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  1. 1 hour ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    For a thread that specifically says "NO RAID SPOILERS" I kinda feel a lot of the Raid has been to a degree, with the straight up talking of it and it's quality... even actual specifics of it have been mentioned so there's that.




    ...as in much like this new user has mentioned. This is rllmuk however, so I take it all with a pinch of salt till played it for myself. 


    Please reference the "actual specifics" and i'm sure they will be removed or spoilered. 

  2. 31 minutes ago, Mr Ben said:

    Yeah not had that, but seems more a Trials gun than anything else from its perks. All the legendary pulses I've had feel underwhelming so far, which is a shame as I liked them in D1 :(


    If Red Death comes back though......


    Have you tried the vanguard one? Nightshade, it's pretty good. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Mafro said:

    Wonder how long it'll be before they do a blanket nerf on scout rifles because they made the best one readily available to everybody and everybody is using it in crucible and Bungie are confused as to why.


    I don't find it any better than a lot of other weapons in terms of time to kill, where it shines is having your radar always on.

  4. Just now, Doctor Shark said:

    It's not that there's nothing to do, it's that what is there is repetitive and not compelling enough for you to ignore the fact that that's all there is. For me, d2 is definitely d1.5. They've refined the good stuff, taken out much of the bad stuff, put some more bad stuff in, but it's emperor's new clothes. 


    I almost feel like it's insulting to D1 to call it D1.5


    I don't hate it by any means but I feel like it's huge step back at end game, that's the bit that keeps you playing. 


  5. 20 minutes ago, Gorf King said:

    What weird about Leviathan is that Smith reckoned it'd be all about that sense of place, but if there is any of that, the sense is that you're in a theme park with seasonally rotating rides. Fake spaces with no connection to reality. And at the end of it, you get a randomly-coloured lollipop each time as you walk back out of the gate. But they all kinda taste the same.


    What shocks me is that it's called "The World Eater" I was expecting the biggest, most vast open space with some crazy sparrow traversing sections, something different. I won't say what we did get as that's a bit spoilerish. Maybe even a new patrol area would have been unexpected, some NPC's. 


    15 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    I that bk saying after a couple of weeks and over 100 hours played and nothing to do is a user made issue and not the game tbh...


    I say that as someone who is around 60+ hours in and already and starting to have those feelings but with the raid to come - we had long since binned off Destiny before 60 hours!


    They haven't given us a reason to keep playing, that's not a user issue IMO. My titan is 303 and bar the final boss in the raid I don't feel compelled to do anything else (maybe Trials). I never really felt like this at all on D1 until after House of Wolves I took a break for a bit till The Taken King came out.



    Edit: Another thing is the exotics, they just don't feel exotic. Even the copy/paste ones are worse. I'm not chasing after any of them which is another difference to D1.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:


    I'm not having a great week with it either. We ran back through the raid last night to the boss and I realised I don't actually look forward to any of the encounters the way I would with a Templar or Voksis. I got some loot this time at least, but it's not exciting the way raid gear should be.


    I did Flashpoints on all three characters in just over an hour. I ended up doing the Walkers one eight times out of nine (can't believe they have that one in two locations on such a tiny map). Public Events have taken the role Strikes played in D1, and that's not a good thing.


    I did two nightfalls and don't like the strike (or my hunter tbh, they're awful people and I just want her to lose) enough to do a third. I knocked out the Crucible milestone on my Titan and didn't enjoy two thirds of it. I started it on my Warlock last night and quickly realised I had to have a word with myself.


    I expect I've burnt out on it, really, and after 100-odd hours in two weeks that's not surprising. But I'm disappointed in how quickly it's become a numbers game. I'm dismantling the vast majority of my drops on sight, unless it's got a higher number in which case it gets infused into guns I already use, and already have as many legendary shards as I expect I'm ever going to need . I think the removal of rollable perks was a mistake, even if I understand (and even agree with) the reasoning for it. I have nothing left to chase but a Calus kill and a higher number on the character screen. I expect – and hope – that I'll perk (ha!) up a bit when we finally kill Calus. But at the moment it feels like D2 has the opposite problem to D1. Before it was a miserable start and a brilliant endgame. The D2 on-ramp is brilliant, I think, but once you get up top there's not that much worth seeing. 


