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  1. I have all the main/core pokemon games, original complete in box and the value of the earlier ones has skyrocketed. Can't even imagine the value of a sealed copy of say Pokemon Crystal.


    I owned a sealed copy of Twighlight Princess for the Gamecube until recently (2018) sold it along with a few valuable other parts of my games collection, it's now looking like it was a bad decision.


    I think some shenanigans are definitely happening with this $1.5m sale though. 

  2. image.thumb.png.ddcc3408e68798ce789a30ac9bdcc326.png


    I am ready for the PS5, although still waiting on WRC 9 coming but I expect that Thursday.


    Sorry for the blatant brag post but what a couple of weeks this will have been. All I can say is thankfully i'm getting mine from GAME at midnight. Launch day for the Xbox Series X was almost ruined by Amazon and the buzz was officially murdered by them. I always get my consoles in store as I hate relying on that wonder regarding launch day delivery, but due to Covid-19 and a potential lockdown surrounding the launch dates I decided to stay at home the morning of the XSX preorders and try and get one online.


    Just to make you all panic, a lot of people got the same email for the XSX from Amazon stating launch day delivery (including myself) but some were let down, here's my experience....


    Day before launch, everybody is a buzz and in the XSX dispatch thread left right and centre people are postng their dispatch emails/updates from Amazon (and other retailers), i'm patiently waiting on my notification, nothing happens and theres many others panicing in the thread also. It's getting closer to midnight payment hasn't even been taken. For context I have Amazon Prime.


    9th Nov - Amazon status

    All Day - XSX Arriving Tuesday 10th (Launch Day)

    23:47 - Payment Taken - FINALLY, YES ITS HAPPENING

    23:52 - Dispatched - OMG WHAT WAS I WORRIED ABOUT


    10th Nov - Launch day

    05:00 - Est Delivery Notification - Thursday 12th Nov - WHAT??

    07:00 - Wake up, check everything, launch day buzz killed - thanks Amazon.

    What is weird at this time, it had dispatched but was showing in Peterborough, i'm in Scotland.


    08:00 - Talk to Amazon customer service, they confirm it will arrve Thursday - NOOOOO

    09:00 - I go for a cry in the bath


    I keep checking most of the day and at 2pm it reaches Edinburgh and 10mins later is out for delivery.


    18:30 it arrives on my doorstep, Launch day saved, emotional dishevelled wreck, my new toy is in my hands, I can return to adulthood.




    Prepare yourself for Thursday folks :lol:

  3. 1 minute ago, KartoffelKopf said:

    The Amazon delays are weird. The amount of tedious boring tat I buy off them on a daily basis (bin bags, dishawasher tablets, dog food, masks, colouring pencils, lightbulbs, panini maker just this past fortnight) and they always get it to me within 24 hours. The biggest event of the year and they've blown it. They will have been impacted more severely than anyone else by this second lockdown but the volumes of products they must ship out on a daily basis makes this seem all a bit odd, particularly when it seems like, in most cases, the things are already on their way. Would love to know how many they had to ship.


    Makes you wonder if they had a delay getting them in. 


    Or if they foresaw this happening, they should have dispatched them early to compensate.

  4. Just now, jon_cybernet said:

    Did people who got the delay email from Amazon also get the "Good news, we'll be delivering your console on launch day!" email? 


    I didn't get the delay email but my order does say Thursday delivery and I did get the launch day email. 

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