockdown situations.
  3. Mines fucked, says arriving Thursday now. Only left Peterborough this morning. Nice one Amazon Buzz officially killed.
  4. Aaaaaand dispatched. Finally. Only 8 minutes before the end of the day. Lets see if it turns up tomorrow, no doubt it will be an 8pm drop
  5. Scotland here too, near Glasgow by any chance? Possibly not a coincidence. Although they haven't even charged my card. I've been checking everything, nothing has moved at all.
  6. Anyone else still waiting on an amazon dispatch?
  7. Could you let me know the outcome? I haven't spoke to them yet, still holding out hope.
  8. I always order in store, takes away the dread. I didn't with the XSX as I envisioned a lock down scenario in which I couldn't collect, boy that was a mistake.
  9. Still the exact same, wtf is going on. Says on "my orders" page it is arriving tomorrow still.
  10. This may be specific to my account but I definitely won't be needing another pad, already have an Elite V1 and a V2. So please use and hopefully it works.
  11. Amazon..... still not dispatched..... still not charged.... still concerned.
  12. Nothing from Amazon yet, no monies taken, no email.
  13. Out of interest do you have Amazon Prime?
  14. Thanks guys, thats the slap in the face I need to calm me down.
  15. Amazon confirmed I would have mine tomorrow. Not charged my card and order status not updated on website.... come on Amazon update me please
  16. Here's what most delivery drivers will be like tomorrow...
  17. I had confirmation today that my XSX will be here for launch day on Tuesday and they still haven't took payment, i'd imagine it will be when it's ready to dispatch. Already paid for my PS5 at GAME but it is an in store purchase.
  18. It truly is one of the only things that even comes close to the feeling of Christmas as a child.
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