    Edit: that final line may be reused in Edge 312, on sale October 12. I quite like it.


    I think what the biggest difference is, there's no reason to grind end game, you can reach max power level without the need to play (grind) end game. I feel like there needs to be an attraction to it. With VoG, everybody needed to play to reach max light level plus who in their right mind didn't want the weapons. There was even incentive to play hard mode, different weapons, fatebringer and vex mythoclast being the top of everyone's wanted list. Plus VoG was just a masterpiece, it had something for everyone to enjoy. Also an incredible amount of mystery surrounding it, trying to find more chests etc.


    Everybody wanted to be level 30 for hard mode VoG as being 1 level under (forever 29) was crazy in term of damage received. Then once you got that ever so sweet armour piece you needed you could go grind patrol for that sweet planetary material to level.


    All of the above resulted in the game pulling you back in.


    I got the raid scout last night, it's no where near as good as nameless midnight, a scout rifle I got at level 14? (why is this even a thing).

  7. 6 minutes ago, auntyclimax said:

    Who got the worlds first and how long did it them them? Fingers crossed that it wasn't Broman.


    It wasn't Broman it was SC Slayerage's team aka The Legend Himself. (not 100% sure on the time).

  8. 8 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:

    That is horrific. 



      Reveal hidden contents



    "Guys, it feels bad when you get no loot from a raid encounter but the rest of your team does."


    "Yes, it does. How can we fix that? We could remove 'no drop' from the loot table?"


    "No, let's make it team-wide, so if no one gets anything."


    "Great! This really synergises perfectly with Guided Games and our general philosophy for getting new players into our best, hardest content. Make them work harder than ever for nothing at all."


    Nuts. On the flipside, does that mean that if there is a drop, everyone gets the same thing?




    Not sure...



    I'd assume if you do get something drop it is individual to you. 


  9. 2 minutes ago, Gorf King said:

    Oh my Fucking God no.



    Yeah we thought as we all got a chest key maybe we had to find it or wait till later in the raid to open for loot, i'm not sure what is in the chest as we haven't found it. We guessed it was a different loot system and were a little disappointed with no drops but apparently that's RNG when I looked at a few vids this morning.


    Only good news our strategy was pretty identical to the ones I watched today.


  10. 13 minutes ago, Gorf King said:

    I ain't even reading Mike and LeChuck's spoilers, and they're in my raid team.


    I'm a little disappointed so far, to be honest. Mainly because the lead-up game is so much better than vanilla Destiny, and I was expecting the raid to absolutely blow my mind. But so far, I don't care for it all that much structurally or aesthetically , or in the way they've decided to do loot. That might all change as we're not all that far in, and I've changed my mind about raids before, but I'm feeling a bit flat about it at the moment. I'll only really be able to form a judgment after second completion though.


    We're at the third encounter, as Mike said, so partial spoilers for that and complete spoilers for the first two encounters inside. Do not read until you're past encounter three:


      Reveal hidden contents


    With the lessons they've learnt in narrative and sense of place, I'd really expected them to link the raid to the world more than just by that obscure quest that pops up for no real reason. And I also expected us not to magically just start on the Leviathan - I thought we'd have to get there first, and even a little cutscene would have been better than just appearing there. That was my first slight let down - even grimoire would have been better than the nothing we have here, but the omission is made worse by the fact that the book you get in the hardcopy collector's edition does give the backstory. Like publishing grimoire after all, but to a tiny subset of fans and at a cost. Really disappointed in the world-building for the raid, which seems to me even less cohesive than for VoG (which at least has interesting grimoire to go with it).


    A purely personal thing here, but I don't like the aesthetic. Reminds me of WoW or something. Too fancy, a bit chintzy, somehow quaint. For all they're overplayed, the Hive worlds are far more original and exciting, and the Vex proper sci-fi, which is somehow more fitting. This seemed indulgent and a bit silly.


    I quite liked the mechanics of both the first two encounters, but they're very, very similar to ones from earlier raids. Not sure about the third yet, but that initially looks to want to be played a bit like another encounter, from VoG.


    I do NOT like not getting proper drops after sections. Tokens suck, and you need a better way of rewarding progress. These imply you get nothing until and unless you finish, which would be dreadful, as you need to be partially rewarded for partial completions and should get material encouragement as you go along. It's also nice to get raid gear that helps you do the actual raid as you progress. Too early to be sure, but if this plays out as something that gives all your rewards at the end, that's a mistake.


    The no checkpoints, various paths thing... I'll just wait and see. I didn't like it at first, but I'm prepared to be won over. For what it's worth, I think we've unlocked every possible route at this stage and cashed in everything we can cash in - we did spend a *lot* of time exploring and puzzling as well as fighting. But even though we've done that, I"m still not really won over. I think partly it's because, although I like exploration, I just don't really care for these environments much at all.


    That sounds terribly negative, but I can't pretend I'm not a bit disappointed so far. Plenty of time for that to change, but so far I think this is my least favourite raid, which is the exact opposite of what I expected my feelings to be at this stage. As we press on, hopefully that will change. I've significantly revised my opinions on some raids before as we've gone on, so maybe that'll happen here. And part of my let-down feeling is probably due to the hype I've built up myself, so as that dissipates I might get a more balanced view of its merits.


    Fucking tokens though. Fuck fucking tokens.




    In regards to loot...



    I decided to see what strat people were using for the pool section after what we came up with last night and people are getting loot drops and not just tokens after each proper encounter. 


    I have seen many people say there teams haven't got any drops whereas other teams have had drops, it's vanilla VoG loot drops all over again except somehow worse.


  11. Just now, Harsin said:


    Actual Leviathan raid spoilers.



      Hide contents

    I opened the fucking door, I fucking did.  jump thing - arrrghhh fucking warlock jump, stand on the thing, nothing's happening boys, try again, of for fuck sake you're supposed to stand there you twat, bring gjallarhorn, kill the boss - I shot the fucker, no I swear I did, fuck you to , get the loot, oh great another fucking fusion rifle.


    Reading this feels so real.

  12. 2 minutes ago, MDY said:

    I think something weird is going on with my character.. I've NEVER had a non-blue Kinetic weapon drop..

    Not one..

    I'm Lv20, light 265 - have picked up tons of legendary and exotic energy/power weapons (up to 270).. but Kinetic?.. nothing above a rare.. ever..


    Seems statistically very improbable..



    1 minute ago, Jerec said:


    I get millions of Blue Scouts and no Purples, except one from a mini boss once I unlocked Lightning.


    I get little kinetic legendary weapon drops too always power or energy. I also get no kinetic weapon mods :/

  13. 5 minutes ago, metallicfrodo said:

    I doubt very much they need server maintenance for that. That would be a client side patch. This will be about bringing the Raid online.


    They have deployed many raids without the need to do anything like this the day before.


    Anyway it's just the word on the street. 

  14. 1 minute ago, StephenM said:

    Appreciate the rllmuk one is full, but is it worth me joining a clan if I'm just solo-ing the campaign and doing bits and bobs here and there at the minute?


    Yes, you will get rewards for your clan mates hard work. Technically you will also contribute a small amount whilst doing your own bits and bobs

  15. 6 minutes ago, Gorf King said:


    Yes and yes. And the Crucible engram too, now.


    Is there some kind of requirement in getting the crucible engram for the clan other than simply winning a game?


    I only had time to play one game yesterday and our clan (including myself) got nothing, even though I won.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Nate Dogg III said:

    They don't even have +5 mods installed do they? Rubbish. This fuss about microtransactions is so frustrating. 


    Think it's just rng I got warlock arms with the +5 so were 15. 

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